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  1. Hi


    The cruise ship is showing the above as an excursion but it is sold out.


    Has anyone done this on their own?


    How far from the port is it please. Cost of taxi 🚕


    Any thoughts appreciated

  2. I was on the Hawaii cruise and will be on the EBPC as well. There is an active group on a social media site that I can't name. Come join us. M. Spees.




    Wasn’t that a fab cruise. We were on the second one :) was soooooo hoping for this year

    Would love to but don’t know 😆 xx

  3. Hello

    I know at the moment NCL are giving "free" drinks package on the UK site

    Are we able to access the US site to see the prices without the free drinks?

    If so struggling to find out how as it keeps coming back to UK page

    Thank you 😊

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