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  1. TripAdvisor has many reviews of this hotel .... suggest reading them and then making up your mind.
  2. We started cruising with Oceania on their smaller ships .... loved them. Prior to that we were once on Celebrity and found the number of passengers overwhelming.
  3. Check TripAdvisor .... looks very good.
  4. One does not to want to worry about their vehicle while on a cruise .... the Port is the safest.
  5. TripAdvisor poor and terrible reviews are a cause for concern. Might not stay there myself.
  6. Totally agree. Hard to compare apples vs. oranges.
  7. A hint .... enter the ramp for parking at 55th street and 12th avenue.
  8. You haven't said how many people and number of bags. Makes a difference in selecting the way to get to Cape Liberty.
  9. Check some hotels in your budget range .... but remember cheaper may be lower quality. Then check TripAdvisor for comments about the possible choice. Also, I believe La Guardia is a good choice of airport with a number of options to reach your hotel, taxi, car service such as Dial 7, Uber, etc. The packages offered by the airline and the cruise line may be the easiest but not the most cost effective.
  10. I highly recommend staying in Manhattan. Simply walking around near your hotel can be interesting in Manhattan.
  11. Best to look for services in your area that would provide transit to NY and then later return.
  12. We always use Dial 7 or Carmel Limo and would recommend them for your trips. https://www.dial7.com/ or https://www.carmellimo.com/
  13. The entrance ramp for cars, taxis etc. is at 12th avenue and 55th street.
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