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  1. A thought. In a city that one is not familiar with, perhaps not good to signal you are from out of town. Maybe I am overly cautious living in NYC ... but best to be cautious when traveling.
  2. I have found the condition of taxis in Miami to be somewhat below good. Car service is more expensive but yields a nicer and safer ride.
  3. When you book the Intercontinental request a bay view room.
  4. We have found locating the proper TA can be challenging. We had one for a few years who had an outstanding personality but was careless in the details. Our new one is not much of a conversationalist but 100% on the small things that matter.
  5. Thank you for your first hand experience.
  6. Since you want to be at the hotel by 6 pm. I say take a local taxi.
  7. OP .... you may also want to price the cost of a cruise line offered transfer.
  8. I agree ..... why worry about your vehicle when away. Besides it is extremely convenient.
  9. Perhaps ask the hotel for this info …… you may not be the first with such question.
  10. We have always stayed at the Intercontinental and were pleased.
  11. Great idea …. Why risk a delivery that could be delayed.
  12. I believe this website can locate particular ships. https://www.*****/cruise-ship-tracker/ Sorry when I posted the URL it became partially obscured. I found out that the Insignia is in Miami and the Regatta is in Long Beach CA.
  13. I believe Oceania ships are flagged out of the Marshall Islands ... the city of Majuro.
  14. Your plan sounds fine …. 1:45 should work.
  15. We have always been pleased w ith CATA car service
  16. The others who have responded made good suggestions. My experience has been that curtains and light have not been an issue.
  17. Actually, negatives (poor and terrible) average around 16%. That level is rather high. If you stay there please share your experience with this forum.
  18. I've read a number of reviews about the YVE (TripAdvisor) and the negatives seem high.
  19. Suggest reading latest reviews in TripAdvisor ..... does't look good to me.
  20. I believe that Monaco is wealthy by most standards. That said, the revenue brought in by cruisers is relatively not that significant.
  21. Perhaps consult websites that have reviews from people who have stayed in particular properties. Also clarify the dollars you wish to spend.
  22. The airport rental center seems to be the best choice.
  23. COVID related rules/laws are changing and I suspect will continue to change. A fluid situation.
  24. As others have said, book later and enjoy your cruise.
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