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  1. I've attended a couple and welcome them. Great to join with others who have served.
  2. I stand corrected .... I should know better as I live not far away.
  3. If you don'y mind walking over to 12th avenue (1 block), you may have luck as we did in getting a yellow taxi.
  4. "hotel close to the port" ... that restricts choices as Manhattan has many hotels in different price ranges. Perhaps best to investigate further.
  5. We have stayed at the Intercontinental a number of times .... very satisfied.
  6. I remember there were a number of people waiting tor transport on 12th Ave. So we walked a block (pulling luggage) and hailed a taxi on 11th avenue with no difficulty/
  7. The previous posters have given a number of differences to consider. Suggest that the decision is based on individual preferences.
  8. We don't want to look for taxi...prearranged uber is easier
  9. Upon arriving, to Manhattan we always take a taxi. But the reverse is true leaving. We use Uber.
  10. Parking in Manhattan is usually costly. Since you are going to the theater, you may want "bite the bullet" and park near the theater district. Also you will be nearby restaurants that are familiar with the the need for customers to get to the performance on time.
  11. We have had a number of experiences hailing a cab after a trip at MCT. As some have said, we hailed a cab just across the street from the pier. When the number of people there waiting seemed too many, we went over one block and hailed a cab with ease.
  12. There are many, many choices in Manhattan. If you narrow your budget (e.g.how many stars) that should help. Most areas in Manhattan are relatively safe.
  13. Suggest looking at the reviews in TripAdvisor. A number of negatives.
  14. We usually tip ... works for us.
  15. Suggest you check your rental car company.
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