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  1. There a number of websites (expedia for example) that list port of Tampa rentals. Hopefully, the current shortage of rental cars will be reduced by your trip. This is caused by major providers reducing their fleet due to the virus, shortage of chips and now the increasing demand. Good luck.
  2. #4 is interesting. Pre-embarkation testing? Even if you are fully vaccinated?
  3. The one referred to by the OP.
  4. The car rental situation is in transition. First, the pandemic caused the companies to drastically reduce their fleets, and there is a shortage of chips lowering the number of new cars while demand seems to be now rising.
  5. I suspect this new rule may be more of a safety concern rather than a ‘dress up” issue.
  6. Agree ,,, better options elsewhere than near MIA.
  7. I think more research will result in a better alternative. Perhaps south of the port as you said and then park at the port (safest).
  8. When one is on their cruise, worry about the safety of your vehicle can be avoided. Parking at the port is a safe solution and the cost is part of the total for your cruise.
  9. We have used CATA car service a number of times ... good service.
  10. Reading TripAdvisor, I see too many negative reviews for us.
  11. Suggest looking at reviews on TripAdvisor.
  12. We encountered the wait list/deposit situation. It was a result of pent up demand which resulted in larger wait lists. Made sense.
  13. At present, there seems to be limited rental cars available and hopefully this will improve. If your plans include the Space Center perhaps best to stay not that far from it and the port. Good luck.
  14. Interesting. Not sure how friendly it would be to those with luggage. But, if you use it please share your experience.
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