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  1. Note that on the Captain's COVID notice Van Donslaar signed it. anthough Copper 10-8 said Baiijans was the captain. Clarification please? Got my clarification after reading back. Van Donslaar extended 1 week, so we will stall will have Baijans next week...
  2. I don't Facebook, so I don't attend the briefing. I have found Navigator to be worthless unless you are on a ship/cruise....
  3. I suggest you go to the Roll Call for that cruise if you want the latest information. Do not expect to be able to print your Boarding pass before the 28th...
  4. IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: This notification is to advise that your assigned check in time for your upcoming voyage has been assigned or has changed. Please take a moment to review and print the boarding pass page in your documents from Online Check In or update your electronic boarding pass in our Navigator app on your phone or tablet to present to our staff at check in. Received this this morning. (For 7/31 Alaska) Nothing new in Boarding page. Maybe on the 13th....
  5. Yesterday at 5pm 117 deg F 12% humidity on my weather station. NOT Phoenix or Las Vegas!
  6. Reqrets and good thoughts to all who have been affected by all of this! Fortunately, we are in the exact oppsite position. We enjoy Trans Atlantics; this will be our 23rd. And now the added excitement of a Maiden (Inaugural) Voyage just adds to it..
  7. I think that is because it is "sold out". EDIT: Another CCer just got an email that indicated that in fact the TA will be the first. His 10 day + TA collector was cancelled and he was rebooked on just the TA...
  8. I guess I am confused (to say the least)! Does the Replacment Cruise PDF imply that all of the European Rotterrdam sailings will be cancelled, and ( at least for now) the TA on 20 Oct will be the Maiden (Inagural) Voyage??
  9. These are on a Saturday. Sure it is Seattle, but not as bad as a weekday. We are driving in from Portland, expect to arrive around noon, park at seattle cruie parking for the week...
  10. We were, this morning. For both 7/31 and 10/20....
  11. Haw about 5* check in, which was always first with suites? (LOL just another complication to the ridiculous speculation mill...)
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