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  1. Totally agree with Mimii. We were on this cruise also. Our 16th cruise overall, second with HAL. Food was the worst IMO. Dining room menu was not to our liking (subjective) so we ate over half our dinners in the buffet, which wasn't much better. The salads here were very good, so we always had at least something to eat! Dive-In was awful. Tried 3 different times, hamburger not cooked once, asked for no guac on chicken-got guacamole so took it back (they scraped it off and gave it back to me!), hot dog bun was so hard I couldn't eat it. Finally gave up and had a salad. Desserts in both buffet a
  2. We will be on the Zuiderdam on Wednesday for repo cruise from Quebec City to ft. Lauderdale. Never done this itinerary or been on this ship so any hints, suggestions would certainly be appreciated. (QC, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Portland, Boston, Newport, NYC). Flying into Quebec day before so planning on site seeing here as well. Thanks
  3. We will be in Portland Maine on Columbus Day. As a Cdn, I know what is open and closed on our Thanksgiving but not sure about the USA. Will is be business as usual, or will somethings be unavailable? Thanks
  4. I'm fed up with their website. Good thing I booked with a TA. I had to get her to do everything for me. Couldn't look at available shore excursions, packages, or even do checkin. Cruised 7 different lines and never had such problems as with HAL!
  5. Is there a rule with the discounted card that everyone in the cabin must purchase it? I drink soda, DH not so much but he will have a few in our 11 nite upcoming cruise. So.... Can I get the card and use it to get him a ginger Ale? Do I have to go to different bars to do this? I guess I'm asking......can I use this card and get two drinks at once?
  6. I'm a little confused. Some of you say the $50 for $25 is only available in advance and not once onboard. Which one is it? I'm only interested in the pay $25 and get $50. I know I can buy the regular soda pkg or soda card onboard. Also, is there anything other than soda included with the deal?
  7. On the Zuiderdam in a couple of weeks. Booked thru a TA. Does she order me a soda card or do I call HAL? I can't do it online as our internet is not reliable. (I'm using my neighbours right now).
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