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  1. Non-refundable OBC can be taken out in cash at the casino by paying the 3% fee and then be deposited back to your on board account by paying in cash at the guest services desk, and "voila" you have money that can be used towards eg. DSC (daily service charge).
  2. The orange is actually a life boat - there are life boats obstructing the view on all cabins of this type on deck 8. So in some of these cabins you may be lucky to have your cabin/window situated just between two life boats - but to us the obstructed view was no problem, we did the upgrade from a regular inside cabin just to get a bigger cabin. 🙂
  3. PHOTOS FROM CABIN #8088 OBSTRUCTED OCEANVIEW: I didn't realize that the photos that I posted after staying in cabin 8088 on the Jade after our cruise in May 2018, not were "available" anymore - so I hereby try to post them again, incl. one photo of the actual obstructed view:
  4. The Behind the Scenes perk for Platinum Latitude members are normally for Platinum members only, as it is often a very popular perk. But the CruiseNext people some times make exceptions, so you just have to ask them. Regarding the Platinum Dinner with an Officer perk - the invitation will most definitely include your travel companion as well. This dinner is NOT for Platinum members only, ALL passengers on board can apply to participate, and may (or may not) receive an invitation. Only difference is that as a Platinum member you are "certain" to get chosen to participate. This dinner is certainly not as "exclusive" as it used to be - and who "your" hosting officer will be is just a lottery, it may in very rare cases be the Hotel Director (now called General Manager) or it may be the shop manager or the CruiseNext manager, or any manager type you can find in between.... The dinner itself is just a regular "choose from the menu" dinner in one of the main dining rooms , but it usually comes with some great wine....
  5. Sorry, I see now that you clearly stated that it was on MyNCL you had the issue - I have no idea why I thought you were talking about a message received by e-mail... So my reply to you was obviously totally useless - sorry!!!
  6. Have you tried to do it directly from your MyNCL account instead of using the link in the e-mail? When logged on you just choose the yellow/orange tab with "View reservation" and then you open the messages button on the upper right top of the page (envelope sign), and the upgrade invitation should be there as well. For my last cruise in May, I actually got the upgrade in the message box on MyNCL about a week before I received the e-mail about it.
  7. We were on a cruise on the Star in May, and from "Funky Fusion Foods J"s post above it seems like the a-la-carte prices have increased significantly since then. I have on several occations in the past gone for a-la-carte prices at specialty restaurants instead of purchasing a dining package, as I often seemed to (without intention) go for the lower priced items on the menu, but no way I would like to pay a-la-carte prices with those prices (and that is probably the reason behind the increase in prices, that they - NCL - want people to purchase a dining package instead of going a-la-carte).
  8. All items on the Cagney's menu are priced individually when you go a-la-carte, incl. appetisers/sides/desserts. But one option may be that you and your husband could order several sides and then share with your son. With the promotional dining package you are entitled to only one main course each, but there is no limit on the number of sides.
  9. Nope, it is from today actually - maybe they (NCL) haven't updated the terms & conditions page.....
  10. Could this be an older laundry slip? As I see the prices for the laundry part being more expensive for certain items on the slip I posted than on this one.
  11. On a 7 days cruise, there will normally only be one laundry special offered - but you can have laundry done any day of the cruise, and just pay the regular "a-la-carte" prices. Same goes with pressing.
  12. As long as you pay for it, yes - I don't think that would be a problem.
  13. Just wanted to chime in that I am also very pleased with the laundry on board NCL - both the free Latitude laundry bag and th $20 laundry special. But after getting some items back a little grey instead of white because my husbands black boxers were in the mix, I just leave any black stuff out of that laundry bag, and problem solved. On a side note I would however like to mention that I carefully read the washing instructions on each piece of clothing before putting it in the laundry bag on board, (just like I would do at home) and I am surprised about how much modern clothing that "feels like cotton" but is in a delicate fabric or a mix of fabrics that do NOT "survive" tumble drying. At home that is not a problem at all, as I rarely use the tumble dryer. So before going on cruises I now read the washing labels even before I pack our clothing, just to be certain that clothing can be washed on board if needed... 😉
  14. Screenshot from ncl.com regarding conditions for the promotional speciality dining package:
  15. Then you should contact your travel agent again, and say that you KNOW that an upgrade is possible as long as the new cabin has a price that is same (or lower) than what you have paid, and that you KNOW that you can get that upgrade for the price you have already paid for your original cabin. And if your TA still say "no", then ask him/her to please contact NCL in this matter as there must be a misunderstanding. Good luck - I hope you get the upgrade you want! But if your original cabin cost was eg. $1500 p.p. and the mini-suite is now $1400 p.p. (just an example), then you don't get any reimbursement of the price difference. And you will probably loose the promotional perks you already have, and instead get the current perks that comes with the new cabin (that may be the same, better - or worse) than the perks you currently have.
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