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  1. Sorry to say that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that there will be any international cruises sailing within European waters this summer. If your cruise has not been cancelled by now, it will be. Just be prepared. Most of Europe is now going through the "tops" of what is called the "third wave" of covid-19, and until majority of inhabitants have received vaccination it is veeeeery small chances that a cruise with international mix of passengers (even if all vaccinated on board) will be allowed to sail in European waters.
  2. Thank you for posting information regarding this documentary, I just saw it on HBO Nordic together with my husband (we live in Norway). I must admit that it brought tears to my eyes on several occations, and I felt so sorry for everyone on board - both passengers and crew. What a terrifying ordeal that must have been, when information is little and not very detailed. And allthough my husband and I have enjoyed more than 30 cruises as passengers, we were actually working on cruise ships ourselves 20-30 years ago. It was so easy to put yourself in the situation both for passengers and crew on bo
  3. In Norway the current vaccine card is available as an electronic file, if you want a paper version you have to print it out yourself. The electronic file can be downloaded as eg. a pdf and saved on my phone. When I receive my covid-vaccine I plan on storing the vaccine card on my phone. And for future travelling will probably bring with me a print-out on paper as well - "just in case". But as EU is currently working on having some kind of electronic "vaccine passport", Norway will probably change to that when it is available. 🙂
  4. Seems to me like you are mixing the rules for NCD and FCC, as the FCC has nothing to do with paying any deposit with one (or in this case two) CruiseNext vouchers... Normally you can only use 1 (one) CruiseNext voucher per reservation, and with the promotion you are referring to you can use 2. So I truly don't understand the confusion...
  5. No, changed to a couple of Mediiterranian cruises instead. 😊
  6. At least for cruises that will be sailing within European waters I am pretty certain there will be a vaccine requirement for all passengers. I don't think that will be up to the cruise line to decide, it all depends on the requirement from each visited port/country.
  7. It is now officially cancelled, unfortunately.... Same as our British Isles cruise earlier that month.
  8. Here is a screenshot of the cancellation letter:
  9. Some type of vaccine passport should be mandatory. And use of masks when on board the ship should be optional.
  10. For travel within Europe (EU) there will most likely be required EITHER a valid vaccination "passport" OR a covid-19 test taken within the last XX hours. https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-eu-leaders-consider-vaccine-passports/a-56682684 For travel from OUTSIDE EU, there may still be a "travel ban" for other nationalities to enter an EU country in September 2021 - but all replies in that regard will just be speculations at this point, as none of us know... Here is a link to a website that gives detailed information regarding current covid-19 requirements for most c
  11. The "key words" in the letter from NCL may very well be "if THIS suspended reservation used a previously issued 10% OFF discount FCC, the 10% OFF FCC will be returned to your client profile". And if not, then you don't get any 10% discount refund. You say above that the discounts were used on "other bookings", you don't say they were used on the 3 recently cancelled May cruises. If that is the case, I certainly don't agree with NCLs practice in these matters - but that may explain why you have not received any "extra" 10% reimbursed to your NCL account.
  12. I just received an e-mail from NCL stating that they have changed the findal payment date from 120 days to 60 days for all reservation dates with sailing date before November 2021. I am very happy about that in regards to my September cruise - in these uncertain times it is good that people are not obliged to pay lots of $$$ many months in advance. So 60 days is much better than 120 days - allthough for cruises in 2021 I should a 30 days deadline for final payment would be more "appropriate". Since it is possible with all reservations booked through NCL in Europe I can't see why not also for
  13. My PCC at NCL usually just changes any existing reservations instead of cancelling and rebooking, meaning that the original reservation number as well as the original booking date remains on the new reservation. Unless I spesifically ask her to cancel and rebook. So maybe......
  14. I just used the last part of my FCC to book a cruise for September 2022, just to avoid any problems with the "one year deadline" on my FCC that was issued in April 2020. I take it for granted that this will be possible to cancel without loosing my FCC at a later time.
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