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  1. I had two cruises cancelled because of the pause. March 21st and April 7th.... Both of those are still on my account with the same message as above about "payments".... Today, I logged into my account and noticed my May and June Cruises (3 cruises total) in addition to the ones that got cancelled above now have that "payment" message which was not there on any of them yesterday. I hate to say it, but we may see this pause last til July 1st... or, that's what is at least looking like at this point.
  2. Norwegian Epic -- March 1-8, 2020 General Manager - Amir Tikvesa (absolutely phenomenal) Assistant General Manager - Sayeed Razavi Shailendra Sawant - Food and Beverage Director Cesar Benedit - Executive Housekeeper Lorena Tapia - Cruise Director Zsanett Pap - Beverage Manager Carolene Macapagal - Guest Services Manager Tyson Pinto - Executive Chef Dino Hadzimahovic - Restaurant Manager Luciano Cabral - Cruise Next Manager
  3. The 700 cabins from 9-13 are all a little bigger. Although similar to the pics posted above.
  4. Looks like Norwegian did some loading of new itineraries for 2021 today. Some of the gaps were filled in and some of the ships were finally given their itineraries, such as SKY... (and also Jade and Pearl, which many have been waiting for as well). It looks like Norwegian Sky will be doing a neat set of unique itineraries leaving from the country of Panama in late 2021... Oct/Nov/Dec. I think this is pretty cool, and the prices are pretty reasonable, if you can catch airfare at a good rate. Includes Panama Canal and some not so often visited destinations. Good to see Sky will be getting away from Miami for a bit! 😄
  5. I don't have pictures handy, but I can tell you that you are in for a BIG treat. One of the best rooms on the ship. That guarantee did you pretty well! Congrats! Robbie
  6. I heard a rumor that the Star was going to be staying in New York vs going overseas in April 2021. That would result in the Transatlantic being cancelled, as well as the current May cruises which are currently for sale. Could be true, could be false. I guess this could be why they haven't added new Star itineraries yet.
  7. Yes, it's in the works, and it's going to be pretty cool to see!
  8. Yes -- That sounds about right, and he is now Concierge on Encore... fabulous!
  9. The only difference in The Haven Category vs the Suite category on Jewel Class is the Haven Courtyard. Other than not having access to the courtyard, all the perks are the same. Personally (coming from a Haven lover) I prefer the suite category on Jewel Class vs Haven has you get the biggest bang for your buck.
  10. Love her, although, I do believe she has left the company.... for now. There was a chance she was going to come back, though.
  11. Armando de Guzman -- and I do not think Adrian will be going back to Encore next contract.
  12. Breakfast 7am-9:30am (Disembarkation day 6am-8:30am) Lunch 12pm-2pm Dinner 5:30pm-10pm
  13. I usually try to book everything I WANT beforehand. Sometimes you can get a nice deal onboard if they are running a solo rate, which typically pops up a few days or weeks before sailing. What I mean is this: I have 5 weeks booked B2B at the moment on Encore, which is what I want to do for sure.... but, am looking to get one more week to tag onto the end. I would like to get the week, but it's not a big deal if I don't, so I'll wait til onboard and will tell the Cruise Next Team to keep checking for me and to call my cabin if they see a drop or solo rate and I'll book it onboard. But in a nutshell, all the same deals you see online are typically what they offer onboard.
  14. Shah and Ravi are in the Haven right now.
  15. I saw someone mention above the correct answer. Red means they are approaching or departing a port. Red begins hours before the ship even gets to the port, and can last a few hours after departure. Nothing to worry about.
  16. It's true. Will be closing this Sunday and changing to American Diner (yum!). Was not a fan of Margaritaville.
  17. Ruby is a level in the Casino. Jade - 0-5,000 tier points Pearl - 5,000-14,999 tier points Sapphire - 15,000-34,999 tier points Ruby - 35,000 - 99,999 tier points Elite - 100,000 + tier points.
  18. Rule is that you have to do the Muster Drill once every 30 days (some other lines follow this policy, such as Holland America) but MANY of the other cruise lines, such as Norwegian, do require that the drill be completed at every embarkation (turnaround) day. I just did 4 weeks B2B (Four consecutive 7 day cruises on Escape) and had to do it every week. I have 6 weeks (Six consecutive 7 day cruises B2B) on Encore coming up and I expect to do it 6 times. It's really not a big deal to me personally as I'll just sit on the waterfront or walk up the stairs after, but of course there is a part of me that finds it so hard to sit through it that many times. I personally feel that if you are doing b2b it should at LEAST be once per every 14 days, because think about it, 14 day cruises, 21 day cruises etc. only do it once. But, I digress... Robbie
  19. Priority Tendering via Concierge. On the island there is usually a very small roped off area on the public beach for Haven Guests. I have heard this is depending on the sailing, so it may vary. As for the villas/cabanas. I just had a Silver Cove Villa on GSC and was in the Haven, and most of the benefits came with the villa. They provide transportation to and from Silver Cove all day. Silver Cove comes with a restaurant complimentary. There are also bars on the island that accept the onboard drink packages, as well.
  20. I just did a cruise on the Escape December 14, 2019. I had a 11:05am flight out of MIA. This flight was actually booked and assigned by Norwegian. Notify Guest Services of your intended early departure from the ship, and they will (hopefully) coordinate appropriately. I'm sure Easy Walk off would be your best bet. I was off the ship at 6:15am, into the terminal at 6:30am, through facial recognition by 6:35 and at the curb by 6:45am. I ordered my Lyft and was on my way to the airport by 7am. Arrived at airport at around 7:30am and in line for TSA (REALLY, really, r e a l l y LONG line, so account for that time as well). All worked perfectly and I was sitting at my gate about 2 hours in advance. Totally doable if you play your cards right and don't dilly dally in the morning. Don't get breakfast and focus on getting off the ship and grab something at the airport! Hope this helps! Robbie
  21. I am Ruby and have been the past few years. As mentioned above, you get all the welcome letters, OBC certificate and a few other papers in the folder which will be in your cabin on embarkation. With Ruby you also get 400 minutes of Wifi which you can upgrade to the Unlimited for a minimal fee. On top of the $400 they provide right off the bat, I usually accumulate enough points for them to add additional OBC at the end of my cruise. So I understand how hard it can be to spend it since the gift shops (in my opinion) are dwindling down on really good merchandise. Additionally, you can use any CAS onboard credit on Spa/Shore Excursions. I just recently had an absolutely beautiful Villa in Silver Cove on Great Stirrup Cay. I didn't pay a penny out of pocket for it which was VERY nice. If Great Stirrup Cay is on your itinerary, I'd highly recommend doing Silver Cove for a really nice day/experience. Just some ideas... (and thanks to those above who also have given me ideas for my next cruise!) Robbie
  22. You have to be REALLY lucky to get approval for that... but it's a great idea when it works out.
  23. I would say Jersey Boys would be VERY hard for anyone say under 12 y/o to follow.... and on top of it, there are many f-bombs. They do advertise it as having "Authentic Jersey Language" (being from Jersey, I just Lol). Anyway, it is a great show with all the awesome songs that come with it. SIX on the other hand was great also. It is a high energy show which I thought would be perfect for kids of all ages. The costumes would totally impress any female child. They may not understand the story, but that is ok. They don't need to, the music is what makes it!
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