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  1. St Vincent is Caribbean for "stay on the ship", you are not missing a lot
  2. I have about £900 in future cruise credits from a Xmas 2020 cruise on Oceana that P&O cancelled. I thought they would run out at the end of 2021, not sure what would happen then, a refund of the original deposit perhaps. Looking at the P&O email I had today it is valid for bookings up to 2023, is that booked before the end of 2021 or up to the cruise date. Do I have past the end of 2021 to still book a cruise?
  3. We were on the Regal out of Southampton a couple of weeks ago. The test is free and done at the customs hall under the Ocean terminal, lateral flow test with each nostril being swabbed, no back of the throat needed. You then go to the terminal to check in then sit down and wait for a text to come through to say you are negative. Was quite a worrying 25 minute wait but we were ok and on the ship at noon.
  4. Apart from the FCD I havent seen any benefits.
  5. There is one USA P&O travel agent but every time I post its name some mod comes and deletes it despite it being approved by P&O as they don't take US bookings direct.
  6. We ate at 8pm last week on the Regal, never saw any shorts or jeans in the MDR or around the ship. I suspect early diners may have seen a few. Loved the cruise.
  7. Just gone past Britannia heading up the Irish Sea as we go back to Southampton
  8. Currently on the Regal in Belfast, the only steam rooms are in the Sanctuary and are not free sadly
  9. If you have made final payment there isnt a lot you can do, its not like the US booking conditions.
  10. Sounds good to me too, we are going by train on Thursday, both double jabbed as you have to be so dont see an issue.
  11. On the full suite information it says the MDR for breakfast and lunch, is Sabatinis still an option?
  12. Could have sworn I read they were not going to check travel insurance.
  13. Damn I was eyeing up the Xmas cruise.
  14. My travel agent told me to ring Princess in the end as she couldnt update anything either!
  15. They appear to have made it worse, the emergency contact page is now just a blank white screen.
  16. Im in the same boat, seems an app update came out recently, hopefully that will fix it.
  17. Try a different browser, I found using Chrome fixed my issues.
  18. I emailed my Princess screen shot of shares on Sunday and they replied they had been added the next day. Always poted my P&O ones which took a week or two.
  19. The Platinum and Elite event is still listed in the list of benefits.
  20. Priority boarding is still there, starts at Platinum as before.
  21. I've missed gratuity tip posts. Never thought I would say that!
  22. Up to $1.41.5 now.
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