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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us. I'm glad the cruise exceeded your expectations in the end. Can't wait for the next one!
  2. Thanks for your time spent on this great review. Safe travels, until we "meet" again!
  3. I like the number 7/L. Isn't it supposed to be lucky? 😆 Enjoying the day so far. Thanks for bringing us along!
  4. Thank you for the condolences. The pandemic certainly put a few roadblocks in the way of getting things done as well as being able to start the healing process. Thanks for all the great info. I have been to many of the islands you mentioned while cruising, of course only for a few hours at a time. I am on the west coast so will probably stick to Mexico for now. Not feeling up to schlepping transcontinental by myself currently. Your retirement home sounds like it's a perfect paradise for you. I will definitely be checking out the area more!
  5. Thank you for this great info. I am not sure when I will be going but I NEED a vacation. It will be the first one after my husbands' passing last year and I think I just want to lay somewhere warm and do something new we hadn't done together. He was not a beach person so on most of our excursions it was an activity not a layabout day. I'm ready to do nothing for a week!
  6. Thanks for the AWESOME comparison. The amount of walking or bus riding really turns me off at Barcelo. I'm also not sure how comfortable I would be doing day trips by myself as a single woman closer to 60 than 50. Looks like PH may be a better fit for me! Thanks again!
  7. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. I would be interested to know how you compare this trip to your PH stay.
  8. That menu looks good. I would be wanting to try just about everything! After eating your meal, will you be going back?
  9. Nine miles The resort looks nice but way too much walking. Love the bathtub!
  10. Looking at the itinerary, I wonder what the reasoning is for two consecutive days on the private island? If I got to choose I would take one now and one at the end of the cruise, but I'm sure there is a good explanation for what is being offered.
  11. Thanks for taking us along. As has been previously stated, much too short!
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