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  1. "Just upgraded to Neptune for June 2021 Alaska. Is it going to be too cold to even enjoy the verandah?" I wish that was all we had to worry about!
  2. I agree, but at the time it was much more financially favorable to book that new cruise direct....
  3. After 8 months, I called HAL (again) about my missing FCC. Finally got the true story. I wanted to get it to apply to my Oct '21 HAL direct Rotterdam booking. I was told that the FCC was the result of a cancelled Travel Agent booking, and that HAL could not credit it. So I had to transfer the booking to my Agent so he could access the FCC. No one ever told me that (after numerous inquiries). All this for a cruise that is only 50-50 happening!
  4. Is that a terrible thing (children eating with their parents)??
  5. Looks like the wrong time of year for cruisers.....
  6. Gosh!! A limit of 15 DRINKS/DAY! I don't know what I wi;ll do for a drink after lunch! 😁
  7. Gee! Only 60 days. I have been waiting 5 months....
  8. A little history. The Canal cruisers don't see. Gatun Lock drained for maintenance. Some very young cruisers....
  9. Townsville Star (British mutton ship) Panama Canal Transit 1975.....
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