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  1. We have yet to cruise with P&O , Aurora and Iona booked for later in the year 🤞, but we are seasoned ocean cruisers with RCI, MSC & Celebrity. We did our first river cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam , 14 nights , in April 19 , loved it so much we booked straight away to do the same trip but in reverse for April 20 which was cancelled 😞 . We thought the cost of the river cruise was excellent value as everything was included , flights, transfers , excursions, wifi , free flowing drinks ( wine,beer and soft drinks ) with lunch & dinner AND the gratuities were
  2. Totally agree . We had cruises booked with RCI through the USA and German market and they were dealt with fairly promptly, got our money back for a deposit within two weeks . We had a fully paid up MSC September 20 cruise , £2,668 worth , cancelled in July 20 . The funds have only just yesterday been confirmed back to the travel agent who now have the audacity to tell me that due to lockdown and furloughed staff we may not get our money until 2nd April !!!! 😤 . The pandemic has taught me 1) never to book through an agent again and 2) never book anything months in advance , only last
  3. I cannot post the link but the stupidity of these quests is serious enough for the Singaporean government to look into revoking RCI’s Cruisesafe certificate at worst but definitely could impose fines . Just Google it and read it for your self . edit:- I found a link I can post https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/stb-probing-alleged-covid-19-breach-on-royal-caribbean-ship
  4. You are missing the point . The rules onboard are face masks must be worn in public spaces unless eating or drinking , guests still have to social distance and stick to their own social bubble or at least that is what I have been lead to believe . I don’t think a group photo of 10 plus people not wearing masks is sticking to the rules . It only takes one Idiot to spoil it for the rest .
  5. Just reading about the large group of idiots who took their face masks off for group photos on the Quantum !!! SMH .
  6. Don’t expect any communication from MSC and a long wait for any refunds . We had the TA on Seaside booked for March 21 and they changed the departure port and date plus other details on our reservation, not a single e.mail received . We cancelled in the end and lost the deposit . Our Preziosa 2nd September 2020 cruise was cancelled in July 2020 and we are still waiting for our £2,600 refund . Be prepared to jump through hoops . . We have 60 nights sailing with them and were very happy with them until now, their customer service is zero.
  7. We currently have 6 ocean cruises and one river cruise scheduled in 2021. All of them , except maybe 2 , have been rescheduled from 2020 or booked long before Covid . I am enthusiastic for cruising but no longer have the energy to second guess what the powers that be decide , what will be will be .
  8. I personally know someone who had it in March and is currently working on a cruise ship. Strict protocols adhered to before restart and they tested positive for antibodies a couple of weeks ago. I suppose everyone is different but reassuring for them working on the ship .
  9. It depends on which way the wind is blowing . The first time we had an aft balcony on Voyager we wondered why there was a piece of loose carpet inside by the balcony door , like a door mat , we soon found out ! Make sure you never go outside in bare feet or leave stuff hanging over the furniture especially anything white and before you sit down wipe everything down . I am not sure since scrubbers were added if the problem is less these days but it is not worth taking a chance .
  10. Not an RCI ship , though we have done many TAs with RCI , but our March TA ship with MSC left for Europe on 22nd Dec. for Spain according to a post on the roll call quoting Marinetraffic . 😡.I am mad because MSC haven’t officially cancelled it yet and we lost the deposit as we refuse to pay out any more to them .
  11. You cannot miss her , tall , blonde and Irish . Hope you meet her next time round 😎.
  12. Thank you for posting . The young lady from Dublin in the crew activities staff is the daughter of a very good friend and was hoping to see her at work in your photos 😆.
  13. We have only cruised on Quantum in the ship class and they did have a parade in the Esplanade on the inaugural Transatlantic in Nov 2014 . It was the Dreamworks collaboration and I think they have been abolished now with RCI , I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong 😆.
  14. Anyone from Singapore going on Quantum I hope you have a fabulous time . The activities crew during their imposed quarantine have been working hard learning and practising new dance routines in their cabins via Zoom since they joined the ship . I have seen the videos but will not post any links . Look out for the blonde from Dublin. 😎.
  15. We have just booked our 4 th Princess cruise and out of curiosity looked at the Crown grill speciality restaurant menu, WOW ! Compared to RCI’s Chops Grill and $45 plus 18% gratuity it looks a whole lot more for your money at the Crown grill with a lot more choice . So is the menu on Princess’s website current ? I do hope so , hubby is a big seafood fan and I am all for the beef 🥩 😆
  16. I have now asked the question on Twitter asking why the new policy is not being applied to UK guests . Let’s see what happens now .
  17. @Ourusualbeach, thank you so much for that , it will be a great help. I am just hoping that being in the UK we are not being treated differently under these exceptional circumstances . There are plenty of folks here who had cruises cancelled and are now holding multiple FCCs . Thankfully we only have the one to deal with . Once again thank you.
  18. Sorry, maybe I should have been clearer. I have had two e.mails from RCI saying I have to wait ‘til new reservation has sailed before they will issue a new FCC for the remaining credit . I wrote to them saying I was aware the policy recently changed and asked for a new FCC but still got the canned reply policy states new reservation has to be completed before new FCC issued. This is why I need something to refer to which is official. It really annoys me that the FCC is for my money actually paid out in Feb of this year , not ‘free’ money for an incident that happened onboard and would pos
  19. Sorry to jump in on the OPs post but I was about to start a new thread re this exact thing as I am having difficulty getting RCI UK to issue me with a new FCC for my remaining credit for an FCC I used on 23rd Oct. Do you have something official to refer to for this change in policy that I can screenshot and send with a third e.mail to RCI?
  20. Crew discounts are usually only 10% on merchandise . I have a friend’s daughter who works onboard and she is allowed to use her discount for her mum and I .
  21. 😆, sorry no, I have never met John Denton but believe he is one or THE best Hotel Directors with RCI.
  22. So basically you are calling me a liar , very sad . Do you believe in paying forward ? A concept we live by , a small gesture of kindness can lead to unexpected reactions . We were there , we know what happened , my conscious is clear .
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