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  1. Andee

    Latest disembarkation time?

    On Marina disembarkation day Jan 3, the GDR stopped serving breakfast at 8am. We usually do what Mary does, but would gave had to get there closer to 730. We elected to go to Terrace Cafe at 8.
  2. Andee

    Latest disembarkation time?

    When we disembarked in Papeete last Feb, 9am was the latest.
  3. Andee

    New ‘Allura’ class ships

    I agree about changing the library and Baristas area. We used both of those areas often on the R ships, once on the O ships. We laugh that, for us, a tub is the most expensive drying rack ever.
  4. We're on the Marina now, boarded Dec 14. I've seen 6 children, but they're hardly ever visible.
  5. Andee

    O Life Choice Perks

    Another option is not to take the OLife at all. That's what we did.
  6. Andee

    Riviera concierge class versus penthouse

    We're currently in B3 veranda cabin on the Marina. So much storage that we haven't filled every drawer or cabinet, even though it's a 20 day (plus 6 days before and 4 after) cruise with temperatures expected to range from 48 to 98. I agree that the closet placement is less than ideal, but one of us gets dressed while the other uses the bathroom, so it hasn't been a problem. Last cruise on the Marina, we took advantage of a great offer to upgrade to a PH. The extra space was definitely wonderful and the walk in closet was much bigger than our closet at home. The included laundry was nice and our clothes came back nicely folded. Never could figure out what to do with the butler other than give him DH's menu, rather than turn it in at breakfast. He did set up breakfast the one time we ordered it in our cabin, but room service would have been just fine. I do miss being able to walk down the hall for coffee first thing in the morning. All in all, we'd only book a PH if it was a big bargain.
  7. I believe that Santiago is about a 90 minute drive from San Antonio.
  8. Andee

    Air Conditioning

    I always find the public areas uncomfortably cold.
  9. We're going on our 6th Oceania cruise next month. DH has never taken a sports jacket and has never missed it. I wear pants or a skirt with somewhat dressy tops.
  10. Andee

    Iceland in June

    We spent 24 days in Iceland a few Septembers ago. We were very glad we had waterproof hiking boots and rain pants. Fleece hoodies, thin down jackets, and rain jackets were also useful.
  11. Andee

    After making dining reservations????

    I keep track. You'll get a reminder card in your cabin the day before, IIRC.
  12. Andee

    Breakfast attire

    Re: coverups, I think it depends on the coverup. Mine is actually a dress, short sleeved, just above the knee, royal blue cotton knit. I'd feel very comfortable wearing it to any of the ship's restaurants for breakfast or lunch.
  13. Andee

    How to spend OBC ???

    Unfortunately, we used it in the clinic. MD visit and lab tests were <$200, which was comparable to the CVS Minute Clinic I went to for the same problem the month before. At CVS, retail price for antibiotic was $4. Marina MD prescribed a way too strong abx for $400. I made a fuss, so he changed it to a $200 med. Submitted to insurance, got reimbursed, so non-refundable OBC effectively became refundable.
  14. Andee

    visas needed??

    We were able to do the photos at home. For one of us DH paid $7 extra for photo help. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  15. Andee

    Announcement about Marina & Riviera

    I wish the library would be reconfigured, Baristas relocated, the casino bar redecorated in a less garish look, the shops stocked differently. Although we like the O class cabins, we much prefer the R class public areas. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app