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  1. Oh no! That sucks. I hope you got well quickly in spite of everything. Being sick at sea is no fun. Question: How many time zones did you have to go through for this cruise?
  2. Did you depart from LA or Vancouver or Australia and on which ship? I've already done SF to HI, but wouldn't mind doing Vancouver to Australia or HI to Australia.. Sorry to hear you were sick!
  3. 1. Yes, they have the Anchor's Aweigh Parade. Not sure on the day since we saw it during the WB TA in 2022. My recommendation is somewhere in front of Sorrento's or the pub where you can sit. Just make sure you're there an hour or two before the parade starts. We stumbled upon the parade about 30 minutes before it was to start and all we could get was behind Starbucks. Here's my video of it from there: Anchor's Aweigh Parade 2. If I remember correctly, yes. Not sure what kind of cabin you have, so here's a link to our cabin crawl. Hopefully you can tell if there are plugs by the bed: Cabin Crawl 4. You can get specialty coffee at Cafe Promenade. 8. I think what you saw was the set up for laser tag. It is not a play area for kids. It wasn't offered all the time, only at select times I think. I hope that helps!
  4. I'm linking the Cruise Compasses for the Wonder WB TA in 2022 to give you an idea as to what to expect. We had 8 sea days and it was a great cruise. Very relaxing and you could do as much or as little as you wanted. We were never bored. Wonder of the Seas 2022 WB TA cruise compasses
  5. You're going to love a WB Fall TA and Explorer is a great ship to be on. We did the Wonder of the Seas TA in 2022 out of Barcelona to Port Canaveral doing the Atlantic route and it was fine in November for us. Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia were fantastic and there is plenty to do (or not do!) onboard the ship during the sea days. We stayed in Hotel Jazz pre-cruise for 3 days and found the location to be very nice and close to everything. If you're interested, I have a playlist with my videos from the Wonder TA showing some excursions we did (everything we did was on our own). If you can possibly fly into Barcelona several days early I highly recommend it. Don't miss La Sagrada Familia!!! I also included a video on the ocean conditions during the cruise to give you an idea as to what to expect. Here's the link to my playlist: Wonder of the Seas WB TA 2022 I didn't see any Explorer WB TA cruise compasses on Issuu, but I do have ours from the Wonder TA that should give you a pretty good idea as to what to expect during the sea days: Wonder of the Seas WB TA cruise compasses I hope this helps! Have a wonderful cruise!
  6. I should be getting my first crystal block on our Radiance PC cruise in April.
  7. I think that's when I would go. Weather is great in June and July. Here's a thought. 2026 is our 250th anniversary here in the US. I'm sure there will be tons of things going on here in Boston during July 2026. Maybe tack on your NE/Canada cruise to sometime around the 4th and you can do 2 sets of fun things!
  8. You do, but $3,500 for a balcony seems an awful lot. How long is the cruise and when is it sailing? You’ll also pay more for a longer cruise during peak fall foliage. And even then there is no guarantee you’ll be there for peak.
  9. Prices are insane. No way would I pay $3,500 for a port heavy itinerary like NE/Canada. Especially if it was an October sailing.
  10. Thanks for the clarification everyone. This is a first for me so I wasn't sure how it worked. It will still push me over the top to make Diamond Plus on the cruise.
  11. So just confirming. Since I booked a junior suite for just myself I will get double double points for the sailing? So 4 points per day correct?
  12. I know. We paid just under $10,000 total for our Owner's Suite on Wonder. We spent a ton of time in it and it was worth every penny.
  13. So I logged onto the website at midnight and they didn't have a lot of the cabins showing. When I called this morning and asked for the two specific cabins I wanted that were no-shows they told me they were available for booking. Yay! So if your preferred cabin doesn't show up on the website, give them a call. It might be available with RCI directly. But I agree with everyone. The prices are just nuts. With just my junior suite and my roommate's balcony cabin, we're spending more than we did for our Owner's Suite on Wonder for the 2022 WB TA. If we had tried to get an Owner's Suite for this Allure WB TA the pricing was even more.
  14. I've got Allure open on the RCI page and keep refreshing every 15 minutes "just in case". Got the spreadsheet ready to go again once the TA launches! Hopefully a bunch of us from the canceled 2020 WB TA will be onboard. We had such a great roll call for that cruise.
  15. Should be tomorrow (Wednesday). They will be opening long Caribbean this week and they need to get the ships from Europe to the Caribbean first, so the WB TAs (Fall TAs) should open at the same time. Keep an eye here on the board. People will start posting as they see them loading. I'm still checking every 15 minutes just in case they drop early. You should also have a few cabins picked out in advance to make your booking easier. Do you like the sun? Then pick a cabin on the left or port side of the ship for a Fall TA. That side will get the most sun during the cruise. If you prefer to stay out of the sun (like we do), then pick a cabin on the right or starboard side of the ship. That side stays more in the shade. We found our WB TA on Wonder had a pretty smooth transit, although we did have a few rocky days. If you have motion on the ocean issues, then choose a cabin in the middle of the ship and lower in the ship. Hope that helps!
  16. Darn! I was hoping to run into you again on the Allure WB TA next year ;o))))
  17. Full amplification to Allure is happening next year, so perhaps they'll make the change then. Sure hope they don't lose Johnny Rockets. Best breakfast at sea. Might have to go there every day during the WB TA next fall (fingers crossed it opens next week!).
  18. We were, too. We had a Grand Suite booked for that cruise. We then upped it to an Owner's Suite for the 2022 WB TA that became the Wonder WB TA. Woof! That cabin was awesome. Not sure what we're going to do with this cruise. I have 3 or 4 different ideas, but like you I can't wait to see what the prices are going to be like.
  19. Now I'm really ready to book the WB TA for Allure next year. Hurry up next week and get here so I can book my cruise! https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/02/royal-caribbeans-liberty-allure-to-undergo-modernization/
  20. I have a video on my YT channel on our WB TA in 2022. It's just one sample of what to expect. Most of the time it was pretty smooth but we did have some motion on the ocean.
  21. A shore excursion is a good intro, but there is no way you'll be able to see everything. Consider it as a light appetizer rather than a main meal. We spent 2 full days there and still didn't see everything. If you decide that you want to see more after your shore excursion, just book yourself another cruise sailing out of Port Canaveral and fly in a few days early for a longer visit (if you can). But I do recommend it. Fantastic place to visit and great for all ages.
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