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  1. Celebrity used to stop at Labadee routinely, but rumours suggest it wasn't popular. They've also scheduled Coco Cay in extenuating circumstances (post-hurricane). Grand Cayman alternatives have been discussed/speculated in the past. Could be a sea day, another port, or an RCL-owned resort. I think an overnight in Cozumel with a sea day the next day would be a neat option (if Cozumel is the day before Grand Cayman).
  2. Well said! Murano all the way for us.
  3. We actually drive over to Canada when flying to Europe since it's historically been around half the price of flying from Detroit. But I understand that for travel to the US, many Canadians do the opposite and drive to the US to turn their international trip into a domestic flight also for cost reasons.
  4. There is nothing in the FL law that could even threaten to shut down cruising as far as I can tell. The threat is purely monetary in terms of a fine per occurrence.
  5. I'm not so sure that the administration in Florida sees it that way. This is the administration that purposefully passed the law amid a pandemic.
  6. We've driven that way too. Really not a bad drive (except for the screaming 2 year old we had at the time). Angle down to I10 from Montgomery. Several different options. Less mountains to worry about in the winter, too. We've gone that way home from FL, too. Drove along the panhandle coast to Pensacola, then turned north.
  7. What is the "Plus one additional offer"?
  8. Yes, there is expedited service in the US, but apparently it's questionable at the moment. I have twice done expedited NEXT DAY service. Once for a renewal in the 90 before an international business trip. Then in ~2010 the entire family went in person to the office in Detroit and we went again in person the next day to pick them up. I have no idea why it's taking a long time now when we can't even go to Canada right now.
  9. Exactly. Get vaccinated, go on a cruise without needing to be tested. Easy peasy.
  10. I hope it's not a full 18 weeks. Just applied for my renewal a couple of weeks ago and 18 full weeks puts us mid-cruise. The passport website amuses me. 6 weeks for mailing?? How on earth does mailing ANYTHING take 6 weeks?
  11. Ahhh, thanks. Makes sense 🙂
  12. Can you explain why you can't apply for a passport before September?
  13. Following along for future reference. On our only stay in London, we spent a few nights just across from the Liverpool Street station in an apartment above Dirty Dicks. Wasn't a bad location at all and between buses and tubes, we managed to get around quite well. But then again, it was an apartment that looked nice (looked nicer than it was) and the price and size was right. Those were the main criteria as we knew no better.
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