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Difficulties with Advance Registration???


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Is any one having difficulties logging on to the NCL web site to complete Advanced Registration??? I've been trying for a few days now...and haven't gotten through yet. It's very frustrating!!! Any suggestions would be helpful?!?!?!

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GREAT!!! No other options then. I have to find a computer with an older version of Windows. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much trouble. I'd rather not go through our TA if at all possible. Any other options. Can we just do it when we check in. Or is this not advisable.

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I have Vista and it worked. I had to press refresh a few times and go back and (if after I entered my information) it went bad, press back and submit again. Oh, it took a while, but it eventually worked (I didn't feel like bringing my passport to work to do it).

Off Topic - Vista it just awful.

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My opinion is that it doesn't have anything to do with Vista.


Vista is the "new operating system" and an easy target for the NCL programmers to point at as being the problem.


The NCL programming staff is the problem. They just can't fix it.


Just my $0.02.



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I, too, can't get on the secure area of NCL with my Vista computer. But it is not just a NCL problem, I also can't access quite a few secure password protected areas (I am in the accounting field) of our suppliers on my computer. I don't have a problem with non-Vista computers in our office.


The problem (as explained to us by Microsoft) is that Vista includes a higher level of security control than other programs so it stops access, and many sites have not upgraded to the point that their sites are accessible using Vista. We are now considering putting some sort of a thing on my computer so that I can bypass Vista and enter another way. Very frustrating and why should w have to pay to go in the back door!!


(I am not a techie, so the Microsoft explanation makes some sense to me, however they could be blowing smoke).

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I am a techie, or was before retiring.


Vista does have a lot more levels of security but those are user-controlled (adjustable).


Making modifications to a home based Vista computer is up to the computer owner and takes a little learning and may be time consuming.


Making modifications to a supply of Vista based computers in a work environment is a whole other story and not all companies have an IT staff to accomplish that task, both in technical skills and spare time to do it.

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It really has nothing to do with Vista vs. non-Vista, but lousy NCL servers.


Here is my work around solution. If you can't get on normally, re-submit the same information EXCEPT purposely enter an incorrect last digit for your reservation number and submit. You'll then get a DIFFERENT error message. Then hit the back button, then just correct the last digit, re-submit and you'll be connected (usually).

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