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  1. Adj1969, I was also thinking the same as Nicoleinwi; if you did book within a certain time frame and therefore originally got a 20% discount on top of your 100% and 125% FCC? And that this is the reason for the difference in the quoted prices on your new cruise, compared to what you expected? As you would loose that extra 20% discount? Personally I rebooked a cruise that was cancelled in May 2020 for a different cruise that is scheduled to sail in September 2021 (fingers crossed), and at the time of booking got the extra 20% discount on top of a promotional "general" 30% discount and 25% extra FCC so the total price for this new cruise is similar to what we used to pay for a cruise 15 years ago - so very pleased with that.
  2. On all NCL cruises I have been on, there has been 3-4 different portrait spots EVERY EVENING, and at least 1-2 of them pretty formal - and like mentioned, that is every night. And even though you don't "have to" dress up any of the nights, you can dress up as often (or as little) as you choose to do yourself, without anyone "raising an eyebrow". On every night of the cruise there will be people dressing up and there will be people not dressing up, and both choices are totally accepted. My husband and I often have our photos taken several nights during a cruise - and then on the last night of the cruise we choose the one(s) we like best and leave the rest....
  3. Because of the "bargain price" when you compare to a regular suite price: Forward facing balcony cabin on the Norwegian Sun - size of the cabin close to penthouse suite size, balcony definitaly suite size and price same as the cheapest of the balcony cabin types. But there is only two cabins like this on the ship, so they are hard to find available.....
  4. I see that on many occasions people on this board refer to it having to be one adult registered in each room toghether with a minor even in connected or adjoined cabins, and the need to rearrange this regarding keys when on board the ship. Every time I read about this, I must admit that it surprises me as the guest contract clearly states that "Any Guest under the age of 21 must be accompanied in the same, connecting, or side by side stateroom by a Guest 21 years of age or older at the time of embarkation who expressly agrees to be responsible for the under-21 Guest throughout the cruise." (Quote from 4C of the guest ticket contract: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/NCL_Guest_Ticket_Contract_041818.pdf)
  5. I am certain you can also contact any of the NCL offices located in Europe to get the needed assistanse. 🙂
  6. I just tried to do a "mock" shore excursion booking online for my Sept. 2021, where I have some excess FCC after the cruise is paid - and only got the possibility to choose payment by credit card. It does however state the following below: "Call reservations toll free number 00800 0310 21 21 to apply multiple forms of payment". So when the time comes, I will just ask my PCC to assist me in the matter.
  7. Unfortunately the numbers keep rising: Now 37 crew members and 16 passengers confirmed. This is such a sad story that could have been avoided if they (the ship management) followed the rules and regulations like they were supposed to do....).
  8. Just for the record: The correct number for the recent Covid-19 outbreak on one of the Hurtigruten expedition ships, is this morning (08.00 AM local time in Norway, Wednesday August 5th): 35 CREW and 9 passengers - NOT 43 passengers. And Norway is NOT closing all ports for all ships - only for cruiseships with more than 100 persons on board. But the cruises that are currently "in progress" in Norway, are allowed to finish their route without anyone getting off until disembarkation port, and there passengers are only being allowed to leave the ship(s) after they have tested negative for the Covid-19.
  9. Yes, and this is actually according to international law (which is a bit shocking to find out, so hopefully that will be changed soon) BUT the Norwegian Health Department let them sail on small cruises in Norway as long as they folowed the stricter NORWEGIAN quarantine rules when coming from "red" countries - meaning 10 days quarantine in ISOLATION plus a covid-19 test before letting them on board the ship). And those rules obviously were not followed, so hence the scandal it has turned out to be (and also proof regarding quarantine without isolation is just a joke). And leaked information from the contact between the management of Hurtigruten company, shows that they tried to keep it "a secret" that they had one (1) passenger with Covid-19 last week after Norwegian health authorities asked them to inform ALL CREW AND ALL PASSENGERS - and their decision to NOT warn crew and passengers leaded up to this devastating situation with currently a total of 41 persons infected with Covid-19.
