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  1. So what did you get? I'm over the moon happy with my OS cabin. Only difference is that I'm port side now rather than starboard.
  2. If you're on the WB TA in October, come over to our Roll Call!
  3. Woo hoo! For the Wonder WB TA we went from Owner's Suite #10640 to Owner's Suite #1832. I wanted starboard side of the ship, but ended up on port side. BUT I got the cabin I wanted in any event so that's what matters. Kudos to RCI for making such a swift swap! Loving that we'll be a few short steps from the new Suite Neighborhood.
  4. Thanks for Cortrans. I've saved it to my spreadsheet for future reference next year.
  5. So happy about that. And the WB TA has a WAY better itinerary now! Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Cartagena, Malaga, Nassau and Port Canaveral. Very very happy. Sorry for our Texans though.
  6. That's exactly my fear since I also have an OS for the fall TA.
  7. Come on over to our roll call for that sailing! Here's the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2802039-wonder-of-the-seas-october-30-2022-wb-transatlantic/
  8. We haven't received our letter yet, either. The cruise is showing as cancelled on the website. I'm sure it's going to take them a long time to notify people. I think it took a couple of days when the Allure TA was canceled last year before I received my email about it. Not worried yet.
  9. I saw that while I was on the train this morning. Had me nervous. I'm really super excited now for the Fall TA on Wonder. I've got an Owner's Suite booked and am really looking forward to utilizing that Suite Neighborhood.
  10. Is there a deck plan out for Wonder yet? The Allure Fall TA has been canceled and people are starting to get the emails saying they will try to keep us in our same cabins or at least same category at the prices we initially paid. I had an Owner’s Suite and want to keep it. TA will end in Port Canaveral rather than Galveston.
  11. I was looking on Google Maps and it seems that a lot of the stores aren't there anymore. So sad. I did see some listed with current hours. We still plan on spending most of the day onboard the ship so I'm not too worried.
  12. With your Walgreens results, how are you providing them to RCI at check in? Are you showing an app or do they send you the results via email that you can print out?
  13. Were there many shops and restaurants open in Nassau by the port? We were only planning on getting off the ship to walk around a bit before returning to the ship. We aren't beach people so that isn't an option. We'd just as soon go back to the ship and enjoy it with even less people onboard.
  14. Our November 1st sailing opened for more times a week or so ago. We went from a 3:00 boarding time to a 12:00 boarding time. The app will do an update when it's time to make more times available to choose from. It was a very exciting moment when that happened ;o)
  15. We're in a Junior Suite for our Indy sailing on November 1st. Our boarding time is 12:00 - 12:30. I just happened to check the app early one morning and it had opened for changing our boarding time. Spoke with one of the other guys in our roll call and he said he was able to change his time the day before. He also got 12:00. Our ship leaves at 4 p.m.
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