Norwegian Sun Passengers Steamed Over Altered Cruise -- But Do They Have a Case?

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I think they were fairly compensated, but NCL could have handled it better. Bulk summary of stuff instead of piece meal offers and make it to all pax via cabin letters or something.

I understand the pax disappointment in missing two great ports, but what can you do? They are wanting a free cruise and that shouldn't happen. They got their cruise and what they experienced was NOTHING like the recent Carnival debacle - which, in my mind deserves a couple of really cheap cruises to go along with the free one they EARNED!

At anyrate, what NCL offered would have covered most of my on board purchases and 30% off a future cruise? Sure thing. Bad things happen. How you respond after that shows your true character.
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I think they were fairly compensated, but I understand their feelings, especially people who were planning to get married in the cancelled islands.

If you haven't taken a look at the pictures in the link I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do that. The private island setup was hysterical, about 100 feet of beach, roped off with yellow police tape and packed beach chair to beach chair like sardines. The rest of the "beach" seemed to be a mixture of rocks and trash. of course I've never been there so maybe it is nicer than the pictures show.

The pictures of Samana looked even worse. A poor looking place with a demonstration going on in the streets.

Also read the captions on the various pictures. This one about passengers meeting to discuss among themselves the situation was particularly disturbing if true: the organizers (of the meeting) had been threatened with confinement and arrest on returning to port if they were seen assembling with other passengers again.

Overall I think NCL fairly compensated the passengers, going above and beyond what they had to do (which was legally nothing). In the fine print of every cruise contract it says the cruise line can change ports or drop ports if they want and don't have to give you any compensation. You going on the cruise says you agree with that. That is what a "cruise contract" is.
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We book cruises knowing there is some chance we won't make it to all (or any!) ports. We sailed on RCCL to Egypt in 2007 and I can't even describe how crushed we'd be if we missed the port like many passengers have been due to recent events. It's a risk you have to take with cruising. It's important to just enjoy the fact that you're on a floating resort with lots to do and (hopefully) people you love.
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I think NCL's compensation is more than fair... Considering that we were on the fated Jewel sailing the next day, not only did we miss one of our three ports (the one most people wanted the most) but we missed an entire day of our cruise - for a LOT less compensation. I am still angry about that. I only wish that we had received something as fair.

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I would rather go to the places NCL took them than where Carnival took their passengers who were suppose to be in warm sunny Mexico when the H1N1 flu hit Mexico. They went instead to SF, Seattle, and Victoria BC. It was too cold to swim in the ships pool or even be outside on the decks. So, I think those passengers got off lucky.
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I've never cruised NCL, so no one can accuse me of being a cheerleader for them. We do have a lot of experience at sea.

Sh*t happens -- In reading about this and viewing the pictures - I know I'd like to sail with Laurel212 -- that's the way to handle things that you don't have any control over.

It is very scary how dumb a crowd can become. We had a a somewhat similar situation many years ago -- We still remember one very upset passenger who was making ridicules demands -- if DW starts to get upset about something, I politely remind her of the lady in the pink dress and she calms right down.
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These people are just looking for a free cruise. I have cruised for the last 21 years and it has always been the same with all cruiselines and stated in the cruise ticket, you are paying for the cruise if they need to alter islands and such you will not be compensated other than return of port charges. Again most of us would agree that although we like going to the islands, the main part of the vacation is the CRUISE itself, not where you go. People are just looking for a freebie, it makes me sick.
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Sounds fair to me!
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If a port turns out to be less than expected, you have the choice of heading back to a nice, clean, comfortable ship. Game of bingo, a free key chain, and a nice glass of sangria. Ah, yes. No need to get your panties in a wad. Life is full of disappointments. Handle them like adults. They "missed" 30% of their cruise and got a 30% reimbursement. Full refunds are only for people like the poor Carnival pax.
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Certainly sounds fair to me. There is always someone that is going to be unhappy with no matter what they offer. In a situation like this the cruise line can't win no matter what they do short of giving away free cruises. It's right in the fine print of your cruise contract - problem is no one reads the fine print! I have been to NCL's private island twice and enjoyed it very much.

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Sounds fair to me. It's not like they were sitting dead in the water like the Carnival pax or battered about like the Brilliance pax. NCL could've handled it much better, though. Hopefully they will learn from this experience. Guess people had better start looking for trip insurance that covers "itinerary changes which might adversely affect your Christmas shopping".
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I think NCL was more than fair. I was on a trip with NCL a few years ago when the itinerary had to be changed because of the chance of violence on an island, so they substituted another port. And then on the way home one of the motors stopped and we had to basically float back to NYC. We only received $50 stateroom credit. And everyone was pleasantly surprised by this because no one expected anything. As NCL told us, they have to think of the passengers safety first, hence the change in itinerary. The $50 was just because we had to leave port a few hours early to make it back to NYC on time. NCL was wonderful.
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The compensation was fair back when it happened, and it is still fair even though some would think that by keeping it alive they might get more. Not gonna happen.

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Passengers who behave like the ones described in this article should be asked to leave the ship at the next port (at their own expense) for harassment and creating a disturbance. They obviously don't understand that unscheduled stops actually mean the cruise line looses money as well.
It clearly states in the cruise contract that unforeseen circumstances may prevent the ship from calling at a port as per itinerary.
NCL was more than generous and those that wanted more are greedy people trying to take advantage of a bad situation.
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My friend was on the Dec 4 NCL Sun and he was also embarassed by the behavior of some of the passengers. He had a great time on the Island and enjoyed $100 credit.
Husband and I were on the Carnival Fasination and looking forward to our first visit to Key West in September but ended up overnight in Nassau because of Tropical Storm Nicole. We are leaving tomorrow to meet the NCL Sun for the 7 days Western cruise.
I know I will have a good time. These things happen! Make the best of it. Some of these cruise complaints are all about ATTITUDE of the passengers who let something that goes wrong color the entire vacation. Grow up! Being disappointed with missing a particular port or not getting ice in the cabin on time is no big deal. If it was that important to shop in a certain place, you should have flown there. If we miss Key West this time, I'll drive down in a few months. But I won't be carrying on with the crew about a refund. Have a nice day. I will
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We sailed with NCL several years ago to Alaska. It was the last trip of the season, weather was awful....not their fault, but to sail all the way and not get to see a glacier was just to much. They started back to the glacier, and turned around with out a word from the bridge. There were several other glaciers that they could have tried to take us to...nothing. Once people realized that there would be no glacier, there were long lines to complain. Not even a free drink! This situation was at least an effort to compensate.
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Sounds like a bunch of cry babies trying to get something for nothing. Perhaps this should remind everyone to READ the cruise contract and see what it really says. Each and every one of these malcontents signed the contract and agreed to the terms and conditions so they should be glad they got anything at all as the cruise line had no legal obligation beyond that stated in the contract (and that ain't much!!).

They should all just get off their soapbox and go on with their lives.
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They were more than fairly compensated. If they read the fine print on their contract, they were only due the port taxes/fees for the missed islands.
Instead of complaining - they should have made the best of it. It may not have been the "perfect" cruise but it was sure better than being at work or in the cold.
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