Best family excursion in Grand Cayman??

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Ripley, WV
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We are booked on the June 21, 09 sailing of FOS...we will be traveling with family from ages 10 to 72. Any suggestions for a relaxing day? Beach trip? Stingray City? Is Stingray City scary? All suggestions welcome!
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I was on the Stngray excuursion a few years ago. We had all ages in our group,up to 84 years of age. Everyone had a great time. After Stingray we were taken to Rum's Point for lunch and it is a very nice beach. Great fun for kids too as the beach was very, very calm.

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Everyone will have a blast at Stingray City. Email Sharon at Nativeway [email protected] to book. We like their Ray, Reef & Rum Point excursion. Or just do their Stingray City tour & you will have time to go to Hell.
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By far, the best excursion we have ever been on. My daughter (8 at the time) was scared for all of about 10 minutes and then had the time of her life...still asks when we can swim with the stingrays again...two years later! You will not regret it!

Have fun!
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<BR>Been waiting 4 years for this!!!! Woo Hoo!!!<BR>
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another vote for NATIVEWAY REEF RAYS AND RUM POINT. 1st you go to a reef to snorkel.....then they take you to sting ray city and finally to the beach which i'm sure is the same one you see on the corona beer commercials.

while you're onboard and on your way to rum point......they hand you a menu and they order your lunch which is waiting for you on the beach when you arrive. fabulous service and in our top 3 excursions
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The Boatswaine Beach and Turtle farm was a good excursion for all ages. I had been to the turtle farm before, but not since it had a complete overhaul after the hurricane.
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Originally posted by rhodester
Book the snorkeling and Stingray City tour through Captain Marvin. It was the best excursion I've had in three cruises.
Agree 100%. Captain Marvins was great. Book it on your own. It's a short walk from the pier. We got to stingray city before the big boats full of "shore excursion" folks, and we had stingrays everywhere.

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Stingray City--definately!!!! Great experience!!
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2 yrs ago we did the Stingray tour. I loved it. My youngest was 2 at the time, and had no problem being in the water. Im guessing she had no idea what was really going on . It was my 7 yr old who was afraid to get off the boat .. After some pep talks from several people she got off and had a great time. She couldnt let her older brother and younger sister have all the fun.
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Another vote for Stingray City!
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Originally posted by FOXTROT
Everyone will have a blast at Stingray City. Email Sharon at Nativeway [email protected] to book. We like their Ray, Reef & Rum Point excursion. Or just do their Stingray City tour & you will have time to go to Hell.
I totally agree, We did their "Ray, Reef & Rum Point" excursion last August and it was one of the best excursions we have been on. Since I have experience running a boat, the captain let me take the wheel for part of they way out to Sting Ray City. It is definitely for ALL ages! If you go I hope you have a GREAT TIME!
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Nativeways - rays reef rumpoint. You won't regret it!!!!
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Stingray City with Moby Dick Tours.....the best!!!!
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2 years ago we did stringray city with Capt. Marvin. This was our third time doing it. It was our grandsons ( 5 & 12) first time. They loved the snorkling but wasn't to keen about the sringray. But the one from capt. Marvin brought over a baby stringray so they could both touch it. It was awesome
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If you go to stingray city make sure you do the sandbar tour, where you can stand waist high in the water, because there's another called stingray city which is in about 12 ft of water and much more difficult if you are not confident

we went with Capt Marvin last summer and had some VERY BIG stingrays around us, which was quite scary, and they do brush past you - unfortunately, our 13-year-old son had one of the tails scratch his ankle which was painful and he panicked and we had to take him out of the water - thankfully, his screams were not included on the DVD we bought

we also did the turtle farm and rum cake shop (delicious), but we only had a few minutes in Hell (due to coach being behind schedule and spending far too long at turtle farm) so we didn't spend as much time there as we wanted

Grand Cayman is lovely and I would like to go back for a longer visit
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We did stingray city last april with Moby Dick tours.........they were fabulous. After sting ray city they took us to the reef for some snorkeling..........they were awesome!!!
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