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  1. Just a data point. I ordered 2 x $500 gift cards on the 12th and I received them on the 20th. Had to sign for them.
  2. A lot better than Progressive when I had them. Their monitor beeped at me all the time and I am a careful driver.
  3. As I understand it, as long as your have an Allstate policy, you will earn dollars for your good driving. This can be applied to renewing your policy, or for rewards purchases, or they will send you a check.
  4. Actually it went pretty smoothly. She figured out that my battery management on the phone was causing the app not to log my driving. After I turned off the management, it started logging right away.
  5. Yea, their process is a bit screwed up. I had to call Allstate because Drivewise was not logging my drives. Seems I needed to have my phone on with no battery management turned on for the app to work. I like how you can earn money and apply it when you purchase the gift cards. I already have $55 from mine and my wife's drivng.
  6. I recently signed up for the rewards program for Allstate and it took a couple of days to get access to the rewards site. Make sure your Drivewise account is active.
  7. I am going to be on this cruise. The OBC will be nice, but I will really miss not going to Mazatlan. I haven't really been excited about the Cabo stop since you have to tender and I wish they would have cancelled that one instead.
  8. Following. Will join the Oosterdam on Saturday. Anticipation is killing us (along with the packing :). See ya'll soon. James and Cyndy Hubbard from Fort Worth.
  9. Got the cabin booked, VA5103. Total price with the upsell, HSC, fees, taxes works out to $95 per day per person. Anytime I can get a balcony cabin under $100 a day is a win in my book.
  10. Thanks for the pic Miss G. That balcony does look small as we are used to the Carnival balconies. I still think that I would take a balcony vs no balcony. Anyway, my wife gets seasick easily a we need to be midships on a lower deck so this cabin looks like it will fit the bill. I am going to take the upsell and enjoy cruising on HAL for the first time. Thanks everyone for the information.
  11. The cabin is on deck 5, VA5103 to be exact. Got a great price on the OV cabin with the American Express $300 cash back so the extra $180 for the balcony works out to about $80 per day per person.
  12. I have been offered an upsell from a category G OV to a category VA balcony on our December 7th sailing on the Oosterdam for $90 per person. This sounds like a good price for the upgrade, but I wanted to see what the HAL community thought. Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate all of the advice in advance. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  13. Great live blog of the Glory. I will be on her on May 10th. Staying in New Orleans the day before, so I will try to visit some of the places mentioned in your blog. Have a great one.
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