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  1. On the crowds... Perhaps FttF may help - get isolated out of the main cattle call to get on board, get on board early and start getting acclimated to the ship before it's full of people. Learn different routes to get from A to B. I find that if I'm in the aft and my cabin is more fore, I'll take the elevator down to my deck and walk through the hallway rather than try to traverse Lido or the other "activity" decks. Find the out of the way areas - there is usually a few seating areas that aren't as heavily populated as others...nice place to hang out. At least for breakfast, wake up early, beat the crowds and lines. While I'm not bothered by crowds (I got to DragonCon with 80000 people), what does get to me is the miscellaneous noise - multiple conversations going on that you can just pick up on makes my brain go nuts trying to hear it all. My airpods help somewhat with that...and just avoiding those areas if possible helps too.
  2. We're on her in April. I'm trying to think positive...like in Miami they'll hopefully dock with the port side to the dock to hid the damage, which means they'll need pull up into the bay area to do a 180 instead of just shoving off and heading out!.
  3. Me over here proud of my 28! lol. Wish we had started cruising when we got married, but were very concerned about sea sickness. We'd probably be Platinum or more by now.
  4. If the Blue Iguana served their breakfast burritos all day I'd have three meals easily picked out 🙂 We like to look at the menu ahead of time to decide if it's worth it. Last cruise we only ate their a couple of times - I got some bad motion sickness from the Nassau tour and food became less than desirable! I think we mainly go for the appetizers and the dessert.
  5. We prefer the Anytime dining option. It gives us more flexibility as to what we may do during the day - no rush for early or no show conflicts with late. The only thing I liked about set time dining was the same staff. Though last time we had set dining, after the third night we were really tired of the table near us, so I see the randomness as a bonus. We use the app, and very rarely have had to wait more than 10-15 minutes for a table. The pro is obviously being able to go to dinner at a time that suits your day...and each day may be different depending on activities. The con is the may be a short wait, and you may have different serving staff each night (though I guess that could also be a pro depending on how it goes!)
  6. Ah...I see now. They were testing out the new pier runner deterrent methods - can run to the ship late if there is no pier! Yikes!!!!
  7. Thanks all. Not much of a casino player but good to know there is a smoke free option. Love the forward decks, especially for leaving ports...wonderful views and the wind sometimes helps with the temperatures. Good to know about the lanai hot tubs. I love them for winding down. Hadn't hear of Magic having issues - will have to look that up. They have a couple months to fix whatever it is!
  8. At first it was going to be going to Europe for our anniversary, then Aruba, and now we're going to take an early cruise. We'll be on Magic Mar 31-Apr 6, going to Cozumel, Belize and (new for us) Costa Maya. In the past, the Glory (and Conquest) have been the biggest ships we've been on and this one looks to be a good bit larger - at least passenger capacity wise. Don't think the extra 53ft in length will matter too much 🙂 We have a balcony so at least there is that. Hopefully I don't get sick like our last trip! I know when we stepped up from Fantasy to Conquest - we didn't notice that increase of people that much. Hopefully this will be similar. But anyway... Was looking for any tips or good-to-know items about this ship or its sisters. We're not crazy party people or very social, but we do like to get out of the room and sit someplace and read. She likes the trivia, I like music and shows. I think the Lanai sounds interesting. I may need that half mile since they have the Pig and Anchor on that deck!!! What are some good places to chill out on the ship? Out of way areas? I'm assuming since I didn't put a towel out in 2008 when the keel was laid down that I have no chance of a spot in Serenity 🙂 Thanks...looking forward to this. Hopefully no cocodrilo pequeño at Cozumel this time.
  9. From our recent Nassau trip with an excursion... when you get off the ship, they have all the excursionites (trademarking that word) meet in a covered area on the pier right off the ship, grouped by excursion. You wait as a group, walk towards the transport as a group, etc... in other words, if you're doing an excursion there you won't be alone in Nassau itself. That excursion itself is on another (small) island away from New Providence and Paradise Island, so you're going to be around other tourists the whole time. Don't know how social you are, but if you're not like me and actually talk to people, you may make an excursion buddy or two as well.
