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  1. 19 minutes ago, Host Clarea said:

    They will renovate the interior only as they think it is needed.


    I am keen to do South Pacific and Fiji and this is the ship. I have not been on an upgraded ship before. Can you clearly see it is “nicer”. I have read some less than favourable reviews. 

  2. I admit I love the big bright shiny new ships 😆 


    I notice the voyager is having lots money spent on an upgrade 


    For frequent cruisers DO YOU think they will renovate the whole ship so it looks like new? I know they are adding slide/spa etc but what about the interior etc


    Thank you 

  3. Hi


    I cannot wait for more. Thank you for doing this 


    We are on the exact cruise next September so looking forward to hearing all about it. 

    We did a Hawaii cruise in 2015 with land and I fell 😍 with Hawaii 


    Can I ask please at what point can you ask for reductions? Pay in full date?


    Also did you get any offers available on the drinks package before you sailed? Like buy one get one half price?

  4. On 8/14/2019 at 7:51 PM, Tracyi said:


    I found this on the Celebrity website, hope it helps. 

    Also I'd be interested in the link to register for a ship tour, if you don't mind posting it.






    When can you experience the Revolution?

    Ship Completion Dates
    Celebrity Millennium® - 09/02/2019
    Celebrity Summit® - 23/03/2019
    Celebrity Equinox℠ - 01/06/2019
    Celebrity Silhouette® - 14/02/2020
    Celebrity Constellation® - 26/05/2020
    Celebrity Infinity® - 16/11/2020
    Celebrity Eclipse® - 25/11/2020
    Celebrity Solstice® - 29/10/2021
    Celebrity Reflection® - 03/02/2023








  5. 14 minutes ago, Toftwood said:

    We certainly are......West Sussex.


    Hi 👋 

    Have you got the link to register for a ship tour? 

    If not I can post. 

    Someone on CC kindly gave me the link 

  6. On 8/12/2019 at 6:00 PM, Toftwood said:

    1. We were always able to find “free seating” around the lawn.

    2. The solarium roof is definitely not retractable but it is very efficiently air conditioned.

    3. We never like to sit on the pool deck preferring the higher deck(s) and haven’t found any problems getting somewhere to sit except during school holidays when a lot of adults move away from the pool area which is usually very busy with children.

    4. The Atrium is not as big as some other lines but we personally didn’t find it a problem except on the evening the held a Silent Disco there and is was rather congested.


    Shame you weren’t able to see more but you are more fortunate than me as I have never been successful in getting one of these short inspection visits with any cruise line.


    Hi 👋 

    thank you 😊 

    are you from the uk?

  7. On 8/12/2019 at 5:21 PM, dkjretired said:


    Solarium roof does not pull back, the room is air conditioned in hot weather.   There are loads of places to sit in the son but not in the Solarium.    Atrium can get crowded when they have entertainment there but people use the other decks for viewing. 


    Hello 👋 

    the solarium was gorgeous but if weather is nice then I like to be outside, prefer by  the pool 

  8. Hello 👋 


    Yesterday we had a tour of the silhouette which I believe is more or less the same as solstice 


    unfortunately I came away with some questions. 


    1. The lawn was lovely but most seating was cabanas which you had to pay for. Is this the norm?


    2 solarium - beautiful but if cruising in hot weather do they “pull” the roof back?


    3 taking into account the above (say no seating and no roof that goes back) do you find it “tight” for space to find somewhere in the sun?


    4 atrium - is this very small? 


    We had had a great day but unfortunately due to spending a lot of time being shown staterooms and getting off hour and half before expected we didn’t see all we wanted 


    thank you 😊 



  9. 11 hours ago, Redrobo said:

    P&O  is now £30 per person for a visit. MSC was £20.  Cunard is £50. All include lunch.


    P&O offer the money back if you book a cruise.

     This year there were 20 dates for Cunard ships. Between 30th June to 8th December.

    Princess visits are generally for Agents not public.


    Most visits are for 40 odd guests.









    it’s a shame you can not go into one “event” website where you can see all cruise line dates in one go. 

  10. 11 hours ago, little britain said:

    On Rci it used to be that you pay 💰 for the ship visit and if you booked  on board you got that money back. Not sure how it works now 


    On X the Visit is free...you can take advantage of the regular book on board benefits..free transfer..up to $500 obc



    so even though it would be my first celebrity cruise I would be booking it might be worth waiting the few weeks to book as get more benefits? (I know prices can change)

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