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  1. Mobile cruises seem to be doing OK, or Carnival wouldn't have come back with a different ship. I noticed this a few months ago, and although it is more targeted to Cargo vessels, the cruise ships will definitely benefit from especially the turning basin widening... https://www.al.com/news/mobile/2019/09/plan-to-enlarge-mobile-ship-channel-cleared-to-proceed.html
  2. Jamie Dee was probably our most memorable CD. She was awesome!
  3. Two questions I have about the Sun returning to North America in 2021: 1) Is there any Pizza on the ship? I don't see it on the deck plans 2) Do you think that they'd add soft serve back in? I know that is something we really enjoy and has us considering the Emerald instead...
  4. We had a BF back in March, but I assume it would be similar. Basically, the 2 pullmans drop out over the 2 lower berths. We had 4, so I suspect that with 3, they'd drop the one lower to the bathroom wall, but your steward could probably do either...
  5. OK, I think we've narrowed it down to the 5/25 Sun or the 5/29 Emerald. Looking for more pros and cons...
  6. So, considering another Alaska cruise for May 2021 for a round trip and looks like there are 3 choices: 1). Sun out of Vancouver. This has 2 advantages. First, it looks like it goes up the East side of Vancouver Island, so it would do a “full” inside passage. Second, it goes to Glacier Bay during the timeframe we are going (for some reason, Emerald is also doing Endicott Arm as is Regal that week). Third, if we do this one, I may just go for the Mini-Suite as they are so much better on the Sun class. Also, for nostalgia, our first ever cruise was on Dawn Princess!
  7. Princess gives you a tumbler as well, they just don't have the freestyle machines, so the bar staff fills from the gun. One thing that Princess will let you do is that if I bring a Yeti, etc, they'll fill that up if I want (on DCL, I just use the paper cups and transfer to my Yeti 🙂 )
  8. Thanks! Will be interesting to see how different this will be! We are mainly used to DCL and Princess...
  9. Maybe I am missing something, but we will be on Harmony next year (trying RCCL again for the second time - our first, Serenade, was a bit of a disaster, so we are hoping this is better!). We purchased a coke package on Black Friday with the discount, but I did notice that they charge gratuities. My understanding is that for all sodas, you would get them from the Freestyle machines. So, are we tipping the machines or, can you still get them from bars, etc...?
  10. So, will the Vancouver departures from Sun go up the East side of Vancouver Island?
  11. Well, that line up you saw outside Princess Live was for walk off. We didn't get off the ship until almost 7:15am... On Deck 4 they were allowing some luggage tagged passengers off. I have never seen that done prior to the walk-off's...
  12. So, we were just on the 11/24 sailing of the Regal. Had an enjoyable time, however, they completely dropped the ball on disembarkation. As I mentioned in another thread, I was dealing with a coffee card issue at Guest Services. I mentioned that I had seen on our meet thread that we may be going back into T21 (we went out of T2) due to Sky Princess coming in. The lady at Guest Services said "yes, we will go into 21". I asked if they were going to put out an announcement (this was on Wednesday, I think) as I had mentioned this to a few people and they had no idea. So, finally, day before d
  13. We were on Regal back in March and we definitely noticed a difference on this cruise. LOTS of new staff as a number of the old staff (starting with Alex) have moved to Sky. It’s other little things as well (not just the coffee cards). For instance, the fried shrimp were removed from the Pub lunch. I mentioned to the server, who told me “We only have those on the 14-day Cruise”. I showed him the menu that I had taken a picture of back in March. I believe he had come over from the Crown. It seems as though they just aren’t at full staff right now. I’m thinking that all of the
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