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Hi! This is our first time cruising with elite status and we are very excited. My question is: Where on my cruise documents or xpress pass does it show that I am Elite. My agent says that they assign you a number but I don't see it. Thanks in advance.
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When you register and pick up your Seapass bottom left corner it should state Elite member !! Make sure if you use a computer you grab the FREE 90 mins for yourself and your wife, if she doesn't use computers it gives you 3 hours, but if you are using their computers you would need to use her Seapass when your credit runs out and only top up when the 2nd credit runs out. Enjoy the use of Micheal's club a.m. and afternoon and some free wine.
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getting to elite for me cost about $10,000. I estimated 10 cruises at $1000 per cruise.
however i have sailed celebrity 25 times so hopefully they will increase my status to super eliteness at some point
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Originally posted by sweetair
getting to elite for me cost about $10,000. I estimated 10 cruises at $1000 per cruise.
however i have sailed celebrity 25 times so hopefully they will increase my status to super eliteness at some point
You've gotten away cheap...
I made Elite in a few less than 10 cruises...by doing long cruises and booking suites...
But, my Alaska Cruisetour alone (two suites--one for us and a separate one for our daughters) cost over twice your total of $10,000...

Of course, no system is perfect and I have no problem with how much or how little anyone spent to get there.

And of course, at present, Celebrity has no "Super Elite" as they have the Diamond Plus on Royal Caribbean...With the proliferation of Elite members of late and the overtaxing of Elite Lounges on some sailings, we could see that coming...but, it is not necessarily a good thing...I really enjoy the Elite benefits as they have them now and would not want to see the present Elite status downgraded to move the elusive target to 25 points...

Maybe it's a personal bias...I've been at Elite status awhile but it would take a few cruise to get up to 25...and, independent of the "Reciprocity" thing, I am also Diamond on RC's C&A but still many cruises short of Diamond Plus...But, I would imagine that I have spent a good deal of money with Royal Caribbean/Celebrity over the years--likely more than a lot of folks who are Diamond Plus on Crown & Anchor (we've met people who have done that by taking a lot of cheap 3 night cruises)...
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Originally posted by sweetair
getting to elite for me cost about $10,000. I estimated 10 cruises at $1000 per cruise.
however i have sailed celebrity 25 times so hopefully they will increase my status to super eliteness at some point
With my 47 cruise credits, I am hoping for some super eliteness too!
I would love to see an Elite Plus category so that I could go to Royal Carribean as a Diamond Plus. Not a fair exchange between the programs.
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Originally posted by 630pub
How do you get Elite status?

Sailing w/Celebrity = 1 credit

Sailing on itineraries of 12 nights or more = 1 credit

Sailing in a Concierge Class, Aqua Class or Suite = 1 credit

Maximum per sailing = 3 credits

You reach:
Classic status: 1 - 4 credits
Select status: 5 - 9 credits
Elite status: 10 + credits

All of this information, and the perks for each status, is listed on the Celebrity website. Just click on Captain's Club at the top. Hope this helps.
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To the OP -- getting a Captain's Club membership number isn't automatic -- you need to call and register so you have it all established before you cruise. Give the Captain's Club a call and give them your Royal Caribbean number and info.
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