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  1. Jim, Just checked, and it's still showing zero onboard spending credits. Same thing happened to Frank on our cruise. The fact that yours posted today is a good sign. Say hello to Mrs. Hannah for me. Roz
  2. Hi Frank. Exactly the same thing happened to me. Cruise nights posted correctly, but I received absolutely no credit for onboard spending. It can't be coincidence that we were on the same cruises. The big mix up on turnaround day should have been our first clue.... Roz
  3. Thanks for all the encouragement. 😉 The sailing days - 12 for 6 days in a Neptune and 7 for 7 days in an inside cabin - posted accurately and right away. Onboard spending for both cruises shows -0-. Very odd. Roz
  4. I'm close to becoming 4 star (184 days so far), so the credits for onboard spending will push me even closer. Roz
  5. The reason I emailed them is I'm sure it's easier to verify things when they have the documentation in front of them. Roz
  6. Hi Canadianbear. It was good seeing you and Mr. Bear on the Coastal cruise. Roz
  7. I recently did back-to-back cruises on the Nieuw Amsterdam from April 28, 2019 through May 11, 2019. Although my cruise days were posted correctly, I didn’t get any credit for onboard spending of $619.97. I had to scan my Final Statement and convert email confirmations of pre-purchased tours into PDFs. I don't see how they could have overlooked this. I just emailed the documentation so we'll see what happens. Roz
  8. I would not want the possibility of being harassed or chastised by other passengers for going to the bars and casino. Roz
  9. I too live in the South - a Pittsburgh ex-pat. I'm old enough to remember going to ball games at Forbes Field. Saw Roberto Clemente play. Interesting about Pittsburgh being a river cruise port, but makes sense on the Ohio River. I'm going back there in June, so maybe I'll see one of the ships. Roz
  10. I agree with the suggestion to pack a travel umbrella. Roz
  11. Evening entertainment on my recent NA cruise to Alaska was rather anemic outside of BB King's and the other music venues. First night was Mary Poppins Returns 🤔 . There were two nights of a dance troupe, a comedian, a ventriloquist, and a combined show. Roz
  12. Take a look at Gate 1 river cruises for a more value priced experience. As already mentioned, river cruises have a lot of inclusions, which can be airport transfers, tours, alcohol, and other amenities. Roz
  13. The Do As The Locals Do tours on Uniworld have been one of the big highlights of their cruises for me. As Jklc already mentioned, you get information and insights that only a local can provide. For instance, in Budapest, our guide talked about growing up in Hungary during Soviet times. She showed us how to use the street car and subway systems, and we stopped at a bakery for a cake 🍰 and coffee ☕ break. Roz
  14. Close to it. 😄 We had a very large Australian contingent onboard. 3 tour groups that I was aware of. There may have been more. US passengers definitely in the minority. Roz
  15. I was on the NA for the April 28 and May 4 sailings before yours. It was the most varied collection of gala night outfits I've ever seen - tuxedos to Crocodile Dundee. Roz
  16. I've found that info on my confirmation statement, but not on the HAL website. Roz
  17. I posted this over on the HAL board when I got back from Seattle last week: "The conventional wisdom on this board is to book HAL's transfer from Vancouver (Canada Place) to SeaTac, rather than use a private transfer such as Quick Shuttle. I've used Quick Shuttle numerous times and have been pleased with their price and service. I decided to give HAL's transfer a try after my recent Alaskan cruise, and was dissatisfied with several aspects of the service. This information may prove helpful to those on future cruises ending in Vancouver. 1. We had to retrieve our own bags in the terminal and schlep them to the bus (I use the term "bus" loosely; I'll explain below). My understanding was that our tagged bags would be taken directly to the bus. We were directed into the wrong line and then had to backtrack. Canada Place in general is a mess. I was an in transit passenger the week before and no one seemed to know what to so with us, but I digress. That will be a separate post. 2. There were 13 of us, but the "bus" (actually a 12-passenger van) could only hold 11 of us + the driver. I don't know what they did with the other 2 passengers. We were supposed to be transported in a motor coach, which is what Quick Shuttle uses. The van was very crowded and uncomfortable. 3. According to proponents of HAL's service in this forum, the bus was supposed to be sealed to make the border crossing easier and quicker. We spent 50-55 min. at the border, and had to schlep our bags out of the van and into the inspection station. It would have taken longer had our driver not interceded on our behalf and explained that we were all US citizens. We were able to get in a separate line from the 5-6 buses and vans already there and being processed. I've spent as much time or less (mostly less) at the border on Quick Shuttle. 4. The price of HAL's transfer was $69 vs. $59 for Quick Shuttle. And as a senior I can get a $4 discount. So $55 vs. $69." Roz
  18. I was at the Seattle Hilton last week and was able to walk to 13 Coins. Mango Thai is good and there's also a Hawaiian BBQ place next to it. There used to be a place called Dave's Diner (I think) but that has closed. Roz
  19. This. That's why you reserve a seat ahead of time and pay for it. Roz
  20. The first night's entertainment on my recent Nieuw Amsterdam cruise was "Mary Poppins Returns". Really? Thank goodness for BB King's and the piano players/singers. Otherwise, entertainment was very weak. I agree with others that there are lots of no sugar added desserts in the MDR and the Lido. It doesn't surprise me that you're charged extra for a 2nd entrée in a specialty restaurant. I found service in the MDR to be spotty. I'm very much OK with no self service in the Lido. Roz
  21. Oh dear, I forgot that part. And some people in the van weren't feeling good to start with. Roz
  22. I can fly from Seattle on Southwest much cheaper, and bags fly free. Roz
  23. Thanks for confirming, Dave. It struck me as odd that no spending was shown. Roz
  24. I just came back from B2B cruises, and my sailing days are credited correctly, but spending shows 0 for both cruises. When will that update? Roz
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