  10. iMessage, like many other things, uses the apple push service. Most notifications on your phone use that, like my garage door, and like the Carnival Hub app. And since that whole stream is encrypted between your device and Apple, Carnival can't distinguish between an iMessage or their hub app letting you know your table is ready. That's why it works (sometimes). Now...why sending works, I'm not sure, but there is two way communication on the notifications to acknowledge receipt, register for receiving, etc... so perhaps that is how it sends. Our last cruise (March, Elation) it worked pretty well between my wife and I onboard (airplane mode, wifi only for the hub app, nothing paid) Nothing like being out at a sea and knowing when your garage door opens and closes, or when a network switch at work goes haywire...always 2am. Pictures would not send or be received, so we had to wait til we were in port with cellular or find free wifi. I did have an issue on the last day where my phone decided to sign me out of iMessage for some reason so it all stopped working. Also, as CruiserLucas said - I wouldn't rely to heavily on it. Sometimes I'd get it way later. But we had the same issue with the hub app where my wife got notified our table was ready, but we were halfway through eating when I got the notification.
  11. Wow...dating yourself there...but I guess I shouldn't talk - I get the reference 🙂
  12. Have only been to Belize...and that was a whirlwind. We did the Xunatunich Mayan Ruin tour. Your are on the first tender off the ship (about a 25 minute ride if I remember). You get to the port and they put you on a bus and you spend the next two hours on the bus, time at the ruins, and head back, with a stop for a great lunch. The ruins were amazing as was the food. And the ride out was packed full of info about the area. By the time we got back, in addition to being tired, it was time to head back to the ship anyway. The one thing that stood out - when you hear Belize you think of huts on the water and the great blue hole. Well, the tender takes you to the "tourism" village. If you look at it on Google maps, it's dumping you into Belize City, and it isn't a "walk 100yards to a nice beach" place. Not that I wouldn't mind the chance to see more of the area, but I'd think if you want beach and relaxing, you'd probably need an excursion or local knowledge.
  13. Are 17ft waves/swells that bad? Last cruise we were on, I thought they said something about 5meter swells, but perhaps it was 5ft since 5m would be closer to 15ft. I'm sure it's not fun (my wussy stomach was ill at the 5ft ones), but I've seen 50ft long sailboats go through 12ft waves - yeah, not fun for them but am thinking a 900ft ship would handle it. But I've got nothing to base it on and would prefer to keep it that way!
  14. Was wondering about that. I looked at the deck plans first and didn't see it - the area is massage Room and aerobic room, but they still had it there in the photos for the Glory. Well, disregard that folks!
  15. Been years since I've been on Glory (or Conquest), but the area is a little calmer by the back pool. It should be adults only, but that is hit-or-miss. It seems to come and go if they enforce it. On sea days it's a little fuller than usually parts of the day...usually groups standing around by the walls talking and drinking. Somewhere I have a pic of me alone in that pool doing a backfloat with my mojito in hand. Below is a sea day. The hot tubs stayed pretty full and loungers could get full up. The Glory also has this "pool" in the Spa area with a separate hot tub. Water was a bit warmer and the whole area is full of condensation, but is a neat place to find.
  16. - Get there the night before. Anything can happen while travelling and it's one thing to be stuck in a 2-3 hour delay the day before than on the way to check-in. Don't know what local traffic is like in most places I stay, and I assume it's all as bad as Atlanta in the mornings, so I usually like to be within 5-10 miles of the port. Our last one was 4.5hrs away and we went down the night before. - Can't answer about 14 days of clothes - am willing to do research though. Someone book me a 14 day cruise!!! You'll either do laundry or pack way more than you'll need. Can always google the best way to maximize space folding clothes, etc. Of course, it all has to fit coming back off as well. I usually pack more clothes than I wear on the shorter ones as is, but myself, on something that long, I'd opt for laundry service and make my luggage easier to deal with. - Bags - sounds like a good plan. We usually just pack a beach bag that also doubles as the carry-on. But a small backpack sounds like a good also-have plan - don't have to worry about stuff dumping out etc. Just need to plan out what all you think you may put in it, a little extra free space and make sure it's comfy when weighted down! Know my daughters used those drawstring style backpacks, but I find those cut into me too much myself. May also want to look into a couple carabiner clips - makes it easy to hang your water bottle or maybe a bag of purchases from what you're already backpacking. - Snacks - you take care of you...I don't think I've been on anything where they say "no eating" or something. The hungry kid - that's between them and the kids parents. Be obvious about it if you want to!
  17. Our recent one, one bag arrived around 2, one around 4. Had to go to guest services around 7 to find out where my bag may be - it was off to the side with about 11 others - the tag had somehow been ripped off (and it was the first luggage checked in for the ship - got there too early). But usually 5-6 at latest. I was beginning to get nervous as half my cpap was in my checked luggage. (Power and mask) - stupid on my part. Keep any meds you must have with you - I was running through things I didn't have like my eye gel I need at night. Was also thinking about my contact holder and solution...should have had either that, or at least my glasses with me. Swimsuit if you want to be able to change and hit the pool early (esp for kids!). Probably at least one extra shirt, shorts and underwear change to be safe. And of course anything valuable. After laying there thinking about my suitcase maybe still being on shore, I think next time I'll look at it like "Okay...if Carnival has to replace my wardrobe etc because they lost my suitcase, what could they not easily replace and would I miss it?"
