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  1. I don't have an Apple gadget so couldn't do the Apple wallet hack but saw on our social media group another hack which was to screenshot the setsail pass , it was showing deck and muster station but not cabin number , then use Google lens over the bar code which will read it , et voila , cabin number shown.
  2. It isn't a safety issue , it is a cost cutting issue . The lack of a settee/couch didn't bother us on Meraviglia or Bellissima when we had the inside cabin, they just end up being dumping grounds for bags, coats , etc. We found the room to be spacious without one and you only use an inside room for sleeping and showering . Now the Ocean View on deck 8 we had on Virtuosa was teeny compared with the inside cabin on M and B. We had an inside in YC on Grandiosa and quite frankly the added seats and table just got in the way, I moved the table to under the TV and put the seats side by side. I would never book an OV on deck 8 again , I'd rather have the inside cabin .
  3. Really ? Never ever seen that , for what reason do you know ? Well the solution to that problem is a collapsible bucket , babies just want to splash , doesn't matter if they are fully submerged or not. A bucket full of water and some toys they are happy.
  4. Have you considered taking a small blow up baby paddling/splash pool . You could check with the pool deck attendants where best to place it on the deck for emptying, there are plenty of grids/ washaways . I have seen that tip for others with little ones . It also comes in handy in the cabin for giving baby a bath when you only have a shower available .
  5. Well done, good choice. We love L'Atelier bar on the lower level of the Galleria for the cocktails and people watching. We love the mezzanine level/outside pub for watching the parties on the Galleria though depending on time of year/weather yours could be on the pool deck, White night for an example. The cabins are lovely unless you went for an Ocean view on deck 8 midships, too small with a baby, just big enough for 2 ! We like MSC as they still do traditional dining at set times . You'll know that from Seaside . Virtuosa is big but we never had a problem getting seats anywhere . Have a fab cruise .
  6. End of 2022 into the New year of 2023, we were on Iona for end of 2023 into 2024.
  7. We did New year 2023 on Azura , 14 nights. The ship served a purpose as we like to go away either over Christmas or New year. I wouldn't go back on Azura though we like sister ship Ventura, been on her 3 times and back again in December. We are not flying anymore and always do the coach down to Southampton from Bolton. No stress, someone else doing the driving, once your cases go on the bus you don't touch them again and next see them outside your cabin door. We had a family with a baby on our New year Iona cruise. You don't have to worry about the size of your car boot snd can have 3 cases per person. We have been on Virtuosa 3 times but we love MSC anyway and go on all their ships, last one was Euribia in March. Been on 9 ships eith MSC. We are a lot older than yourself 😆 🤣. Our grandson is 17 ! Will do anything for an easy life 😆.
  8. We have been on Symphony, Seaview , sister ship to Seaside and Virtuosa. If travelling with a baby I would go for the cruise without flights and no limit on luggage . No pizzeria??? MSC have the best pizza at sea and is available in the buffet from lunchtime to the small hours . Love MSC pizza. Symphony has the best theatre shows though Virtuosa's are short and sweet in the main theatre, ideal if you have a small child with a short attention span plus there are 2 shows for an extra small fee in the Carousel lounge, if you pre book in your planner it is half price. Virtuosa has a Galleria similar to Royal promenade but there are no free snack places on it like Cafe promenade , all speciality restaurants and bars but we love it.
  9. We had cabin 8204 on Virtuosa , the teeniest Ocean View cabin we have ever had on any cruiseline even the bed was a small double. Worst cabin for comfort but a great location. 👍.
  10. I am in the UK and just watched the video, wow, looked just like a pack of cards bridge collapsing. What is the next nearest port to off load cruise passengers if needed ? Hope the casualty figure is low 😔.
  11. When we have an inside cabin we always have twins , rather have more space between the 2 singles than squeeze between the bed and the wall. Same for an OV if the bed is under the window, much easier to look out of the window sitting on a single bed with the floor space in the middle than clamber over the pillows to look out. For all other cabins we have a queen bed .
  12. It is usually available to upgrade a drinks package online through your booking and cheaper to do so before the cruise .
