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  1. On 10/11/2019 at 11:29 PM, chipmaster said:


    Sorry As=AS=Alaskan Airlines, they rock of all the US carriers, sadly only works well for those on the West coast and sadly their loyalty program while great has lost AA/DL due to their expansion. 


    Hello 👋 

    Is luggage included or is that an extra please 

  2. On 12/27/2019 at 12:05 AM, TwinMamainMN said:

    I've seen/read lots of suggestions to eat malasadas (a type of puffy, filled donut) at Leonard's Bakery, 933 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu 96816 and to people watch and have Hula Pie at Duke's (2335 Kalalaua Ave, at the Outrigger on Waikiki beach). I haven't been there yet, but those 2 places are on our list!


    Totally agree with both of the above 


    leonards do one special flavour a month as well I believe. Pumpkin 🎃 once and coconut filling once 


    we have stayed at outrigger and love dukes plus their hula pie 😋 


    We like cheese cake factory but I think that’s because we are not from the US

  3. 49 minutes ago, cat shepard said:

    Any interest in zip lining? If so, check out my excursion report a few posts below yours. I did that and also visited OLL.


    Hi 👋 

    not me but hubby might. Thank you 😊 

  4. 2 hours ago, CruiserBruce said:

    Have you looked down the board...many of your questions are discussed here daily.


    The best nearby beach is Ka'anapali...about 15 minutes away.


    thank you

    we did a beach last time but was close to other port so couldn’t have been that one 

  5. Our first cruise we docked at KAHULUI


    This time Lahaina and overnight stop so there two days 


    I know the Old Lahaina Luau is close


    Just wondering what others did when at that port 


    Any beaches you recommend 


    Also if looking for locals who do tours how do you find/any you can recommend 


    Thank you 😊 



  6. 43 minutes ago, KeithJenner said:



    One if the problems with these authorisations is that they can show up very differently dependant on a number of factors.


    My guess (and it is only a guess?) is that the amount authorised was increased on that day so the date shows as then. Had you checked your account during the cruise you may have seen a lower amount with an earlier date.


    However, it is probably a completely different reason.


    36 minutes ago, sanger727 said:


    It could. They usually authorize a set amount at the beginning of cruise. As you begin spending they will do additional authorizations to insure that there is a sufficient credit limit available for you to continue to spend. So yes, additional authorizations in varying amounts can show up at any point during the cruise.


    Thank you 😊 

    just tried ringing visa and shut 🤣 

    will try tomorrow 

    thanks again

    think wrong of NCL that cannot speak to them after the cruise 

  7. 29 minutes ago, KeithJenner said:

    During the cruise NCL will make authorisation charges against your credit card. On completion they will charge the final amount, and the authorisations may still be showing for a while.


    Ate the charges you are seeing still showing as pending (or however your credit card company displays is), or are they actual charges?


    If one is still pending then it is probably just an authorisation, and will likely disappear soon.



    Thank you for explaining 🙂 

    i will ring visa again but would they do authorisation day before get off rather than start cruise?

    Thanks for your help again 

  8. 1 minute ago, KeithJenner said:

    Are you sure it is an actual charge and not just an authorisation?




    i don’t understand what you mean sorry 


    The charge went on 13 December 


    Then our final bill amount went on 14 December the day we got off


    2 minutes ago, KeithJenner said:

    Are you sure it is an actual charge and not just an authorisation?


  9. Has anyone made contact after the cruise with query about the bill?


    One payment matches the final bill on board  No idea about the other payment of 193. Trying to find out 


    Rang up NCL UK and they say have to fill in contact us form on line which can’t get up plus could take up 28 days!!! All I want know is what it’s for 😞


    Any NCL experts have advice ? Thanks 

  10. 1 hour ago, fbgd said:

    Norwegian are still leasing aircraft to cover some of the 787 flights. Three of the last four days LGW-MIA it has been operated by a leased 777.


    AFAIK, you will receive notification if it but there is a 777 that us basically shuttling back and forth on this route.



    Hello 🙂


    Thank you got the info 


    Our flight in May was 3rd May. On 24/4 they advised it was now Hi-Fly A340-300


    I am not up to speed with planes ✈️ Would a 777 be like BA/Virgin use? And 3/4/3 do you know?  My main concern is there is good choice of entertainment 


    Appreciate anything you know 


    Thank you 😊 

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