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  1. 4 hours ago, ducklite said:

    There are for all practical purposes, five airlines that fly into PPT.  Air Tahiti Nui, Air France, Hawaiian Air, United, and Air New Zealand.  


    You'll probably want to fly to LA or San Francisco and then onward to PPT.  


    None of the options are all that great.


    Thank you for confirming this 

  2. 7 hours ago, Globaliser said:

    Using random dates to try what might theoretically be available (as we have no idea about when this is for), the first suggestion that came up was this. This uses Virgin Atlantic fares, so is probably bookable through them. There may be no availability for this exact fare on these precise dates, but this is intended only to show what might theoretically be achievable. It could be neither pricey nor difficult.




    That is so kind of you. Thank you 😊 

  3. Hi 👋 

    cruise looking at starts Papeete and end sydney. 

    think it’s going to be sooooo pricey 😞 

  4. Hello

    Apologies if I put in the wrong part. 

    From the UK 🇬🇧 

    Has anyone booked their own flights from UK to Papeete ?

    Womdering what the best way would be

    Leave from Papeete. Arrive Sydney or vice versa

    Any advice appreciated.  Thank you 😊 

  5. On 1/16/2019 at 2:43 PM, Fletcher said:

    Nextholiday - A Princess ship is totally wrong for these islands. Look at the ports of call you have listed.  Only places a big ship can go which are mostly grim.  You need to look into expedition ships with about 100 passengers, equipped with zodiacs which will enable you to land directly on to remote beaches and small villages.  This is what the South Pacific is all about.  Ships and experiences like this -



     I am sure you are right about smaller being better but unfortunately the ones I have seen like that are at least 3 times the price. If you have any suggestions it would be lovely 

  6. I am feeling overwhelmed and find it hard to find info so apologies :)


    For a first timer to SP (have been lucky enough to have done Hawaii) for anyone who has visited would you say in your opinion these ports are worth visiting. Would appreciate any help/thoughts to start me off :) 


    - Lifou - New Caledonia 

    - Port Vila - Vanuatu 

    - Dravuni Island - Fiji

    - Suva - Fiji

    - Savusavu - Fiji

    - Lautoka- Fiji

    - noumea New Caledonia 


    thank you 😊 🙏 

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