timeshare cruise exchange?

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Raleigh, NC USA
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Has anyone exchanged a timeshare week for a cruise through Interval International? We are thinking of trying to exchange our week for a Disney cruise. Does anyone know about how much you can save versus booking through a TA or on-line?

phila, pa
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I didnt know that people can own a timeshare for a cruise. How does that work.


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The one time I checked on it, I was not happy with the rate. I do not remember the details, but know I did not take it. I am thinking it was going to be a discount of a couple hundred dollars. I would call interval and see.

Post back when you find out.

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we own a timeshare (not a cruise timeshare, but can exchange for a cruise) through RCI (Resort Condominiums Intl.). I have attempted to exchange for a cruise several times & each time I could just book a cruise from almost any travel agent or the cruise line itself for less than the amount I would be charged for the exchange. It just makes no sense to pay more than you could book the cruise for PLUS give up your timeshare week. I hope you have better luck with Interval International. I would like to hear how it goes.
Glastonbury, CT USA
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I don't know anything about RCI exchanges. But, I can tell you that Disney Vacation Club owners can exchange for Disney cruises. We are doing that this summer, in fact.

One way to work this out would be to arrange a direct exchange w/ a DVC owner to swap your timeshare in exchange for them to book a cruise for you. I think, though, that this would be a very tough exchange to make. You would need something that would trade very, very well, and you might have to throw some cash or even two weeks into it to make that type of exchange.

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We are DVC owners (points system, rather than weekly). It is financially better for us to "rent out" our points and pay cash for a HAL Alaska cruise, which is one cruise option for DVC members, than it is to use the points to book the same cruise. We would still have to pay the exchange fees, which I think are $100. I have not looked into the Disney Cruise Line exchange.
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I agree with VACruiser...when we bought our timeshares back in 1988...exchanging for a cruise was not a selling point since they didn't have anything like that set up yet...we bought the timshare 'cause we really enjoyed 'our' resort. But recently a friend who 'attended' a timshare presentation was told that this was one of the 'benefits' of exchanging...they called me and asked me if I booked many of my cruises this way. I told them that with having to bank a resort week (my maintenance fees are $400.+ a year for each week) , exhange fees PLUS an additional payment (p/p) for the cruise (which are not that great peicewise)...it always turned out to be way more than I could just go book the cruise for thru a cruise agency. I think that the salesagent didn't give them a complete concept of how this would work. So I told them not to base buying the timeshare and membership in RCI on that...but on the premise that they really enjoyed the resort and the concept of timeshare. P.S...they did buy a week...but not based on using it to exchange for a week of cruising.
Happy sailing!

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i'm a disney vacation club owner and have used our timeshare to do a 7 day disney cruise as well as book our upcoming alaska cruise. i know alot of dvc members don't feel that the trade off is worthwhile, but when i look at what i would have paid for both of the cruises and recall that i've only paid $95.00 out of pocket each (excluding of course air fare...) we have already seen our initial investment back. so i would say "yes"-if you could trade out for a cruise go for it.
Charleston, SC
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What I found out through RCI (Resorts Condominium International) when I tried to exchange is that there are only certain cruises you could "trade" for. Of course the one we were interested in wasn't one of them.

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san francisco
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don't waste your points nor your week on a cruise, use them at the beginning
of the cruise or at the end for a hotel partner useage, the timeshare cruise
credit is based on a full brochure price,which in the real world does not exist.
troll thru every travel/cruise wesite until you find the ship/accomidation/date
you want and then check the price several times.
book as far ahead as possible with what you feel is the absolute minimum
acceptable accomidations,and then let them give you an upgrade.
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We purchased a timeshare years ago and don't use it much. We have recently exchanged a week of our exchange through RCI for a 1 week southern caribbean cruise. It is easy to do; however, it is not always a bargain. What we did was look at Vacations-to-go websites and other discount cruise websites and then see how much our Timeshare was worth...if you are lucky, you will save between $400 to $600 per cabin but you have to really do your research. A lot of the time you can get the cruise cheaper if you just book it through your travel agent or online. Good luck .
Hagerstown, Maryland
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Being an II owner myself. It would also depend if you are in Club Navigo or not. I know you can use your gold points to put toward a cruise. You can contact club navigo at 877 628 4463 or 407 856 7190 M-F 8:30am - 7pm or clubnavigo.com

If you are not in Club Navigo I dont know how it would work. Had to check my book for this info.
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Hagerstown, Maryland
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Just checked Club Navigo website and the Navigo Cruise is not up yet. It still says coming soon.
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S. California
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RUN AWAY! My wife and I have checked into this type of exchange and looked into multiple trip iteneraries and not once was using a timeshare exchange a good deal. In fact, more often than not, the extra charges per day for the cruise ended up being more than booking the cruise on your own through a travel agent plus you lose all those points. This is through RCI that we have checked.
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I looked for months before I booked my cruise. I could not find a cruise through RCI that was cheaper. Not even close. I agree with a previous poster, use it as a pre cruise or post cruise vacation.
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Ex hubby owns an RCI timeshare (which he regrets deeply) and passes on the cruise ship offers to me -- I always tell him that I can book the same cruise directly and pay LESS than exchange and other RCI fees and not have him turn in his week. As another poster said, if it is with RCI RUN AWAY!!!
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Lomita, CA
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Originally posted by Morgsmom
Ex hubby owns an RCI timeshare (which he regrets deeply) and passes on the cruise ship offers to me -- I always tell him that I can book the same cruise directly and pay LESS than exchange and other RCI fees and not have him turn in his week. As another poster said, if it is with RCI RUN AWAY!!!
Very true! Everytime I get "roped" into attending one of those timeshare presentations (and only because of the free gift they're giving), I ask about cruises. Most turn their heads and don't even want to discuss it so I say "then WHY do you even advertise for a cruise?" Makes no sense does it? Of course I go into the presentation (like everyone else does) letting them THINK I'm interested but after hearing their so-called presentation, I say "nope, NOT a good deal" and they look at me like I'm the crazy one for NOT taking advantage of a "life-time" vacation ownership package! LOL One time I said "for what you're charging me in yearly maintenance fees, a family of 4 can go on a 7-day cruise to Mexico." They didn't like hearing that at all! Gee, I wonder why?

Here's to ALL who know the best value of a vacation is definitely and always will be a cruise IMO!

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I love our timeshare. Often while on a cruise we make a Island stop and decide we would enjoy a weeks vacation there. We exchange our timeshare for the Island and always have a great vacation at a great resort.

But you have to use the timeshare for as it was intended. To exchange for a cruise to me is just a waste of money. The deal is no deal at all, and even with the exchange you can find a better crusie deal on any intenet site... The two just dont work together well.
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We got roped into a timeshare in Curacao several years ago while on a cruise. Not only is the cruise exchange not a good deal, but with the exchange company membership fees and the maintanance fees which by the way inceased by 7% this year, one person could take a 7 day cruise. I can't believe we fell for the sales pitch.... I think our drinks were spiked! We have decided to donate our timeshare to the Red Cross... tax write off and a refund of this year's maintanance fee could help pay for next year's cruise!
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We love our timeshare. Bought it "used" through a local realtor at more than half the price than buying at the resort itself. We than use RCI for exchanges. No way will I exchange my timeshare week for a cruise. Not worth the money.
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