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  1. Interesting wording on internet service in the press release: NEW! Unlimited MedallionNet 2.0 with Fleetwide Starlink and 5G for single device Since this is listed as a new benefit for princess plus/premier (this was already a benefit), does that mean: 1. Only Princess Plus/Premier guests receive the new internet service, since this is listed as "New"? 2. That there will two levels of internet service like some other cruise lines. 3. Princess has not updated the rest of the posted information on their web site and application to show this change and everybody receives this "New" internet service (when purchased).
  2. With the fitness class (last cruise you couldn't get into a class) and the casual dinning meal limited to only two per person per cruise, it diminishes the value for longer cruises especially when you cannot book them as B-B. Have started to move cruises over to a more inclusive type cruise line as the price difference is getting smaller and smaller.
  3. Mine also did not show the elite status. I called/chatted with Princess and they had it correct in a few days.
  4. Here is the display ones on the Sky. They look different than the ones in the Enchanted and so far the ones made have less stuff on them. If you take away the stuff, you do get two to three scoops of gelato.
  5. It appears that the changes are being interpreted differently on each ship. We upgraded to Princess Plus on the second half of a back-to-back and the computer system can't handle the upgrade. Ship has been working with corporate trying to resolve. In the meantime, the are just adjusting the account until it is resolved.
  6. For next week we swapped out mini-bar and got all of one liquor, 5 cokes and 5 bottles of water. Not sure what all the options you have. Received a $50 credit for one coffee card. The other card stopped working midweek, and they have been removing the charges each day.
  7. Verified again on the coffee card being discounted and read the notification from Princess corp that it will no longer be available. Again they may have reversed that decision but they gave us credit for not being able to use them next week. Also appears to be no changes to swapping out items on the mini-bar. If Shelly can let me know what ship she is on, we can have the two PSM determine what is the true story.
  8. Duplicate posting. Bad internet on Sky.
  9. We had this basic menu two nights ago on the Sky. Princess favorites are still available but are missing from the menus on nights that they made minor menu changes or reformated the menu.
  10. The "Zero Alcohol Drink Package" is just what the name says, non alcoholic drinks only. Cost is 39.99 plus 18% service charge per day. The Princess Plus packages can now be bought the first two days of cruise at no change of price. Also fitness class for plus package is for two sessions, not for the week class. This is as of today but expect changes. Will be trying to trade out mini-bar later today. All other elite benefits are the same (will verify tomorrow when we get the new schedule.
  11. Currently on the Sky Princess doing a B-B and was informed the two coffee cards I traded in for the mini-bar will not be good on the next cruise since the coffee card has been discontinued. Now there is no coffee trade in for the mini-bar and will find out Friday what can be traded-in for the mini-bar. Also will have the correct prices (and what is included) for the Zero Alcohol package since there is contradictions on the Princess site and the information the ship was provided.
  12. Here is the boat we are rendering assistance to.
  13. Have asked to talk to an officer numerous times the past two weeks about shipboard accounting and no response. Not refunding anything but military credit started in July on the Caribbean Princess. Filed a dispute in July (Princess also changed the account after leaving the ship and made half of the military credit non-refundable) and that dispute is still pending. Also one part of the statement shows it's refundable but the totals do not reflect that.
  14. Was notified by the supervisor or guest services that if you have to pay the full price for internet service prior to boarding (when the medallion app does not recognize your status), you do receive the different on your shipboard account but it is not refundable. Also any refund of port taxes are not refundable. Prior to this cruise they were both refundable.
  15. At the retreat pool you rarely see any deck personnel and bar personnel don't get involved in policing how should be there. Not much of an issue now since there are very few children on board but may be more of an issue next week. It is interesting how each ship is handling dinning differently even on the same size ship and passenger count. The Sky has no table numbers on the table. Also having more issues than on pervious cruises with shipboard account errors (most employees not using mobile device for ordering) and getting incorrect drinks and food in dinning room.
  16. More updates. Galley tours have resumed. It is taking about 2 hours to shuttle passengers to Princess Cays and about 2.5 hours to Belize. Dinner in the dinning room is taking anywhere from 45 minutes for two to over two hours for six. It depends on how many extra tables the staff has that night. Retreat pool "the largest kiddie pool at sea" had all 40 chairs taken at 7:30am with only 3 passengers present. At 9:30am, there were 5 passengers. There is no signage stating that this is an adult pool, only the app says it is an adult pool.
