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  1. Seems to be a difference between ships currently sailing having all of the buttons, and those not yet sailing only having 3.
  2. The only big deal is that Celebrity still says 90 days. If it's 45, tell us it's 45. Not that hard.
  3. It's current. No update available. Nov Reflection: 3 buttons, no check in Jan Reflection: 3 buttons, no check in Mar Edge: 8 buttons "check in opens Feb 3rd"
  4. It's so hard to tell what's an "official AND current" calendar/schedule these days
  5. Basically how we ended up with 1109. Couldn't hear the elevator or outside door.
  6. This PDF shows it pretty well. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Deck_Plans_Staterooms/Infinity-Deck-plans.pdf The movie screen is very much towards the back, over the back row of interior deck 11 cabins. Our last time on an M-class, we were in 1109 (moved forward to avoid movie sounds) and couldn't hear a thing from the balcony.
  7. Right. And it's not like people who are flying aren't then going to rent a car, stay in a hotel, eat at restaurants, etc...
  8. Best you can do is find a travel agent website that lets you browse ALL available cabins in broad categories and start counting. There's a big box TA that will show regular-concierge-aqua all together if you shop for a "balcony" room. Makes room counting pretty straightforward.
  9. Key West is another big question-mark, despite the law that the city is now working to work-around. Seems that nobody wants to be the first cruise company to go against the wishes of the locals, despite what's legal.
  10. My son is on the Oct 8 Equinox ABC and they changed Grand Cayman to Nassau. Heard this is a common substitute.
  11. Buried WHERE in the app? My 06-Nov Reflection only shows 3 buttons at the bottom on the app: Safety, Account, Dining I was working with IT support on an issue and they suggested checking back "closer to 45 days" to be able to check-in. *edit* Nope. Clicked the profile button. Nothing about check in. 😞
  12. Band? No. Generally a solo or duet with a guitar or two, playing for maybe an hour. Not loud and not every night. Unfortunate since that's a great location to sit and relax with a bit of live music playing. The movies above can be loud, depending on what's playing. They're honestly one of the most confusing things that X does as there is rarely more than a small handful of people watching (if that).
  13. I'll have to pick one since my license and passport don't match. My last name properly has a space. My passport shows this properly. My DL does not since this is apparently not possible within the state's system. I could hyphen or underscore, but no space.
  14. Canadians have been welcome for some time. Just not by car for some inexplicable reason.
  15. With no categories within the FV room classification, exactly what were you thinking you would be upgraded to, and why did you not request that at booking? I would be surprised if any TA didn't automatically upgrade a room if your CC# was on file. Mine have always done so. But again, there are no categories under FV to upgrade to, so it's a moot point.
  16. To sum up what I've read: Celebrity is a nice cruise line Princess is a nice cruise line They are not the same cruise line, so there are relatively minor differences between them That's good. We've been loyal to X since we started cruising ~8 years ago, but we think we're ready to see how green the grass is elsewhere.
  17. I presume you're sailing from Tampa? That'd be one heck of a gamble from Port Everglades!
  18. Exactly. In most cases, it's probably more dangerous at 'home' in the US. That's where we're comfortable in our surroundings and go to the restaurant, bar, wedding, or other indoor event. Especially in the Caribbean, most excursions and activities are outdoors where risk is low even for unvaccinated, and interactions with tend to be with other vaccinated people.
  19. But there is only flavor from the oak, not oak. 🙂 Essentially anything over 1 micron in size is filtered out, including bacteria if a small enough filter size is used.
  20. This is actually an interesting topic in the wine industry. Simply put, if I age wine in an oak barrel, is 'oak' an ingredient in the wine? Extended from there, if I add something to the wine, and then remove all of what I added, did I actually add anything?
  21. They should all welcome cruisers as their % of people vaccinated jumps up a bit and their #s can look better.
  22. I had no problem getting help when trying to book a specialty dining package.
  23. Those are big differences that I wouldn't have thought to look for. Now I wish this was an S-class thread since I just moved to a SV on Reflection 😄
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