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  1. In the past when I wanted to dupload photos to a thread on CruiseCritic forum, I always found it easier to just open the photo on my computer first, choose "copy" and then just "paste" it in to my CC post. Often when trying to upload photos to the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" the photos does NOT get oploaded correctly. I have no idea why - but since I found a different way to do it, I just didn't "investigate" it further...
  2. I am Norwegian, and it is now official - the Pandemic is over in Norway from 16.00 today (Saturday) at 4.00 PM local time, and we will go back to normal lives in ALL parts of the society, similar to pre-covid. Covid-19 is in Norway no longer considered as a critical or dangerous disease, because of the high number of vaccinated inhabitants (90% of adults from 18 years old and 85% for 16- and 17 years olds). So from now on no more recommendations regarding social distancing, or limitations for any kind of businesses. Of course difficult to predict the future, but unless there comes a new and more dangerous covid-mutation virus, Norway will be considered to be a «safe country» when it comes to Covid-19. I certainly hope that is stays that way as well.....!
  3. I have a cruise for July 2022 where it is applied (LATDBLX for 2 extra points per night), but the reservation was done a few months ago so probably a different past-guest-offer with different time-spands. 😀
  4. Unfortunately it is against CruiseCritic's guidelines to promote any PCC by name. But if you are on FB you can just search for "norwegian cruise line - personal cruise consultant" and then check the various results that will be listed and choose one that looks good to you.
  5. I just had to quote myself, as it is not possible to edit my post. Regarding churches, up until now there has only been "green pass requirement" for certain cathedrals or parts of cathedrals. Like when we visited the Duomo cathedral in Milan, there was a requirement for a "green pass" when visiting the tower but not for the cathedral itself allthough restrictions on number of persons inside the cathedral at any given time.
  6. We are just back from a 3 weeks land vacation in Italy, and the "green pass" requirement for all indoor venues like museums, churches, etc. has actually been in place since July 2021, and then from September 1st also required for high-speed trains, long distance buses, boats, etc.
  7. I believe it would be similar to when I in the past have had CruiseNext coupons in European currency and used it to book cruises through my US-based PCC at NCL. She just had to ask the accounting office at NCL for a convertion to USD before she could apply it to my booking.
  8. It clearly states that ARRIVALS from UK demands a test less than 48 hours before arrivall in Italy. So I am pretty certain that would be the case also for you if arriving from the US with a transit through a UK airport. https://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/dettaglioContenutiNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=english&id=5412&area=nuovoCoronavirus&menu=vuoto&tab=4
  9. Great news that some of you have been waiting for: From Tuesday September 1, no longer mandatory quarantine for tourists arriving in Italy from UK. https://www.thelocal.it/20210829/what-will-change-when-italy-eases-rules-from-travel-from-uk/?amp
  10. Different source - similar content: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/a-country-by-country-guide-to-europes-reopening-video/ar-BB15SV8D
  11. You could as an alternative always have updated travel restrictions for EU countries, when you download an app called Re-Open EU....
  12. You could as an alternative always have updated travel restrictions for EU countries, when you download an app called Re-Open EU....
  13. It is possible to register to a free version, and then you can read the article. And then just unsubscribe after you have read it.....
  14. How strange. The link is to a New York Post article, and my location is in Europe, and I seem to get access without having to register, I can read everything listed there (I could understand it if the content was only accessible for Americans and not from abroad)....
  15. FYI: I have asked CruiseCritic administrators to delete this thread, as it is not possible for me to edit my original post. I instead just started an "identical" thread, with the correct link attached.
  16. I am so sorry my first post didn't activate the correct link. So I hereby try again: Here is a link to lots of practical information that Americans who plan on travelling to Europe this fall may find helpful (the article is actually called "A Country-by-Country Guide to Reopened Europe"). https://www.nytimes.com/article/travel-to-europe.html
  17. So sorry about that, here is the correct link: https://www.nytimes.com/article/travel-to-europe.html
  18. You may find this article helpful. 🙂 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2796087-a-country-by-country-guide-to-reopened-europe/
  19. Here is a link to lots of practical information that Americans who plan on travelling to Europe this fall may find helpful (the article is actually called "A Country-by-Country Guide to Reopened Europe"). http://A Country-by-Country Guide to Reopened Europe
  20. I live in Norway so this may or may not apply in other countries, but here refund through your travel insurance because of cancellation done by yourself in cases where the flight or the cruise is happening, just "without you" because of one the following reasons 1. You are not allowed entry to the country that is the destination of your travel or 2. The Covid-19 numbers at the country that is your travel destination is so high that the official travel advice from your home country is to not travel to that particular destination, solely depends on what the official travel advice was at the time of your booking. If your destination was Covid-19 "green" at the time of booking the trip, and now is "red" - then you are entitled 100% refund in cases where the airline or cruise line doesn't do a refund. Same if the destination country of your booked trip doesn't let you enter because you arrive from one of several countries that are not allowed to enter due to local Covid-19 regulations: If you were allowed to enter at your planned destination country at time of booking and now this has changed, then you are also entitled a 100% refund. All of the above of course only in cases where you have a financial loss from either the airline or the cruiseline (or others) that is not reimbursed because of late cancellation.
  21. I have only been on one NCL cruise on New Years Eve, and that particular evening I would estimate that at least 75% of the people on board dressed up a bit (I guess similar to how they would have dressed up for NYE if going out "at home" instead of being on a cruise). Many women in dresses (every thing between the cocktail dress style to long formal types), and men in suit or tux. And if not dressed more formal, then the majority still at least dressed "smart cacual". I should probably add that this cruise was in Europe, and the majority of the 25% of passengers on board who didn't dress up much on NYE were Americans. So if your cruise is sailing out of the US my guess is that there would probably be a 50-50 on who dresses up or not. And whatever you choose for your family that evening, you will be joined by many others. 🙂
  22. No changes here - same login as "always". And mine is just a "nickname"...
  23. I too received a check-in "reminder" by e-mail today, regarding our CANCELLED (by NCL) British Isles cruise that was supposed to set sail beginning of September 2021. I wish it was true....! 😜
  24. Are you asking if NCL organizes excursions outside of their "port days" then the answer is NO. Eg. for Rome they only offer shore excursions if Rome is one of the ports "mid-cruise". They only offer excursions in the ports they visit, and that may include some excursions that ends at the airport on the last day of the cruise. But for regular excursions outside your cruise, you just have to book private tours yourself....
  25. Seems like some laundry or pressing service is included. From https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/why-cruise-norwegian/cruise-accommodations/minisuites-and-balconies Exclusive Club Balcony Suite Amenities Option to pre-book onboard entertainment and dining as early as 125 days prior to sailing Complimentary treats delivered to your stateroom Complimentary bottle of sparkling wine Complimentary choice of one valet laundry or pressing service Bliss Collection by Norwegian™ featuring fine linens, pillows and a memory foam mattress or mattress topper Room Service menus offering delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner Coffee and tea set-up TV, refrigerator, safe and hair dryer Sitting area Lower beds arranged as a queen-size bed
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