  13. Love the carousel lounge on Euribia. Don't miss disco night.
  14. I know this is a resurrected thread but will answer anyway. With MSC they still have traditional dining and will seat same , more or less, nationalities together . We just got off Euribia and had booked through the same travel agent as another couple who were put on same dining table.. As luck would have it we knew the couple from 5 years ago when we met on Meraviglia! That was a bonus . The waiters have a manifest in the dining room of who is entitled to complimentary bottled water/tea/coffee , we were told by our waiters this info.
  15. 9 ships so far..... 15 cruises . First one Splendida 2017, last one Euribia last week with Magnifica, Preziosa, Seaview , Meraviglia, Bellissima, Grandiosa and Virtuosa in-between, not necessarily in that order 😆. We enjoyed every single one of them .
  16. Enjoy Euribia , we disembarked on 8th March , our 15th MSC cruise , been on all the sister ships plus others . Don't miss the Carousel lounge big band experience , absolutely fantastic new use of the space compared to her sisters. There is singing , dancing and of course the big band playing different genres. Check the planner . We ate in the Le Grill. Fab meal. Disappointingly on Euribia the Sky lounge is not adults only like her sisters so consequently there were screaming kids at night in there on our trip.... love the free chocolate in there though so that made up for it 😆. Look forward to the rest of your report .
  17. We had what they call a Junior Ocean view on deck 8 on Virtuosa , same as Meraviglia more or less . We chose the cabin , It was one of the smallest cabins we have ever had , even the bed was small . Never going to book one of those again . The inside cabin we had on Meraviglia was bigger !
  18. It was at the Salford branch. Walkden is our nearest one but you don't walk past the currency exchange booth at that one to exit the store . The sign was big enough so hope you have it at yours tomorrow .
  19. We were told by guest services that all those 1 and 2 dollar tips that we give out with each drink soon come back to them when the crew change them for larger notes.
  20. Casino or Guest services, either one will do. You say you are not American , are you from the UK? We saw something in one of our local Tescos last week at their currency exchange booth never ever seen before . It was a sign that said " ask us about our $1 tip packs " !!
  21. With regards the interporting , people getting on and off at each port, we think it is absolutely fantastic , every port is like a B2B day. You don't have a full ship trying to get on and off at once when it is your embarking/disembarking day. You can stay on the ship for as long as you want on disembarking day if you have a later flight and have lunch onboard too. We know when we hear Charlie Charlie that the crew are getting ready for drill for the new arrivals and so get a drink quick if we need one before the bars close for the period of the drill. The announcements are always done in English first so once we hear the English one we switch off to the others . Our only bug bear with the interporting itineraries is if we are in our room the announcements come into the cabin , solution to that problem is go and find somewhere cosy/comfortable to sit on the ship and wait until drill is over or take a shower 😆. There were some procedures we thought strange on our first MSC trip on Splendida but at the end of the 14 nights we thought everything that was strange we wished other cruiselines did .
  22. It is a pity you couldn't be more specific and compare an equal experience on MSC and one of your other cruises. A blanket statement doesn't provide enough detail. We have cruised Celebrity 5 times and have Elite status through Royal, we have 100 nights now with MSC on several ships.. I know which line I prefer now , cost isn't the first factor, I have more fun with MSC. I am always willing to give companies a second chance, heck it was 15 years before we gave Princess one 😂. We went on Enchanted in 2022 and now are hooked . I would say if you had your first MSC experience out of Barcelona, which we did, I think your feedback would perhaps be more positive, we disliked our first UK sailing with them but knew what the problem was and ignored it. Enjoy your next cruise wherever it may take you, ours is on Euribia 2 weeks today and I can't wait. Edit :- We started cruising with P&O October 21, nothing is perfect with them either but we still have 3 cruises booked .
  23. Cabin 8334, I repeat 8334 is definitely NOT a hump cabin , on Silhouette it is 2 in from the aft . The equivalent cabin on Equinox is 8330...
  24. Oh I see.. from 3 decks up never noticed anything and as a life time non smoker believe me I would have ...
  25. No obstruction of view at all ... Smoke? Not sure what type of smoke you are referring too but no obnoxious smells that I recall.
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