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  1. Well, actually, we did make some very nice investments in a company named Tesla before it sky rocketed.
  2. Thanks for the update from someone on the ground. I'm not planning on making our October 2021 Australia/NZ cruise, but just going to wait for Celebrity to cancel. If they don't actually cancel, I'll just use the Cruise with Confidence to reschedule for 2022.
  3. We don't ever take cruise line excursions so upgrading to Elevate or Indulge is useless to us as the OBC (or a portion of) are earmarked as excursion credits. It's better for us to just upgrade our drink package once on board. And we've never required streaming WIFI. Just things to consider in evaluating whether upgrading would be advantageous to you.
  4. I would also throw in Iceland. Been there twice now and would go back in heartbeat if friends suggested a trip there. So much to see and do. Beautiful landscapes everywhere and so different from one area to another.
  5. Our last major trip was a cruise of Japan, Korea and ending up in Shanghai, China in October 2019. We absolutely loved our introduction to Asia and especially Japan. We can't wait to return. We enjoyed Korea (Busan, Jeju Island, and Incheon for Seoul) and Shanghai, but Japan blew us away. I highly recommend giving Japan a try.
  6. Watch pricing up until the last week before cruising. We've gained extra points at the very last minute by upgrading to CC or AC from lower categories for usually less than $100 total for a 7 night plus cruise. Those extra points add up quickly, but in all honestly, with Celebrity's current pricing strategy of Always Included, Captains Club benefits no longer really add any loyalty incentive for me. So becoming Elite Plus isn't any big deal....IMHO.
  7. Put down another vote for Cruise 1. Although both would certainly be wonderful experiences, i believe the first itinerary is superior. For me, Santorini, Mykonos, Istanbul and Ephesus far surpass Dubrovnik and Florence. With proper planning, you'll have no problems seeing everything Istanbul has to offer with the not so optimal days visiting. Santorini is absolutely beautiful in every direction and Mykonos was a wonderful beach/town visit day. Now $2K more, that's quite steep for one extra day, but if my budget afforded it, I would still take cruise 1. But either option at the end will s
  8. I think you'll be fine. By April of 2022, even with new protocols, they should have the process somewhat perfected.
  9. An Australian on our Celebrity Connections Roll Call stated that their Prime Minister stated last week that Australia didn't expect to open their borders for tourism until sometime in 2022. I've written off our October sailing on Eclipse, but since it's paid, I'm going to wait for the official cancellation to take the extra 25% FCC to apply to another cruise. Unlike many, I opted for full refunds for all my 2020 cancellations. Now that it looks like cruises will restart I'll take a credit to apply to something later this year.
  10. I was about to post the same thing. Food in Japan is of very high quality, whether it comes from a grocery store, 7-11, or restaurant. And you can easily find food you are familiar with. It'll probably be prepared differently than you are used to, but will use main ingredients you know. But like was stated above, don't miss out on experimenting with Japanese traditional cuisine.
  11. I can't answer which itinerary would be better as I've never been to Okinawa or Ishagaki. But we actually loved Kagoshima. Did it have the cultural beauty of Kyoto or Osaka or the historical relevance of Hiroshima...No. But it was an enjoyable stop and I would actually like to go back some day. We hired a wonderful private guide and visited the Shengan-en Gardens and Iso residence. It had beautiful views of the harbor and volcano in the middle of the bay which usually erupts every couple of days. It actually went off while we were there. We then went to downtown Kagoshima and visited so
  12. We were in Japan when the 2019 Typhoon hit also. We were supposed to depart on Celebrity Millennium the day the storm hit. We ended up with a 2 day shorter cruise, but still a wonderful strip. We actually ended up with an extra day pre cruise to tour Tokyo and a less than full ship since so many flights into Japan were cancelled. We got our on the last flight to depart Dallas for Tokyo. There was another flight scheduled to leave 2 hours after ours and it was cancelled. We lucked out.
  13. This is certainly a step in the right direction.
  14. Equinox was our first Sky Suite as well. It spoiled me.
  15. This is definitely an area where Celebrity screws the single traveler. And now with Always Included, which we like as we would purchase the options a la carte if not included, the single traveler is paying for two of these "packages". If I were traveling solo, I would definitely be looking at better solo deals.
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