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  1. I am posting to bump this thread up to page 1 in case some of my friends are still looking for me. We are meeting in the Floataway Lounge now.
  2. Probably not necessary to post a link because if I found it I'm sure everyone else could too.
  3. Yes Sandy - we are off to the Floataway Lunge. I will head over there in the morning and start a thread - and of course the title will be More musings from Ms. Mary. I will come back over here and post a link. Or maybe I will have Aprille post a link. I'm relieved and happy to finally make this decision.
  4. It seems like I have been on a 'cruise high' for the past 12 days. I enjoyed it immensely but I sorta crash landed last night. For the first time since I got home I was totally exhausted. And all the bad news about this coronavirus thing didn't help. I sat in my recliner, in my jammies, holding my Kindle that I really didn't want to read - and pondered. I wanted to keep posting but to be honest this thread had sorta taken over my life for 12 days. I decided if this thread showed up on page 1 again I would post some more - and it did and I will - but with some self imposed guide lines for mysel
  5. Oh my goodness JoAnn. You do such good work - both old school and digital. I'm just a little bit jealous - maybe even a lot since I don't even know how to post a picture to CC. Aprille is too far away to help but I have a niece that lives close by that can so maybe - just maybe. And since they haven't kicked me off this board yet I don't think you have any worries at all about that.
  6. Excellent idea, Sandy. A book club without a book - I like that. Not to mention More Musings from Ms. Mary - which will be the title of my next thread and that could happen January 2021. It seems Aprille has booked us on the Encore out of Miama on a round trip Panama cruise - 12 days no less. I will definitely stay with this thread but I have made some new rules for myself. We can talk about that tomorrow. In the meantime feel free to talk amongst yourselves and start remembering funny cruise stories. You are pretty good with words youself Sandy and even better with ideas. Cheers right back at
  7. Too many devices my dear. But so glad you can post now. 'I'm using Firefox - go figure. Hi Amy. Us old school scrapbookers had just started gathering when all this stuff started happening on CC. We still have lots to talk about and pictures to post. I'm going to stick around for a while because you and many others have brightened a lot of my days. And to all of you - emoji iheartu
  8. Hi JamieLogical - so good to see a friendly face again. Aprille still can't post to this thread so I guess there are still problems. I have had time to remember lots of stuff so I will keep posting but first I will see if I can post to this thread.
  9. Thanks for the link, Cole. Actually I had stumbled onto it a few days ago. I mostly look at it to see how many views sid_9169 has now and it's pretty impressive. I know I should probably move over there but maybe I could stay here just a little bit longer.
  10. I know you are right and thanks for reminding me. I have read enough to know about identity theft but also naive enough to believe it couldn't possibly happen to me - but of course it could.
  11. drumming cruisers - I love your pages. And I'm not jealous that you can post them on CC - well maybe a little bit. I'm going to keep trying and Aprille can probably cause it to happen when she gets through with income tax stuff. I have sent her some trial pictures as text attachments. And it's not easy taking a good picture with a tiny flip phone. Tiny flip phones are to carry in your purse when you drive to Borger in case you have a problem along the way. I'm going to enlist my BIL's aid. Some day I will disclose his name but not now. I'm going to do a chapter titled "what were these parents
  12. Your posts caused me to take another look at my prescription card. Melanie is FNP - Family Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Hawley has 3 FNP's and 1 PNP - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I don't know the difference between NP and PA but all the ones I have seen do good work.
  13. I'm back and had a good time at the doctor's office. I left them laughing and that made me happy. I didn't need to tell my Dr. Handsome story - we had lots to do. Mainly fill out 5 pages of questions that doctors are now required to ask their medicare patients. I think that's why the doctor assigned me to a PA this time. He is letting his 3 PA's do that kind of stuff. Melinda did a good job and we talked about my one concern - and that's falling. She suggested physical therapy might help - my choice - and I chose to give it a try. I'm not going to try to tell a story so late in the
  14. Just checking in briefly - surely I can do "briefly" at least this one time. I have a routine doctor's appointment at 9 AM. Not even seeing the doctor but will visit with his PA, Melissa. Not sure what we will talk about - no chest pain, no heart palpitations, no shortness of breath, If the conversation gets too boring I will tell her my Dr. Handsome story. It' related to why I'm sitting there in the first place. After all, her boss discovered my condition and sent me to a heart doctor who set up that packed house heart echo which brought Dr. Handsome into the picture - so I'm going to tell he
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