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  1. Have to agree with Dr. Cocktail. This is why I have cancelled all our cruises except for one in 2023 and that one will go too if testing is required. Just too much of a hassle and worry about finding a testing clinic for the correct test, or facing a quarantine in a foreign country if tests show positive. we are 100% vaxxed with Pfizer but my understanding is that we can still harbour virus if exposed even tho being asymptomatic. we might consider a Vancouver to Vancouver cruise because even tho we test positive on return at least we can quarantine at home.
  2. Also 100% behind vaccine cards/passports. Here in B.C. our “passports” start in September. Since the announcement our reservations for vaccines in the 20 to 40 year old group has increased substantially. Take away their “fun” and this group responds well.
  3. Another thought: If the cruise line doesn't arrange for a hotel, what hotel will take you? Many hotels are now asking your covid health status. Does that mean they will reject you staying if you are covid positive? know of a fully vaxx traveler (not cruiser) who tested positive and now is stuck in Mexico till she gets a negative test to fly home.
  4. Looking forward to Monday’s vaccine passport announcement in B.C. Leaked info to the press hints passport will be required for nonessential services and events. Here’s hoping!
  5. You know, I can understand the cruise lines rationale for these measures but for us, we are so done with everything now involved with cruising. Requirements are changing daily whether it is CDC or the cruise lines or airlines or federal governments. We had four Princess cruises booked, cancelled those that had substantial deposits and if things dont stabilize by year end (not likely)the rest will go. Not going to deal with the stress of Covid testing requirements for travel. Land vacations now till things improve.
  6. A poster on the “Canadian cruisers” board on CC stated that RCCL had removed their statement that mixed doses rendered you “unvaccinated”. Just checked on RCCL vax info FAQ and there is now no mention that mixed doses are not valid. Hopefully other lines will follow suit.
  7. Have done it in April twice and once in October. April smooth as glass. October a bit rocky. I should note that the crossings we did were southern…Florida across to Madeira in spring and reverse in Oct. Both very enjoyable. Lets you truly relax and get into the cruise vibe and prices are usually great.
  8. This is from the BCAA travel insurance FAQ page: “Current Canadian travel advisories: The Government of Canada has issued an official global advisory to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada (Level 3) and to avoid all cruise travel (Level 4). Learn more about this and other current travel advisories from the Government of Canada at travel.gc.ca.” “I’m planning a cruise, am I able to get coverage for COVID-19 emergency medical expenses? No, COVID-19 travel emergency medical insurance coverage is not available during a Level 4 (avoid all travel) advisory.” Also from the Snowbirdadvisorinsurance page, they state that medical insurance claims could be denied if a travel 3 or 4 advisory exists.
  9. We were on a Medallion cruise in Oct. 2019. Pre cruise we were also concerned, turns out unnecessarily. No smartphone at the time but did all thru ipad. Picked up the medallion at the port (they do not ship to Canada) and while on the cruise only needed the medallion. You can look up locations of companions at screens near elevators, no need to carry devices with you. We didnt order drinks etc, so dont know if that works without a device. Since, we have an android phone and downloading app was no problem. All data from prev. Cruise like photos, passport info was already downloaded from our account into the app. Not sure why so many are having probs but could be because we had sailed a Medallion cruise before. irregardless they are not going to stop you from cruising because you couldnt do the app. Staff at the port will take care of you.
  10. I would have thought that as long as Canada specifically recommends against cruise travel, it will be difficult to get travel insurance for that. Ref: COVID-19 Cruise ship travel Avoid all travel on cruise ships until further notice travel.gc.ca
  11. I booked for a June 2, 2022 cruise several months ago and asked for traditional dining, table for four, early seating on the personalizer. This was transferred to our Medallian account correctly except the dining room assigned was Michelangelo. Thought this was curious since usually Bottecelli is assigned for traditional. However since so far I have had no problems with Medallion either on my ipad or android phone I am certainly not complaining. We had been on a previous Medallion cruise and all of our data (passports, photos, etc) were transferred as well. Not sure if this is why all went smoothly. I did try to change dining one day when we will be late back to the ship and it said I had to wait.
