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  1. Currently on the Regal and they are promoting that if you book a 2020 cruise on-board, they will double your Future Cruise Credit. If you have booked your cruises for the year already, like I have, no bonus.
  2. marinetraffic.com shows the Crown going directly to St Thomas at 18+ knots. Do not know how reliable that information is.
  3. Port fees for missed ports are per person along with any adjustments they may need to make to port fees.
  4. Generally it is the dinning room that is used for anytime dinning. The past few cruises that dinning venue was not listed on the paper that they handed you at the port for dinning options. It should open around noon and if you cannot find the restaurant that is open, you may need to ask more than one person which sit-down dinning room is open.
  5. Sailed on Regal Princess 2/1 eastern Caribbean. Last on ship in November, NY to Ft. Lauderdale. Not many changes even with the short dry-dock. The only noticeable change was improved internet and now the cabin unlocks as you approach (we had the same cabin on the last sailing and you had to get your medallion up real close to unlock.) There is a lot of construction around Terminal 2/4, so allow extra time. There are only two elevators in the parking garage and with a ship at both terminal 2 and 4, the lines can be very long (30 minutes+ on the return). Arrived at 10:15 to platinum lounge and it was already full (there were some single seats but they were occupied with luggage). Plenty of coffee and pastries still available but will need to sit in the overflow area. Boarding started at 10:40 and on the ship about 10 minutes later (Princess person was holding everybody in the overflow area until the entire Platinum lounge was cleared even though people were coming up the elevator and getting right on the ship. Not a big deal but the Princess person was a little abrasive about the process.) Deck chairs on sea days were 95% occupied by 8:30 am even though only about 10% had people in the chairs. Early Saturday afternoon there were plenty of chairs after a rain shower came thorough. Hot tubs seem to be closed more often than on other cruises. At no time were they all open and many times, there were less than half-open. One day they were all closed most of the day. Food was good and not many changes on that subject over the past few years. Will be going back on 3/1 for a back to back, so will let everybody know if there are any changes.
  6. The advantage of purchasing on board, is that you can use your on board credits. We buy immediately when boarding since the hotel coffee is so bad.
  7. Ship - Elation Deck - Upper (6) Stateroom # - U17 Stateroom Category – Inside Porthole Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? – Quiet except going in and out of port and the day at Half Moon Cove. Bow thruster runs all day at island. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Porthole, area in front of porthole can be used to put all the towel animals. Balcony Size? - None Any specific problems with this cabin? - Can hear bass speakers from show two decks up from 8 - 9 and 11 - 12 pm on show nights. Any other comments? - Cabin layout different from larger ships, more square but less storage. Larger than normal shower. Desk with plug is next to bed which is good for CPAP machine.
  8. Just got off the Elation and also was questioning the choice after being on the larger ships. Overall it was a pleasant cruise and the ship if well laid out to keep the people dispersed. The crew was very friendly and food was on par with other Carnival ships. The outside sitting area behind the Lido seating area was out favorite place to eat. Only a 5-10 minute wait for "anytime" dinning usually around 7:00 - 7:30 (probably due to the dinning room "entertainment" that stops most food service at about 6:45). Elevators were an issue with 25 - 50% not working a one time (a real issue if you have a cabin on decks 11 - 14 where 1 of the 2 elevators were out of service for most of the cruise). The only major issue was the internet which was the worse of any Carnival ship since they started offering internet. Just don't plan on doing any work on the internet.
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