Does anyone actually play basketball on the ship?

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Danville, KY
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Is it a full court? It looks like a full court on the ship plans. Just curious, thanks.

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On the Golden last month I saw a lot of teens playing. In fact, they have a basketball tournament that is quite popular.

It is a full court and most every time I walked by there was somebody playing or just shooting baskets. I don't know if it being right in the middle of March Madness had anything to do with that though.

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Hinckley, Ohio
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My 14 year old son always is up there playing basketball. Mostly kids and teens, but sometimes college kids and younger adults. He spends most this time there and makes a lot of friends that way. They play games or just shoot around.

Golden Princess
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Yes. The balls are not the best and it just seems to have a slightly different feel, but not bad.

Usually guys are just hanging around shooting at either end.
If someone mentions playing, a game will come about.

Have fun.

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Beautiful Cape Cod, MA USA
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My sister and I played PIG and HORSE, we had a ball specially after happy hour
We did see the crew playing almost every night and they would even let you join in if you really wanted to. We were on the Island and the court is a little smaller but there is nothing like throwing a few hoops out in the middle of the ocean watching the sun set, how many people get to do that in a life time?


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Maybe the cruisecriters on your roll call can put together a team and chalenge the crew.

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Danville, KY
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Tip of the day:

Don't try to play basketball on a cruise ship in the middle of the day just after drinking a Pina Colada!! I did that last year on the Paradise. Big Mistake!!

No work, no kids, no pets, no stress . . . just sun and fun and food on the Star Princess April 2005!
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Was it like this?

was chasing a football Friday morning when he tripped and fell over the side of the ship

USS Chilton APA-38 1966-1968
USS Guam LPH-9 1968-1970
Pacific Princess Oct 21 2001 Bermuda
Golden Princess Dec 7 2002 "Eastern Caribbean"
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If there is a bb court on the Caribbean Princess, My husband will be on it and he's no kid. He'd love a cruise critic vs crew or anyone game. Just let us know. We'll be there June 4th. Linda in Iowa
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Hi, Linda in Iowa,
How old is your husband? Would he mind playing with a 15-year old? He is 6 foot tall and a straight-A student and loves BB as well as tennis. Does your husband also play tennis? Steven and Cindy (Steven's Mom) will also be on the 5 June 04 sailing. Steven has sailed to the British Isles on the Royal with his Auntie, as well as to Bermuda on the Old Pacific Princess with Mom, Dad, Sister (Jennie), and I. He also likes ping-pong and the golf links (I took him on a ship inspection of the Star) Please e-mail me:
[email protected]

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Santa Clarita, CA
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We just got off the Diamond Princess and my husband played basketball almost every afternoon. It's a half court (shares space with the paddle tennis court). He played with a mix of "old" guys and 15/16 year olds. He enjoyed it and met some nice people.
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One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that the roof structure on the Grand class ships is very low over the basket. So practice your driving, low, bank shots. Otherwise, your shot hits the ceiling.

Mr. Mac

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We debated a long time about which ship to cruise on due to the kids. Finally chose Carnival because it had a water slide. Well, my son played basketball, morning till night. We had to make him stop long enough to eat. Never went near the water slide. He loved the cruise.

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Just got off the Island Princess last week and I played basketball multiple times. On that ship, it is a half court and it shares space with the paddle tennis court. I hadn't really seen "paddle tennis" before- basically just looks like a tennis court that's about 60% of the size of a normal court. I didn't really see anyone playing that game, but the hoops was going on pretty often. I'd cruise up there and there'd usually be maybe 4 or 5 guys getting some 1/2 court games going. mrmac makes a very good point with the net ceiling- that thing was low! Changes the game. I am 5'10" and I was playing with a few guys that were older than me, but also taller, my fadeaway shot would hit the ceiling every time. So you need to drive the lane and bank 'em in is the trick. Still, it is so much fun playing ball on the very top deck of a ship in the caribbean! Gotta love it!
Marina (Monterey Peninsula),CA
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Actually,it's the ONLY time I shoot hoops.

I love running a few miles,shooting baskets for about 30 minutes,then going for a swim in the morning...keeps my appetite going so I can eat non-stop!

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i always use the bball court. great excercise, meet nice people. i'll be the one in Michigan attire - island princess alaska july 10.
also, voyager may 30. strike up a game, anyone??!!