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  1. " I thought they came before the cash refunds did but apparently not. " Has ANYONE seen FCC before cash refund? I certainly haven't. Got all my cash back. but only promises (and restrictions) on the FCC! and its use. BTW: MY experience with CC disputes. Merchant immediately stops processing as soon as a dispute is filed...
  2. Latest from my TA;HAL says cant apply FCC to cruise deposit. Has to be cash. Really getting bad....
  3. Got my airfare refund today. Still awaiting useable FCC. (Partial cash cruise refund last week.)Cruise was scheduled 4/19-5/5
  4. Got a partial refund today....Sunday - no details available
  5. Nothing in mine yet. I cancelled in March for May cruise....
  6. I thought Dec 2020 was THIS YEAR! HAL has cancelled all 2020 cruises.
  7. "Related purchases" refunds are treated differently from base price/FCC refunds
  8. Not really. Add on payments (excursions, dining, etc. are getting done slowly, but mot the biggie (base fares)
  9. Hear! Hear!. Airline refunds are a TOTALLY different animal than those from cruise lines....
  10. But it WILL affect how your FCC is handled by the cruise line. (separate from any cash refunds)
  11. MODERATORS (and posters): Please lets consolidate and refrain from posting new threads!
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