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  1. On 10/17/2022 at 6:32 PM, Stockjock said:

    Going from a brand new ship not yet built to one of the oldest.  Not thrilled.  There is a newer ship (World Europa) that leaves from the same port one day earlier.  I called MSC to see if I could move to that ship at the same price, which seemed reasonable as they're both new ships, same departure port, same duration and only one day apart, but they said I'd have to e-mail MSC, as they had no power to make that change.


    Dear Valued Guest,
    Thank you for choosing MSC Cruises for your Mediterranean cruise vacation.
    We are contacting you with an important update concerning your cruise which is scheduled to sail from Barcelona, Spain, aboard MSC Euribia.

    Due to necessary operational reasons, your cruise will now be operated by beautiful MSC Fantasia. Your departure date and cruise itinerary will remain the same. Should the new cruise be less expensive, we will grant you the lowest rate between the old and new cruise. MSC will also issue $100 USD onboard credit per stateroom for you to use during your cruise aboard MSC Fantasia. Single occupancy cabins will receive $50 USD per stateroom. 

    We sincerely apologize for this change. 

    Your booking will be updated in our reservation system in the coming days, and can be viewed by visiting  MSC Cruises - Manage Your Booking  . To view, enter your existing booking number and name.  

    We are pleased to offer you the following 3 options:

    1. If you accept this change and will sail aboard MSC Fantasia on 12/30/2023, no further action is required on your part. We will automatically move your cruise to MSC Fantasia and apply the onboard credit to your booking.
    2. If you prefer to reschedule your cruise to an alternative ship and sailing date, please call your Travel Advisor. Or, if you booked directly with MSC Cruises, call us at 866-420-3584 before November 15, 2022 and reference your booking number. Our representatives will be happy to help you find a new cruise vacation. Please note, the prevailing rate of the new cruise will apply.
    3. Alternatively, if you prefer to cancel your reservation and request a refund in the amount paid to MSC, please call your Travel Advisor. Or, if you booked directly with MSC Cruises, call us at 866-420-3584 before November 15, 2022. Our representatives will be happy to assist.


    If you wish to purchase shore excursions for your cruise, please visit MSC Shore Excursions to book your tours, or you may contact your Travel Advisor.

    We thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard MSC Cruises!
    MSC Cruises USA

    Hello 👋 

    We are on the Euribia on 30/12/23 from Barcelona 😢 

    I have heard nothing and my booking still shows Euribia 

    I am/was so excited about this cruise. 
    Where is Euribia going ?


  2. 6 hours ago, Stockjock said:

    I have a booking on the ship and yes too early.  Bear in mind that the deck plan on the booking engine is considerably different from the deck plan shown under "our ships", which is typical MSC.

    I assume it will be similar to Bellissima and other sister ships.

    First MSC so unsure on Bellissima info

  3. On 1/18/2022 at 8:43 AM, ferretktf said:

    We managed to get Capuccinos and Lattes in ...

    * Latitude and Vista (obv mealtimes)
    * Flutes
    * Aperitif
    * Indigo
    * Squid and Anchor

    Also had Irish Coffee and Baileys Coffee in all of the above as well. All included in the standard offering

    They all have barrister machines..... n.b. No Takeaway cups - China/Glass only.

    Not available on Pool Deck and only basic coffee in Market Place ... .didn't go in 19th Hole but understand that they are available there as well.

    I won't deny that Coffee Port may be better quality (didn't try so can't confirm but there has to be a reason why they charge £2.50 - other than the takeaway cups!) but we are heavy coffee drinkers and the coffees served elsewhere were perfectly acceptable



    The lattes in the places mentioned above are they free? Thank you 😊 

  4. Hello


    When the Jewell was refurbished just before COVID someone put some amazing photos/review of the ship 


    can anyone help with the link please 


    also would you say teenagers would get bored on the Jewell?


    thank you 

  5. On 9/1/2021 at 2:29 AM, disneyochem said:

    I think post #12 means Skagway instead of Sitka?   Most inside passage cruises do not go to Sitka.  We really like visiting Sitka.

    Have cruised to Alaska on Disney, NCL and Princess.  Princess does Alaska well!  As previous noted, it’s the ports that make an Alaskan cruise!  We tend not to be so concerned about the bells and whistles on board because our focus while in Alaska is Alaska!  Princess has a nice enrichment program —ax throwing, lumberjacks, nature talks, music, puppies on board, totem craving, regional dishes and drinks.  

