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  1. I just looked at Eden’s menu on The Beyond’s current sailing and the 3 premium sandwiches are listed with prices. I first noticed the additions when looking at the menus for my Beyond October 20th b2b.
  2. Captain Kate alluded to the name being 5 letters and highest peak. I mentioned Crest, she just smiled and fielded another response.
  3. We on The Beyond in December. I would say less than 5% of passengers had masks. I only saw on crew member who was dusting and washing the handrails have a mask on. There was never a mention of Covid by the Captain, so have no idea if any or how many cases were reported.
  4. We did not notice a reduced menu this could be due to the four dinning rooms being different menus. However being first time Celebrity cruisers I may not have a good comparison, so I will ask around. Thank you. The past menus had 5 appetizers and 5 entrees that changed each day + the 4 dining room specific items.
  5. Thank you ! That will be great ( or maybe not😉) I am curious if the menus will be more extensive on the M &S Class Ships since they don’t have the additional starters and mains that are featured on the E Class ships.
  6. I hope you have a wonderful cruise. We’re on a b2b starting on 1/22. If you have the opportunity, I would like to know more about the limited MDR menu . I wonder if the changes are testing the waters or are the cuts a permanent change. The slimmed down menu looks like all the favorites have been removed . Thank you !
  7. I would be interested to hear what the cutbacks are in the main dining room. Someone on The Beyond now reported a reduced menu. Hope you enjoy your cruise & thank you !
  8. I hope it’s still on the menu for u. Looking at the app for Cyprus on our Beyond cruise in two weeks there is no sea bass insight. Hopefully once onboard the menu will be updated.
  9. I know the app is not entirely accurate pre sailing, but looking at Main dining for The Beyond on 1/22, all daily appetizers and entrees are showing a reduction to only three choices on each. Hopefully someone onboard can say this isn’t accurate and the 5 various selections are indeed intact.
  10. My DH normally asks for 2 lobster tails, but last week the tails were so small that he actually asked for an additional tail. I don’t think this is going to go over very well…
  11. Yes that is exactly what you need to do. Your cabin may or may not be 100% ready. You can also drop off your carry on in your stateroom and put any valuables in the safe such as passports, wallets, cash and jewelry and then head out to the buffet, bars, pool etc. Enjoy your cruise, we are also on this sailing.
  12. I’ll be onboard the trade cruise and will be sure to leave her in good shape. We rejoin the ship December 8th so looking forward to previewing The Beyond for a few days.
  13. I will be on the Beyond naming ceremony two day trade cruise this weekend and have a massive black eye from a fall that occurred on Thursday. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones or sustained serious injury, I uploaded my usual photo and hopefully that will suffice embarking as well as facial recognition upon disembarking. Hopefully the bruising will start to fade in a few days and concealer will be my new best friend….
  14. Good not believe my luck this afternoon , my call was answered in less than two minutes and had a very knowledgeable agent handle and resolve my issues. I usually call first thing in the morning or later in the evening but today I tried @ noon. Hopefully things are improving!
  15. We received same email today. We are up to date vaccinated and already had it validated on their app. I am ignoring it as this has also happened with the last three Celebrity cruises. You would think they would think before sending out erroneous emails.
  16. Same here when I booked speciality for the Beyond cruises, added charge.
  17. Thank you! They look divine. My DH manages at least a dozen each visit and would be sorely disappointed if they were removed from the menu. Here’s hoping they’ll be on The Edge as well. We love Raw & I especially like their “gingertini” which isn’t a martini.
  18. Thank you ! Hope you enjoy the oysters ! My DH had them on 4 occasions in January. They actually keep very well .
  19. If you get a get a chance can you confirm there are still oysters available @ Raw. We are in the Edge in June and I noticed the menu doesn’t include oysters . We always have had oysters on Edge and Apex. I hope this is not another cut back. We were on b2b fabulous Apex cruise Jan/Feb, cruised 28 March on Silhouette and it was night and day difference, we were severely disappointed and decided that was the end of our S class sailings. Hope the E Class continues with what we love about Celebrity.
  20. We had a medical emergency on the prior Silhouette sailing. We made an emergency stop in Kingston Jamaica and missed our scheduled stop in Bimini. Captain George kept us informed and twice announced that it was not Covid related. His last update told us that the patient was doing well and that a Celebrity nurse was with him at the hospital. Hope outcome is the same for this emergency.
  21. We are scheduled(again) for November Hong Kong to Singapore. I read that as well about Celebrity and other cruise lines pulling out of Asia sailings. Someone mentioned Silversea would still sail but minus Hong Kong, which for me would ruin the itinerary. I hope we know soon enough.
  22. Hope you have a speedy recovery. We were on the prior cruise. My DH felt a little achy on Monday and as a precaution we took Covid tests. He is positive and I am testing negative. This was out 5th cruise since restart and we are both fully vaccinated and boosted . I have a feeling there were more Covid cases than we thought on that cruise.
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