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  1. Also something to take in to consideration when arriving from abroad on the same say as the cruise starts: Bus from Venice Marco Polo airport to Trieste takes min. 90 minutes, could be longer depending on traffic.
  2. Of course I know that - after all, with more than 30 cruises with NCL I am not a "newbie". But to me it was a "no-brainer" to pay an additional $2 per day - we got lots of "extra service" as well, that I didn't mention as that was not my point.... And the extra $20 was highly appreciated - even though I "didn't have to pay that"....
  3. Last year I was on my first cruise after NCL changed the cabin cleaning to once per day per cabin, and after reading here on CruiseCritic that several complained about getting their cabin cleaned late afternoon, I did the following: I wrote a friendly card to the cabin steward, introducing us (my husband and myself) and stating that I knew that he had to clean a large number of cabins, and if it would be possible to clean our cabin amongst the first one in the day. I then enclosed a $20 dollar note to it. Result: On a 11 day cruise, our cabin was cleaned before 10.00 AM every day. To me that was totally worth the extra tipping above the standard daily service charge fee. 😊
  4. We plan on cruising for many, many years to come. But this just shows how volnurable the rest of the passengers are if ONE person shows up wit a "hidden desease"..... 🤔 But to blame the cruise line as some seem to be doing, is to take it a bit far in my opinion. But great that NCL is offering some sort of compencation for the passengers on board that particular cruise.
  5. My experience is that on longer cruises they offer the laundry special at least twice, sometimes even 3 times.....
  6. In the past - on a couple of different occasions, my DH or I have had some expensive medical threathment on board (been reimbursed by travel insurance later), where I have used different cards than the one registered "on the folio" to pay off the extra expenses as soon as they appeared on our onboard account. I have done the same when I have purchased CruiseNext certificates and didn't want this to be charged to the card on the folio. In my experience it has just worked the same way as when I eg. after a small "win" in the casino then mid-cruise have gone to guest services and said that I would like to pay "off" eg. $300 (or any amount at my choice) on my on board bill with cash (allthough I always have a credit card registered on the folio). In my experience paying in some money towards the "cruise account bill" at any time during the cruise, has been threated exactly the same wether I have chosen to do so with one or multiple credit cards or with cash. I have never done this by trying to use any kind of gift card though....
  7. I have used several credit cards to pay off my ship bill when cruising - simply by going to the front desk and pay off the current "owed amount" (or any other amount if needed) with whatever credit card I want to use as often as I prefer during the cruise - this can be with other credit cards than the one you gave when checking in for the cruise. Then the originally registered credit card will only be used to pay the remaining balance if needed.
  8. Both my husband and I have some serious "back problems" and need good mattresses to avoid severe pain during the day. We cruise with NCL 1-2 per year, and for us, their beds/mattresses are "the best" - we both sleep "like babies" when cruising. When it comes to the cabin temperature, we find it very easy to change the temp. to our preference when needed, through the aircondition panel in the cabin.
  9. When on board, just "loose" in my pocket. When ashore, in a small credit card holder together with a credit card and photo ID, and that also goes in to my pocket.
  10. If you "click" on the "1reply box" above, there are a couple of photos from the Escape last year.
  11. Here are a couple of photos that shows the view out of the narrow window. They are called "obstructed oceanview cabins" for a reason - and usually therefore also cheaper than a regular oceanview cabin. Personally I found the view to be better than I expected it to be - we mainly booked the obstructed oceanview cabins for the light (our alternative at the time would have been an inside cabin).
  12. This is a photo of a regular obstructed view cabin on the Jade. Plenty of light from the two windows.
  13. It has definitely been a significant change (raise) in prices for cruising after the covid-19 pandemic. We used to book balcony cabins, or at least OW cabins, and now only can afford inside cabins - and even they have a hefty price tag. Btw; it is not only NCL but all cruise lines. At least 4 that has been my impression.
  14. According to photos I have of us enjoying the food at the Asian restaurants on board both the Spirit and the Jade in 2017 and 2018, it was more choices offered on the menu at that time than it is now.
  15. The club balcony cabins on the Escape are nice, here are photos from our club balcony cabin on the Escape from summer 2022:
  16. We have always enjoyed the Asian complimentary restaurants on NCL ships - BUT unfortunately the menu they offer now is much smaller than it used to be just a few years ago....
  17. NCL seems to have both my husbands middle names (3!) and my middle name "on file" - as the booking confirmations always have only our first and last name, no middle names but on board they have "it all" (included on the ship cards, causing some strange names since there is not enough space on the card for all our names. Some times the name printed on the ship card just cuts the middle name when there is no more room, and sometimes (especially in my husbands case with a total of 5 names), The first name is listed on the card, then the middle names until there is no more room, and then NO last name....
  18. Sorry, I just read the last few posts in this thread, and realized that the OP probably wrote the wrong month initially, and maybe meant MAY and August (instead of MARCH and August). If that is the case, then I still suggest August over May, simply because the weather in the northern parts of Europe is definitely more stable in August than in May. After all, we call August a summer month, but May for us is spring time....
  19. If OP chooses to go in March - just remember that in all ports on the itinerary then the days are much shorter. So yes, larger chance of seeing the northern lights, BUT less chance of seeing much else in the darkness that sets in rather early in March.... As a native Norwegian, who actually live above the Arctic Circle, I have two different advices: If the main purpose of the cruise is the hope to see the Northen Lights (Aurora Borealis), then I would choose March. If the main purpose is to see lots of different scenery along the way, then I would choose the cruise in August.
  20. This has been my experience as well - no canned soda included unless they were out of that particular fountain soda. Always possible to pay for a can with soda though, but price is about $3 + 20% gratuity, so rather expensive....
  21. We have also done the "Antigua on your own", and found it to be very convenient.
  22. I have received FCC from my 2023 cruise, and then I have booked a cruise for 2024 where I plan on using the FCC that I have already have received as part of payment (just haven't had it applied yet as I am uncertain if I will cancel my 2024 cruise and rebook closer to the sailing date). And yes - I was wondering if a cruise that is partly (or even mainly) paid with FCC also would qualify for pricedrop FCC on the second cruise IF there is a pricedrop after I have paid it in full - that I then could use on a third cruise (eg. in 2025). Sorry about causing confusion.....
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