  10. Apparantly according to international "Covid-19 law for crew on ships" (I have no idea what it is called officially, but that is what the CEO of Hurtigruten was referring to), all crew on board had been in "quarantine" on board - and that just meant not being allowed to go ashore in ports, they were still allowed to perform their workduties on board - NOT being distanced from other crewmembers AND passengers...
  11. The updated numbers from the Hurtigruten Roald Amundsen expedition ship is as follows (and keep rising): In addition to the 36 crew members there are currently four (4) passengers from the last two week-long cruises that have tested positive to the covid-19 virus. The Norwegian health authorities have now asked the police to look in to this particular case, as there seems to be "evidence" that the Hurtigruten company did NOT follow up on the directions from the Norwegian health authorities and "take action"/inform all passengers on the current and the last cruise that they should all be tested after the first case was a fact (last Wednesday), and that they all had to go in to quaranteene. Hurtigruten did not do this until Friday evening - AFTER all passengers had left the ship. I believe they (the Hurtigruten company) were kind of "sticking their head in the sand and hoping everything would go away without anyone knowing about the situation" - and that resulted in a scandal that is now a police matter in Norway. Luckily the majority of the passengers have been tracked down aaand contacted directly rather quickly by Norwegian health authorities, but this case could certainly have been handled much better by the Hurtigruten company by taking the first confirmed case SERIOUSLY. The ship itself is actually laying "in arrest" here in my hometown of Tromso, Northern Norway with only crew onboard (all in quaranteene without permission to leave the ship). In Norway (also for ships) the current rule is that people that come from what is called "red" countries regarding covid-19 to work in Norway and have "exceptions" regarding entry to the country even though coming from outside Europe, have to undergo 10 or 14 days quaranteen when they arrive in Norway. The Hurtigruten CEO was asked by journalists why the crew that came from the Phillipines didn't go into quaranteene when they came on board a few weeks ago, and he replied something to like "yes, they were all in quaranteene, but for ships that just means that they are not allowed to go ashore during the quaranteene period. They did however PRACTICE THEIR REGULAR JOB ON BOARD, MANY OF THEM IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH PASSENGERS AND OF COURSE OTHER CREW. And he said that this was the standard international rules and regulations regarding the covid-19 quaranteene for crew on board. ships. That the quaranteene just means not to go ashore, but that they still can "mix and mingle" on board. And this is terrible if that is the case - that there are no difference between crew on ships with or without passengers.
  12. I am living in Norway, and in the news here (both on TV and in newspapers) they say that it is suspected that it is a crewmember that brought the virus onboard from abroad. Only one passenger have tested positive so far. So either you have misunderstood something or the translation app has given you some incorrect translation.
  13. Persons among the crew with confirmed covid-19 is currently at 36. This ship was sailing with only Norwegian passengers and to only Norwegian ports, and because of sailing with significantly reduced capacaty (around 160-180 passengers instead of max capacity of 530 passengers) and with Norway having very low numbers of covid-19 cases over the last 1-2 months, they were allowed to sail. But this is normally a expedition ship from Hurtigruten, that usually sails in Antarctica, so majority of the crew are of foreign nationality. Of the 36 confirmed infected as of now, 33 are of Philipine nationality, and it is suspected that it is one of the crewmembers that have "imported" the virus from abroad and then it has spread mainly among crewmembers. Majority of the confirmed cases onboard are without symptoms, and that is what I find scary with the covid-19 virus - that it is in most cases "invisible". What I find more worrying, is that information indicates that the Hurtigruten company seems to have tried to cover it up and keep it a "secret" until it blew up in the media.
  14. In case you didn't see it - I have just edited my response to you. 🙂
  15. You would have to transfer the CN certificate(s) to that person, and then they have to apply it to the cruise themselves - see number 4 on the T&C list here: https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/popup/cruisenext_terms I believe that you have to contact NCL directly to transfer your CN certificate(s) to someone else.
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