  12. If I were you I would try to disembark as early as possible. Our Oct. 2019 cruise ended Port Everglades and it was the worst disembarkation we experienced in 40 cruises. It was so disorganized, apparently a problem with customs agents, crew turnover and a complete lack of Princess staff available to direct passengers to proper areas/ procedures. I cant remember how long it took to board the bus to FLL but over an hour at least. Hopefully it was a one off but we are pretty hesitant about trying it again.
  13. I dont know if this should make a difference but I have the app on my ipad, and all seems to be ok. We were on a medallion cruise in Sept.2019 and entered all our required info then. For our June 2022 cruise all the info is there again (passports, photos etc). Also, our dining preference for this cruise popped up…we had booked before they switched to MC access only. Maybe ipad? Maybe just luck? I am not planning to carry my phone or ipad around on the ship. Last time the medallion worked for anything I needed. Hopefully the same for June. couldnt see any facility for booking shorex…only thru personalizer?
  14. I love Princess so I hate to lead you in another direction but the best bear viewing we had was on a Holland America cruise to Alaska that stopped in Haines. Six grizzlies fishing for salmon, and we were fairly close (doubt that would still be allowed). It was labelled a Sunset Wildlife tour.
  15. We have cruised Alaska 5 times, all in May or last week of August (we try to avoid the kids) While I have heard May can be variable we have always had good weather, even hot in Skagway once. Ketchikan may be rainy (twice for us). Bring layers, it is obviously cold viewing the glaciers. Late August was wonderful for grizzly sitings on sunset tours. Also glad you are doing the inside passage out of Vancouver, our favourite part of the cruise...we even forgo the dinner so we can enjoy the sailaway and most of the incredible scenery along the inside passage. Exceptional! We will be back when this hideous disease is done. Enjoy youselves.
  16. Havedog.... thanks for sending this letter. I once read that for every letter a customer sends, there are at least 1000 others who are of the same opinion. I am one of those 1000. I have three Princess cruises in the works. My condition for sailing is 100% vaccinated, no exceptions. Even though I am vaccinated I have absolutely no intention of being stuck on a ship that has covid. I have been on enough cruises ...40 plus and have gotten enough bugs on board to know just how easy it is to pass illness along on board. Those three cruises will be cancelled.
  17. No vaccine mandate? No cruises for us. Will cancel our three upcoming Princess cruises.
  18. I feel very discouraged I have to say. Love, love to cruise but for us in 2022 at least any cruise we go on will have to have a100% vaccination requirement for all on board and due to these CDC regulations will have to homeport outside the U.S. Looking grim.
  19. Same cabin for us as well on the Emerald thankfully. Do check your booking carefully though.. They did not transfer our FCD or our related OBC over, but it was an easy fix with a call.
  20. Just cancelled my early 2022 CCL cruise as a result of their lack of commitment to requiring full vaccinations for all on board.
  21. We have also really scored with this OBC benefit. Over the years we have received more in OBC than we paid for our original purchase of 100 shares, however we cruise a lot (used to 😟) We took a long voyage from L.A. around South America to N.Y. and received $750 in OBC. This was three separate B2B. It is important though to check prices and compare to the complete voyage. I think the cruise lines are now more careful and booking legs separately is pricier. Of course, CCL could end this benefit at any time. Generally it is renewed annually but these are uncertain times so who knows.
  22. We have sailed often on both lines with a little bias to Princess since we get some nice perks with Elite status. I think Holland America has better itineraries especially on longer cruises where they really beat out Princess. HAL has much better informative lectures on ports with very qualified speakers. Love it. Princess would be my choice for shorter cruises, more lively, more activities, better theatre shows. Food is too subjective to really compare. Very good on both but service is better on HAL and we just love the leisurely breakfasts in HAL dining room. Princess has the International cafe which is outstanding, HAL has nothing anywhere near as good. HAL is better for promenades, Princess promenade decks are a bit chopped up. Still a bit of an older crowd on HAL. It didn’t bother us in our 30s and we fit right in now in our 70’s 😁 Either choice will still be a great time. Enjoy.
  23. We have several cruises booked for 2022. If full vaccination of all passengers (including children and crew) is not required for these cruises we will be cancelling.
  24. 14 day Alaska 2022 Vancouver return. Been there several times but its always wonderful. For now leaving from our home port will do.
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