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  1. Catlover54, I so enjoy your cruise reports, photos, and details. I have always followed your Europa posts and appreciate hearing the good with the bad. No bias, just the truth. You and your husband's photos have shown Iceland as a very appealing destination. We have only been at the airport flying back to the US. You have opened our eyes to a possible new destination. Thank you. Happy and safe cruising.
  2. I save the desserts for special places. The best cannolis are Sicily. Early a.m., warm, fresh, so big that we skipped lunch. Apple struedel in Austria, Black Forest cake in the Black Forest 😉, these cone things filled with ice cream in Prague called trdelnik. I also love bread and potatoes. Everything in moderation. We have cruised many times and typically for 2 weeks to a month on each cruise. You have to have discipline if you want to keep doing it. Now, don't ask me about wine. Cheers!
  3. it is my entree. I always like to eat apps for dinner with a salad. We both also avoid the bread on every cruise and only dessert once. However, I always like the biscotti with my coffee in the morning at Bacio. When on a cruise, we try to exercise and eat just like at home. Keeps us thin and healthy.
  4. My first order is always the meatballs. Also, the view is why we dine there frequently.
  5. It may be a good time to remind people not to fly same day for your cruise? You may miss your ship.
  6. Thank you. She called crying because everything was shut down and somehow only the Spirit terminal was open. Nobody knew what to do or what was going on. Anyway, she somehow made it over to the United terminal and Mom gladly paid another $1000 for the one way ticket on United. I just wanted to see my baby after so long. We will both have tears of joy and lots of hugs at 7pm tonight. 🙂. Maybe a glass of wine too.
  7. Yes, I know all about this. My youngest daughter was flying this a.m. from FLL to ASE and we have not seen her in over a year and a half due to the virus. Mom figured out a way to get her on a United flight because AA terminal was shut down. She just sent me a text and is taking off right now. She will arrive only 2 hours later. Whew! What a morning!
  8. Dear Mura, Your many adventures truly amaze me. I just went online searching. We were in Bergen with Viking but this was a British Isles cruise. We disembarked and did our own tours to Flam, some fjords etc. and then train back to Oslo. We really enjoyed it. However, this Troll Fjord has awakened my senses and need to do more searching. Thank you.
  9. We have cruised in everything except for an inside. On longer cruises with more sea days, we prefer getting a suite. If port intensive, it really does not matter. However, I need to always have a balcony. We became hooked on suites after getting a good offer to upgrade to a large one on Oceania. Having 2 bathrooms is a luxury and it makes us feel like we are at home. We really could care less about having a butler and prefer being more self sufficient. Most often we always book a suite now and DH is much happier with the extra space.
  10. O ships are most similar in size to Viking and both are gorgeous ships. Viking: better internet and movie selections, O: better food, better speciality restaurants, bigger and better gym, Terrace Cafe,
  11. Oh my! I really miss my cruise clothes LuLu Lemon is becoming so tiring. I love to dress up.
  12. P.S. Dear Lois, I did not mean to hijack your thread but I saw the person was from Jupiter FL and I had lived there for many years. Enjoy your new purple hat and thanks to the people about the Tilley and Wallaroo hats. I have been searching both online. 🙂 Happy sailing!
  13. I used to live in Jupiter FL. I also still own an investment property there and my daughter rents from me. I came to CO initially to get out of the Summer heat. Now, I am here full time. You live in a lovely part of FL. :))
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