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  1. Raburgardt, FWIW I posted recently on this topic. Here's the post: 930 posts July 6, 2004 Tucson, Arizona #9 Posted Thursday at 11:36 AM My wife and I love to dance on cruises, and we find it ironic that as main stream cruise lines build bigger and bigger ships, they reduce the dance venues, both in size and numbers. The best Princess ship for dancing is the Coral. The Island is okay too, but they did away with t
  2. My wife and I love to dance on cruises, and we find it ironic that as main stream cruise lines build bigger and bigger ships, they reduce the dance venues, both in size and numbers. The best Princess ship for dancing is the Coral. The Island is okay too, but they did away with the Vista Lounge as one of the venues. The Grand Class ships are reasonable, but not as good, and the mega ships are worthless. We used to cruise on Celebrity, but the same thing: the Century Class ships (now all sold) were good for dancing. The Millennium Class are okay, but not near as good, and the Solst
  3. As is often pointed out, all of us are different, and luckily there are options for all. Having said that, we used to love the Island and Coral and have many trips on both. Now, having cruised the Island once after the "renovation" (it was a short family cruise), we would only go on it if it were a truly special itinerary. Whoever in magement dreamed up this "renovation" ought to find another career. OTOH, the Coral is wonderful, and is so superior to the Island in every way. Again, to each his/her own. 😀 Bruce
  4. Of course Princess can change what it does on these cruises, but in 2016 the Star was doing round trips Buenos Aires - Santiago (no Antarctica) and an Argentine duo was on board to both perform and give Argentine tango lessons. This year several of the itineraries on the Coral did include Antarctica and they did not have a tango instructor(s) on board. If your ship overnights in Buenos Aires you'd have an opportunity to see live tango, and even though we haven't seen it yet, they could in the future decide to bring on board a tango show. I'll try and post a video from 2017 of
  5. Agree. We'll wait and see, but it's a likely cancel. Ship's too damn big.
  6. Hello Rachel, You've received a lot of advice and diversity of opinion. FWIW, here's some more: We've been on both ships multiple times. You do not need to worry about age of the ships. From what you've said about your kids, I think they'd be happy on either ship for an Alaska cruise. While on the Pacific Princess, evening activities might depend on whether they'd enjoy the shows/entertainers in the Caberet Lounge. During sea days,IMO, there are plenty of activities which you and your kids might enjoy, often led by the six dancers, who participate as ac
  7. I like your thinking, but Montevideo means a day where Coral is not burning fuel cruising, plus Princess earns the coins from excursions. Cha Ching!! I also suspect, believe it or not, that there are probably some passengers who would rather have the day in Montevideo instead of the extra day in Antarctica. I know, I know, I may have a touch of cynicism. 😀 Bruce
  8. FWIW, we have sailed on 5 of the 8 "R" ships, some multiple times, with Princess, Oceania, and Azamara. We think they're great, especially for port intensive itineraries. We just got off the Pacific Princess two weeks ago after a Med cruise and a transatlantic. We were nearly a month in Club Class. There are those who believe CC is not worth it, but we love it. They treat you so well, and contrary to some posters' experiences, we found you could arrive whenever you wanted, all evening, and we found the temperature in the room normal. Though you have the s
  9. FWIW, we have only done private touring at cruise ports for 20 years and many cruises, though occasionally it's been impossible to do a private tour to a specific place (such as the Copper Canyon in Mexico). Many factors are in play and for those who take cruise line tours, I completely understand the reasoning behind taking them. Here are some of the factors we use: 1. Only go with a reputable private tour person or company. In all the years we've only been disappointed once and we didn't set it up. We also normally like to go with very small groups, say about six
  10. Personal opinion only, but I don't think cruise ships are much of a threat to Venice. They go very slowly and have hardly any wake. If you watch the speedboats, water taxis, and other water craft zipping along constantly right next to the walls and pilings, you'll really see how the damage is occurring. Only my opinion, but I think it's politically convenient to blame cruise ships.
  11. April, I agree, but I've never found them on Facebook. We love to dance, and in many, many cruises, they are the best we've seen. Joey is a hoot, they seem to know every song written, they know songs by dance type, and their songs don't last forever. They play for whoever's there. not for themselves. I hope Geoherb can find out how to contact Joey, or find out their future Princess schedule. Bruce
  12. New to Seabourn, but not to cruising. This is an extensive thread, and instead of reading it all, I'll just ask the question: We're doing the Sojourn on September 26th, and made the full payment last week, which is when we booked the cruise. Can a referral coupon be used after final payment? If so, I'm sure we could put one to good use. Many thanks, Bruce
  13. Hello Geoherb, Enjoying your live. Assuming Joey is leading Phoenix Rising, could you ask him if he knows his future schedule with Princess. He and his group are the best! Bruce
  14. Interesting thread, and it appears there is some variance in CC operations. Our experience (CC six or seven times over the last few years; five different ships) is that CC was always open for breakfast in its normal location on disembarkation day. One thing I noticed on our last cruise (Golden/May), was that fresh squeezed juices, and specialty coffees, were finally included at breakfast. I had written to Jan Swartz about how chinzy it was not to include those things for those willing to pay CC fares. Not saying that letter caused the change, but it might have helped. And I cer
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