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  1. It never dawned on me to bribe the maitre d'. There was no one else waiting for a cancellation or no show. Seems like a good way to make a passenger happy.
  2. One time, when we decided last minute that we wanted to eat in a specialty, we spoke to the host when it opened, waited 15 minutes and were seated when people without reservations didn't show up.
  3. Andee


    No, DH doesn't eat pork and all the hot dogs at the famous place in Reykjavik were pork. We were disappointed.
  4. Andee


    I agree that a land trip us better than a cruise for Iceland. We did not find it terribly expensive. We stayed in apartments or cottages for reasonable rates; for example, our beautiful, well located apartment in Reykjavik was $108 per night. We ate breakfast in and often picnicked for lunch. We bought alcohol in the duty free shop when we landed and drank at home, rather than in restaurants. I researched restaurants and found lots of good ones that were reasonably priced. Given that tax is included and there's no tipping, a $30 meal in Iceland is equivalent to a $23 meal in NYC. So much if what we did was free or inexpensive that we spent very little on activities.
  5. Andee


    We spent 24 days in Iceland and wish we had planned for a couple more. The beauty and variety of landscape was incredible.
  6. susiesan, you are much braver than I am. The thought of being with a large group of unmasked people in confined spaces is very scary to me.
  7. My concern would be potential noise from having public areas, rather than cabins, above you.
  8. We've decided to take the 125% credit because we're reasonably sure we'd be willing to take a cruise before 2023. I don't think there's a right or wrong, just what you're comfortable with.
  9. We were booked on a cruise to Bermuda in August to celebrate (a few weeks late) our 50th wedding anniversary where we spent our honeymoon and our 25th anniversary.
  10. clo Your comment did not feel at all supportive. LHT28 Perhaps you could have expressed surprise in a nicer way than "Seriously". It's always wise to consider how your posts might come across. I don't think either one of you did that, and now you're just backpedalling.
  11. clo and LHT28, thanks for making me feel like a fool by your comments. That is unkind of you.
  12. No, we didn't cancel. That never occurred to us.
  13. Final payment for our Aug 8 cruise is due today. TA contacted Oceania Friday to see if cruise had been cancelled or final payment date extended. No and No. It seems unethical to me to collect final osymygir an August cruise if FDR says cruises won't resume until LATE 2020.
  14. In September, 2001, Renaissance cruise line went bankrupt 3 days before we were scheduled to board. We contacted Visa and they refunded the entire amount (that we had paid in January) in about 3 weeks.
  15. Completely unrelated to Covid19, several months ago Road Scholar cancelled the trip to Cuba we had booked because our idiot-in-chief tightened regulations, making the itinerary impossible. I had purchased insurance through insuremytrip, which just required a statement from me that we hadn't yet made a claim and documentation from RS that they had cancelled the trip. The full refund of our premium came quickly.
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