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  1. And there is this one also. NCL_Beverage_List.pdf
  2. Like minds. On vacation, no balcony, no go. Either land or sea. Nothing like a Bailey's on the balcony at the end of the day.
  3. GEEZE PEAS GIRL ! ! I leave on Breakaway this coming Sunday and wanted to thank you for your report. Just...hell heck...just take care of yourself.
  4. I on the other hand, had such a bad experience "back in the day" (early 90's) that I said I'd never sail again. We made Denny's jokes. About a dozen years later I tried again and was pleasantly surprised. While not 5 star. Not bad for feeding the massive amount of people on the ship/s. I think each ship and even each sailing YMMV.
  5. I have received gifts from clients that I have not met in person. And have appreciated it. Flowers, specialty food, small gift cards. Not very often. We can't keep anything over $50.00. But I am not in a sales......
  6. Well I Know how you feel. I have 17 days until my first aft. Also on the Breakaway. But deck 11.
  7. That was too much fun and brought back many memories of my first...... 1997 for me. I swore it would be the last. It was on Carnival. The staff was bad. So bad I asked one sever what the deal was? Other cruisers were loud, drunk and rude. The plumbing broke more then once, ship wide. We made Denny's jokes about the food. Took me 14 years and Disney to get me back on the ocean. 5 years after that, I started to explore other lines. Maybe someday I'll even sail Carnival again.
  8. On the Bliss, we also did Cagney's, Le Bistro and La Cucina. Loooooved Le Bistro, La Cusina was hit and miss depending on different items we ordered, and Cagney's...well that was a total miss. At least as far as food goes.
  9. Thanks Koko...We are experienced with the whole wheelchair at an airport thingy. Just not with a walker in addition. (travel a few times a year) And not so much experience with Uber and Lift. When I was in Seattle for business the taxi was less then Uber. And we have NO experience with ordering either with the wheelchair. I have a picture in my head of a little electric car pulling up....haha. Now that I think about it, they are picking up from an airport, so they should have room. I just wondered if Uber or Lift has something on their APP that you can indicate that you have a foldup chair.
  10. Thanks a bunch for the links Kokopelli.
  11. We have traveled with mom’s NOVA transfer chair for almost two years. We gate check it with no problem…so far. She now has a walker also. Can you take both and gate check them both on an airplane? Also, we have always preordered our transportation. But can we do Uber or Lyft without running into a car that will not accommodate her chair. Folds up and fits fine in my Honda Civic.
  12. Lurker coming out to say: joining for the ride. Both Breakaway and leg breaks.
  13. Thanks a bunch Zen's. I for one had a bunch of fun. Cool socks? Hummmmmmmm.
  14. I do. Got the idea from others.
  15. Hello...my name is Amy....and...well...I like door decorations. Not grumpy old men...or young men or women for that matter. To quote a classic: Hey you, get off of my cloud.
  16. Dreaming of the French Onion Soup for my birthday in September. Great day!
  17. I have only cruised NCL once. I'm sure my experience was a fluke, but we could not get a restaurant that we wanted on the night we wanted. Even when we first embarked. They were having a group dinner there. This was a birthday dinner for mom. We had to switch. Lesson learned. Have a plan B.
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