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  1. We were supposed to be on this sailing with you. Thank you for giving me a virtual review of our voyage!! Until we can all hit the seas again, we have to make the best out of the world-wide size bowl of lemons we've be served. Stay safe!!
  2. Pretty much every cruise line has held absolutely firm that if the customer proactively cancelled their booking before the cruise line cancelled the booking, then the policy in place at the exact time of cancellation is what is enforced. It's not going to make many people happy, but if they make an exception for you, they have to make an exception for everyone. They've drawn a line in the sand and it's the policy that was in place at the exact time of cancellation. Yes, you can vow to never sail on Royal or Celebrity again and that's your right; however, if you did that exact same thing with any of the other cruise lines, you would be in the exact same situation.
  3. I'm on Infinity right now. You're not going to get away with cashing in your non refundable OBC for cash. You are going to get the "promotional chips". The only way you can use your refundable OBC in the casino is to go to the cage. The tables cannot give you chips against the non refundable OBC. We were on Millennium last month and it was the same on there. You will have to gamble the OBC through one time, then you can cash out whatever winnings remain.
  4. This is a market. They're selling vacations and cruise vacations in particular. Like all businesses in a market economy they are looking to maximize their profit. The price Celebrity obtains for said cruise vacations is dictated by the market. Yes, when these new itineraries are released, most of the time, the prices are astronomical. Guess what? Almost no one will book them. The market then pushes the price down. It's all supply and demand. Book your vacation when you find a price that is acceptable to you for the itinerary, dates and "perks" included.
  5. One other question to ask yourself. Is only 4 days out of 15 enough time to spend in Hawaii? We've only done one Hawaii cruise, but specifically did not choose the round trip itinerary because we wanted to spend more time there. We went with the one way ending up in Honolulu. We like sea days and would consider the round trip itinerary in the future, but for our first trip, it just wasn't enough time in Hawaii for a 15 night trip.
  6. I too usually rely on using ATMs in Europe to obtain Euros. I understand also, that you'll never be able to get that much money out of an ATM. We went to Asia last month and for the first time if a very long time, we obtained the currencies we would need on the trip before we left. We have a bank account with Bank of America and while doing some research online found out that I could order the currencies I need right on their website. I was originally only getting about $700.00, but found out if I exchanged over $1000.00 there were no fees so that's what I did. I also got a very favorable exchange rate. Only downside, is if you go over a $1000.00 to exchange, you can 't get home delivery of your currency. You have to go into your local branch. I placed my order on a Sunday night and received a call that my currency was ready for pick late Tuesday morning.
  7. I know. I just experienced that myself. 😉
  8. I frequently see pricing with Celebrity and think, who is dumb enough to pay that. However, there are still many deals to be found as well, especially if you have the ability to be flexible with dates/itineraries. Two weeks ago we booked a 4 -night cruise departing Memorial Day weekend 2020 on Equinox. Inside cabin, $500.00 OBC, Premium Beverage Package, Prepaid Gratuities and free WiFi, $525.00 per person including all taxes and fees. Southern Caribbean on Summit leaving April 2020, Ocean view cabin with $425.00 OBC, Classic Drink Package, and WiFi, for $750.00 per person. Even our 14 night Japan, South Korea, and China cruise on Millennium this past October could be had in the last 90 days for about $900.00 a person. So yes, Celebrity pricing at times is ridiculously high, but there are still deals out there. That's why I check pricing every couple of weeks just to see if there's anything that's too good of a deal to pass up.
  9. We leave on Sunday (3 days away) for B2B on Infinity Thanksgiving week. One more work day!!
  10. Let your TA know you want to prepay them and he/she can take care of it for you.
  11. This is not unusual. Most OBC coming from a travel agent is refundable if not used.
  12. We've only had one Suite (Sky Suite on Equinox) a little over 3 years ago. Our deposit was $900.00. We will have our second suite starting next week, but we upgraded after final payment. Deposit wasn't a factor for the suite.
  13. Every cruise that I've seen has multiple options available, such as cheapest price with NRD and not perks, to refundable with 2 or 4 perks. Celebrity's website just doesn't allow you to look at all of them. Definitely call your travel agent or Celebrity direct if you're looking for different booking options.
  14. When you cash out OBC in the casino, whether you place slot machines or table games, you will be given promotion chips or slot credits. These chips or credits must be gambled and cannot be redeemed for cash. As you play these credits/chips, anything you win will be paid in normal chips/credits which can be redeemed for cash. Each cruise sailing is it's own voyage. So you have to use the first leg's OBC before the end of the cruise or you will lose whatever is not used.
  15. Transatlantic voyages that go to Iceland definitely have a premium. The 2020 cruises doing these routes have sold extremely well and have only risen in price. But I hear you on pricing. This is the first year we have ever actually booked anything on upon the itinerary release because the pricing is usually astronomical...especially European itineraries.
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