  18. In the time that it would take me to get the coffee going, etc, I could already be up in Lido 🙂 (unless it's a k-cup, then I'll be up in Lido anyway) And then the creamer - one more thing to pack, for security to check (honestly, it's just amaretto "flavored"), and with the way the fridges "cool" not worth it.
  19. Anything prescription it's always good to have the prescription for it...just in case they decide that it's not ED, but perhaps something else so you can prove it... but... That said, I had my hydrocodone (recent tooth issue) and lexapro with me in their own bottles, and then in another ginger pills, ibuprofen and antibiotic (was easier to consolidate). They didn't bat an eye - they didn't even look at the bottles of wine in my bag. Next time, if I have multiples, I'm just putting them in one bottle. The wife has her little pill caddie for hers. Perhaps if you had a baggie of 1000 pills it may be different.
  20. My wife doesn't drink either (other than sips here and there of mine) due to stomach issues. While yes, she could get other items, coffees bother her, and she doesn't drink soda either. So only way it'd be worthwhile is if she gave every drink to me, but I don't need that much per day! 6 frozen drinks, 5 cocltails or 8 beers a day to break even for one person. I'm usually too tired, to worn out from the sun etc to go overboard with drinks anyway so per-drink has always worked the best.
  21. Last week on Elation we had printed fun times. Never looked at it - used the app. Also had printed dock/event photos put out, where 4 years ago on a Conquest class ship all the photos were on the app. I wish you could see the photos people uploaded to the app after the sailing, but oh well. Also, as far as the MDR reservations - I watched them show people how to download the app, get it setup, etc just so they could make a reservation - seemed a bit overkill. also, also, even though it says it'll notify you when your table is ready, if you stay on the same page it takes you to after reserving, the notification doesn't seem to come up. It's quirky!
  22. LMAO....I love me some Waffle House, but being in Georgia, I can stumble 500ft and hit a few on the way! Was looking for a local place. We ended up at Another Broken Egg, which I did not know was a chain until later, but at least it was a chain I'd never eaten at before.
  23. Also, maybe not funny for those involved.... There was a couple on the Conquest or Glory. I don't know if they were newlyweds or what. Early 20s. She was obviously enjoying herself. Saw this a couple days, but one of them down in the atrium bar, she had had a number of drinks I guess. I think he was trying to cut her off and she was getting mad. She would be sitting at the bar talking, then she'd get up and dance on the small dance area (sometimes the only one up there). She'd fall quite a bit - she had a short dress on and one of the other things bothering him was uhmmm...we'll leave it at in the dress there was no modest way to fall down, and get back up. She went back up to the bar to get something, then couldn't find him, started to get mad and loud about how she was just trying to have some fun, and he just goes off and leaves her, and on and on and then finally decides to storm off (back to the room?) in anger. The whole time the guy is sitting there in a chair right by the end of the dance floor in plain sight, staring into infinity, replaying events leading to this point in his mind I'm sure. After she left, he waited a minute or two before going after. Again - not at all funny for them, and I hope that they were able to reconcile and are still together but from the outside, they were the talk of the lobby.
  24. Watching our daughters make friends onboard on the first cruise. The oldest LOVED the Circle C. Going to pick her up for dinner, and from the door of the Circle C room, watching her win a cup stacking tournament they were doing. There were three of them that would hang out constantly. (The best part is the person she beat was from the next town over from us, her friends in Girl Scouts picked up on her talking about him too much, began making fun, and then at one cookie booth, seeing him going into the grocery store and about panicked. Then turns out, his mom plays bunco with her mom.) The other daughter did not like the younger kids club (it's babies up to 5th grade) but at Freeport she met someone from the ship and they became inseparable after. We had to leave a note on their door because they wanted to get each others numbers and they talked on the phone for a few months after.
  25. As others have said, the port areas know they need the tourism. I'm sure even the crime groups know better than to mess with that - directly or like the sad case in Cancun - indirectly. Most of these areas are at the same level as The Bahama ports as well. Will second Paradise Beach. We did Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize and had excursions at each so we decided at Cozumel to just take it easy. Somehow with the social wifi onboard, I found out about Paradise Beach. We did not take it easy. We had sooo much fun. Great food too. Only issue we had is when we got there, we couldn't go in the water due to "un pequeño cocodrilo". Watched the staff spend about 15 minutes chasing down and cornering a 4ft croc.
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