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  1. We never arrived 45 minutes late--but it was what we were told. I met with the chef twice--and both times he was very clear that he could prepare low sodium meals that were still well seasoned, had sauces, etc. He failed abysmally. If a dish had ANY kind of sauce or seasoning, they just omitted it. What would you expect my husband to season his food with when the only seasoning available on the table was pepper? I disagree with you about the differences in what low sodium means.
  2. We have been on 3 Oceania cruises since DH's cardiac arrests, lengthy hospitalization, and severely impaired heart function. For breakfast, he will have fruit and oatmeal, a poached egg on English muffin, or made-to-order omelet; we are aware that the English muffins are not the low sodium ones we buy at home. For lunch, he builds a salad from plain veggies (prepared salads are likely to be high in sodium), chooses plain fish or poultry. Limits bread, which is often high in sodium (thank goodness for zero sodium Ezekiel bread at home!). As said earlier, he orders his dinner the day before and the chef makes him a low sodium version. On the rare occasion that we decide to eat in the Terrace Cafe, the maitre d' will get his dinner from the GDR. There is sugar free ice cream every day; DH loves ice cream, but sugar is very closely related to heart disease. At lunch, there are always sugar free cookies.
  3. To us, Terrace Cafe is nothing more than a cafeteria with tablecloths. I admire your ability to re-frame it into something special--but that just doesn't resonate for us. Because he is on a low sodium diet (which Oceania accommodates incredibly well), DH completes his dinner menu a day in advance. If we decide same day to eat in the Terrace, they will bring his dinner up from the GDR, which is wonderful. That leaves me to stand alone in multiple lines while he has a meal in front of him. Not ideal. Generally, the reason we eat in the Terrace is because we don't have enough time to eat in the GDR before an evening activity such as 8:30 Trivia. Going to the Terrace at 7:45-8:00 wouldn't work.
  4. I agree with the recommendation of using a TA. In addition to excellent service, ours pays gratuities and offers a significant refundable onboard credit. From what I've read, that's not uncommon.
  5. We eat there very occasionally on a cruise when we don't have time for one of the sit-down dining rooms. Standing in multiple lines doesn't appeal to us. Thete are times when I couldn't get anything from the grill because there were 15 people waiting in line.
  6. I completely agree with paulchili about booking a cabin low & midships and about taking Bonine (DH uses meclizine, the generic).
  7. We sailed from Deggendorf to Bucharest June 20 to July 3. No rain, but about half of the days were 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which we found miserable.
  8. From the research I did, the Roulottes didn't seem dicey to me at all.
  9. Andee


    We were on an Avalon Danube cruise June 20-July 3. Included tours were in the morning unless the port stop was only in the afternoon. It was miserably hot for about half of the days. We often elected to return to the ship for lunch so we could get cool before venturing out on our own. It definitely had an impact on our sightseeing. We bought a neck thing called "cool downz" at a craft fair in Taos. Didn't help a bit.
  10. For about $100US, we booked a room at Fare Suisse. They picked us up at the ship, allowed us to check in immediately. We walked (10 min) into town for sightseeing, back to the hotel for a short nap, back into town for dinner at the Roulottes, back to the hotel for a shower and change of clothes. They drove us to the airport. We weren't interested in a resort to sit by the pool or beach, so this worked very well for us.
  11. We've used both Dial 7 & Carmel in NYC. Allstate is also often recommended. Haven't used Uber in NYC, but have in lots of other places.
  12. We sailed Deggendorf to Bucharest on Avalon June 20 to July 3. As we were sailing down river, but docked facing up river, turning around was always necessary. We left Budapest in the evening, sailed up river past Margaret Island (passing the illuminated Parliament) and turned around. The cruise director provided narration .
  13. We cruised with Avalon June 20 to July 3, Budapest to Bucharest. Water levels were fine.
  14. I'm sorry you had this experience. We had dinner on a recent cruise with someone who had celiac disease and she was very happy with how her dietary issues were handled.
  15. IIRC, for OLife included excursions, you can book any that cost less than $200.
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