Very interesting to see the photos of the B deck corner wrap suite as I can now compare and contrast to the F deck corner wrap. The living room, bathroom and wardrobe areas are identical. The bedroom layout is better than those on D and F deck as the window is to the side of the bed. The bedroom size remains less than half the size of the bedrooms in the forward suites however. The balcony on B deck is significantly better than the one we had on F deck as it is deeper and also has an outdoor sofa. It looks similar in size to the one on G deck, which should be avoided due to being immediately above the Live Lounge. Of most interest to me was the fact that there IS a service access door to a plumbing plant room visible in the photos of the B deck suite. It is on the wall in the small corridor between the door into the suite and the door to the toilet. In the F deck suites there are two doors in this area, so the plant room is bigger, but the fact that there is one there at all is enough to confirm to me that I wouldn’t book another aft suite on any level. Thanks for posting them.
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P&O Cruises Experience – 162 nights over 15 cruises (Arcadia, Aurora x 4, Azura, Britannia x 3, Oceana x 2, Oriana x 2, Ventura x 2)
P&O Cruises to Come - 85 nights over 5 cruises (2018 - Aurora, 2019 - Aurora x 2, 2020 - Iona, Aurora)

674(A) Oriana 14/5/96. Southampton to Istanbul (Fly back). 8 nights. Outside Cabin.
E620 Oceana 11/8/06. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Outside Cabin.
E720 Oceana 12/8/07. Canaries. 13 nights. Outside Cabin.
X912 Oriana 24/7/09. Baltic. 14 nights. Outside Cabin.
A118 Azura 5/8/11. Eastern Mediterranean. 16 nights. Superior Deluxe Balcony Cabin.
N321 Ventura 18/8/13. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Superior Deluxe Balcony Cabin.
B517 Britannia 15/8/15. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Forward Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.
B622 Britannia 23/7/16. Norwegian Fjords. 7 nights. Forward Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.
N703 Ventura 15/2/17. Amsterdam & Bruges. 4 nights. Penthouse Suite.
R705 Aurora 13/5/17. Baltic. 16 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin.
B721 Britannia 22/7/17. Western Mediterranean. 14 nights. Aft Corner Wrap Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.

R718 Aurora 20/10/17. Zeebrugge (although didn’t dock due to storm). 2 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin. Back to Back with;
R719 Aurora 22/10/17. Spain & France. 7 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin.
R802 Aurora 9/3/18. Northern Lights. 12 nights. Accessible Balcony Cabin.
J807 Arcadia 1/7/18. Norwegian Fjords. 7 nights. Aft Corner Wrap Suite + Adjacent Balcony Cabin.