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  1. Love the towel animals but like you, Iit doesn't ruin my cruise if I don't get one. (And of course I'm following this thread too! 😁)
  2. That looks like a wonderful splurge! Like you I would probably have rather had the open air cabana, but would have "forced" myself to make do. 😁 The last time we were there was around the same time as you, but not for lack of trying. We have booked two cruises since then and have not made it to the island due to being unable to tender. Maybe next time!
  3. I think a nice big glass of Vitamin C and vodka is needed. Have fun and don't do anything deedle wouldn't do! 😉
  4. If I was in a nice balcony room I would probably opt for this as well. A crowded small windowless room with no natural light or air? I would probably choose the other option. I feel so bad for everyone on this ship and hope this nightmare comes to an end soon.
  5. Your response to my "wrong thread" comment.....I posted a smart a$$ comment that belonged in another thread. You really would have been scratching your head if I had left the original comment in! 😁 Thanks for another great review and speedy healing thoughts for you.
  6. The best way to overcome the end of vacation blues? A 20 oz ribeye and a bottle of red. Thanks for sharing your cruise with us.
  7. Why on earth would anybody want to fall asleep in public like that? Slack jaw snoring and drooling for all to see is not my idea of a fun time. On my Bliss cruise I somehow managed to stay awake every time I was in the OL, so it can't be some invisible noxious gas they are pumping into the area.
  8. Another tribe member checking in belatedly. Third page is the charm, right?
  9. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Looks like it was a success and fun was had by all!
  10. Yay for progress! Continued healing thoughts and prayers sent your way. When I was in a boot a few years back I found the best way for me to tackle stairs was to take them sideways. I put my feet pointing to the wall and sidestepped one stair at a time.
  11. Love the smiles on everyone's faces! Key West is a favorite port. I want to do a few days land based vacation there someday.
  12. Secrets are so much fun but let's get this party started!
  13. Yay for some good news! I hope you can get some pain relief now.
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