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  1. Some yellow taxis may be glad to take a fare to the Brooklyn terminal in hopes of a return fare as passengers disembark. Others may not even they can’t refuse a fare regardless of destination. Would suggest Uber..
  2. Excellent advice. Depending where you stay the City can be quite walkable.
  3. Good question. There is enough to keep one busy but not to the level of near exhaustion. Many choose to just relax. Either way ..... an enjoyable cruise.
  4. We used CATA car service from the port to MIA ..... always pleased with them. Vehicles were clean and first rate and ready for us.
  5. The concierge lounge is a plus but not all use it .... some folks just get coffee, etc. there and bring it back to their stateroom. The spa terrace is enjoyable. We like the Insignia and would love to sail on it again. Whatever your choice is, I am sure you will enjoy the cruise.
  6. Good question. I anticipate numerous changes ..... some good and some not so.
  7. The pool brings up another issue as the lounges are rather close.....would have to separate in the future for safe travel.
  8. Suggest looking at TripAdvisor to narrow your choice.
  9. The R ships have been a solid revenue stream ...... acquired at reasonable cost. But, they are starting to get “dated” despite renovations. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some offered for sale. But not sure there are buyers right now.
  10. There are a lot of moving parts to restart as they say .... some more important than others. But, hard to say if all will be in proper sync.
  11. If you need to make a fast exit and get on the road, use the port parking.
  12. Agree .... have an alternate plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  13. We have twice been on that Bermuda cruise from NY. The Vista suites do have an issue when the ship is moving forward ... our butler said the furniture is then tied down because of the wind. Also the view was not attractive for us as it overlooked various ship equipment below on the deck. We found the Owners suites aft (rear) meets our needs.
  14. We always stay at the Intercontinental..... if you get a bay view room (vs. city) you can see the cruise ships in the morning.
  15. Perhaps checking TripAdvisor can help.
  16. On the subject of afternoon tea, last year on the Insignia we found the size of the carts (serving cakes, etc.) had been reduced. Also there were fewer choices on them and there were fewer carts. Further, the central table was not available to those wishing to get their own cakes, etc. In the new O things will change but we will not revisit the tea service.
  17. We do also but safety is our prime concern.
  18. Port Canaveral offers a number of hotels. But, Cocoa Beach we found more charming.
  19. I believe the operative word is "may". it could apply to passengers arriving from specified locations. Suggest sending your TA an e-mail.
  20. Below is a link that covers many aspects of Boston. The Freedom Trail is a good walk and Faneuil Hall I recommend. https://www.bostonusa.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhrOHqKH66gIVjbbICh2XaAduEAAYASAAEgKV8vD_BwE
  21. Sorry but not one of my favorites.
  22. Suggest reading reviews in TripAdvisor ... some negatives are concerning.
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