    Compare ports and the time spent in each port.  Glacier Bay is a plus on any itinerary!  Keep in mind that the days are long in Alaska so even if you arrive late, you should be able to do fun stuff.  It’s been my experience that the local tours adjust their schedules to coordinate with the ship’s arrival.


    We really enjoy cruising with Princess.  It fits out cruising style!  We’re fairly active mid to late 50 year olds who enjoy good music and wine.  We don’t find the atmosphere “stuffy.”





    Thank you so much for the info.  Yes you are right if we end up doing Alaska it will be for Alaska not the ship. 

  6. On 9/1/2021 at 12:27 AM, donaldsc said:


    One final thing that I could not add because I ran out of editing time.  Everyone buys souvenirs on their AK trip.  You have to decide whether you want a true "made in Alaska" souvenir or a "made in China"  AK souvenir.  This site will enable you to determine what you are looking at - https://www.travelalaska.com/Planning/Tips/Made-in-Alaska.aspx.  .  Support the local businesses if possible.  Considering what is going on with local AK businesses, they need all the help that we can give them.


    That is the end of my preaching.




    Thank you so much for all the info. It is appreciated very much 

  7. 50 minutes ago, Mike45LC said:

    Celebrity is my favorite line.  Princess is second, but because it has a much greater presence on the West Coast, it is my primary line.  I put Celebrity, Princess and RCI all in the same category, far more similar than different.  


    Sounds as if it will be fine for us. Thank you 

  8. 1 hour ago, Steelers36 said:

    Our thoughts - and many other posts seem to confirm - are that Celebrity is about the closest to Princess.  We have not been on them for a while, so may not be accurate.  As for formal, Princess only has a small number of evenings as formal dining (example:  2 nights of 7 or 10 night cruises). 


    You can dress up or down comfortably on those nights.  Just know shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops.  Smart casual can work for you all nights, or you can dress it up some on formal nights.  Celebrity doesn't have formal, but smart chic (words escape me), but you can check out their website.  That also could be dressing up to tuxes and gowns, or suits, or just really nice outfit.  Anyway, you will see much discussion here and there on formal nights.  I'd decide on the itinerary and the general atmosphere and service on board.  I don't worry about formal nights anymore and like the flexibility that exists.


    We have no NCL experience and perhaps some think they are closer to Princess experience.



    Thank you 😊 

    We dress for dinner as in sun dress for myself which sounds like would be fine. On the formal nights we could always eat in the buffet area. 


    I might be wrong but thought I read Princess were one of the top for Alaska cruises

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  9. 1 hour ago, billco said:

    I think NCL has more to do and better entertainment. Definitely not stuffy. Check out the NCL Encore, which is currently doing Alaskan cruises and you will see what I mean,


    Hello 👋 

    We enjoy NCL. Went on Escape Dec 19. Happy to do NCL but some good prices for Alaska on the new ship which has made me think 

  10. 1 hour ago, trvlwrld said:

    Princess has a “comfy” feel...definitely not “stuffy”...we did Alaska on HAL the summer before shut-down and it was too “stiff” for me...due to that one experience, we wont be booking them anytime soon!


    Thank you 😊 

    I have stayed away from HAL for that reason too. 

  11. Hello 🙂
    For anyone that has done various cruise lines not just Princess Cruises, can I please ask your thoughts.  What other cruise line would you compare Princess Cruises to please for food, atmosphere, do most people wear formal every evening/ is it "stuffy"? We love to enjoy our holidays but not formal wear. 
     We have done Royal Caribbean, Disney, NCL, a short P&O.
    It would be for Alaska on the new Discovery Princess so on this type of cruise we are expecting to be outside on deck a lot but prefer “comfy feel” to “stuffy”. Just cannot decide if Princess is for us. The shows on tv have shown the newer ships to be amazing so that is not a “concern”
    Thank you 😊 
  12. For any who have been on before. Entertainment in the evenings. I assume as smaller ship entertainment is more low key, maybe show in theatre and live music in lounges?  Thanks 


    think it’s great lovely choices of speciality restaurants if want to do them even though smaller ship 

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