  17. Escargots were replaced by Oysters Rockefeller this week. Staff says the menus are in the process of changing and the menus we saw this week may never be seen again.. The menus last week are different from this week with a mix of old menus and new menus. Even the same item from one week to the next is prepared totally different. They are trying to localize the menus but nobody know when this will be accomplished. This week they had both steak and lobster on the same plate. No beef wellington this week. Also some nights they have the Princess favorites and some nights that section of the menu is missing. Tea Time is in the dinning room on sea days and also at the the buffet. Snacks are sandwiches, salads, chips, dips and other left over items from lunch. It varies by day. There were less than 1200 newbies this week and the number of other statuses were about a hundred less per status than last week. Based on that, the ship is not as full this week. This is noticeable with shorter wait times in the dinning room.
  18. Above comment on dining room should say on formal night they are not allowing shorts on men.
  19. Will see later this week if escargots will be served. It is on the on-line menu but it was also on the on-line menu last week. Afternoon tea is only on sea days. On port days the schedule says snacks. Do no have pictures of meus but will try to get some over the next 1 1/2 weeks. We could not stop at Roatan today due to high winds. Captain made two attempts. Dinning room at night is stopping men from entering wearing shorts. Other nights everything goes except swimming suits.
  20. Last week at Princess Cays it took about 2 hours to shuttle people with shuttle tickets to the beach. This week it took 2.5 hours to shuttle people to Belize. Ran bot to test internet speed every 1/2 hour for last day and speed was never more than 2.5 mps. Caribbean Princess in July with full ship was between 8 - 10 mps. Talking with other passengers and many still having issues with medallion app. Not sure if this is user issues or system issues. I do know that my future cruises in the app show two that have been cancelled by Princess months ago and missing two cruses that have been booked for months. Happiest passengers are ones with non-smart phones.
  21. Just tested internet speed at 9:40am with many people off the ship and no change. About the same speed (2 mps) at 5:00am. If you go to the buffet, walk through the entire buffet as there are different items in each section. Yesterday for lunch, first sea day on Western route, they had peel and eat ship and mussels in the back section. Tracking of coffee card is not always correct. Check the number of drinks left when ordering to keep track. Mine just disappeared (again) with three drinks left on the last day on a B-B-B. My wife's card was correct. Elite laundry is taking 2 1/2 days on the ship, so plan accordingly when on B-B. In on Wednesday morning back on Friday night. Ship is understaffed and workers are doing a great job taken on additional responsibilities. Maître de are cleaning and setting up tables along with seating people, cabin stewards are helping out in the buffet, etc.
  22. Internet speed is in the 2 mps range, which is very slow. You can do general browsing but some sites never load. Could do some streaming a 5:00am. Other Princess ships operating in the same region earlier this year, even in July with full ships, had around 10 mps speed. Hand washing is non-existent at the buffet. Mask wearing for the passengers was about 1% last week and may have jumped to 2% this week.
  23. This is our 12th Princess cruise since the restart across five ships and on currently on the Sky Princess (11/26-12/17) doing a B-B-B. Cruises include various Caribbean itineraries, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Trans-Atlantic and Western Europe (replacement for the Baltic). This post contains observations and changes over the past 14 months. Embarkation at terminal two in Ft. Lauderdale has not changed much. In June, the luggage drop-off was moved to the second aisle from the terminal building, which does help the flow. Check-in starts at 10:00 am and we were able to board early at 10:50. The Starbucks on 17th St close to the port has been closed, so no coffee on the way to the ship. First week sailing has 1400 “newbies”. The Internet Café and Ocean Medallion were two of the busiest places on the ship. Lunch is served in the Estrella Dining room at 11:00am. We had dinner reservations at 6:30pm in the Estrella Dining room. Most of the dining room have doors marked “with reservations” and “no reservations”. One of the right doors of the Estrella is not marked some nights and is used for both with and without reservations. The other door is for Club Class. We sailed at 5:20pm and made it to Princess Cays on time. The buffet has been upgraded since July and has a different theme each night and for lunch on sea days. The main dinning menu has some changes since July, had not changed since the restart, with some items removed and new items added. The app now shows the menus for each night of the cruise but does not always match the men in the dining room. One of the changes the first week was that the escargots was replaced by oysters Rockefeller. More random comments to come.
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