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  1. April, I agree, but I've never found them on Facebook. We love to dance, and in many, many cruises, they are the best we've seen. Joey is a hoot, they seem to know every song written, they know songs by dance type, and their songs don't last forever. They play for whoever's there. not for themselves. I hope Geoherb can find out how to contact Joey, or find out their future Princess schedule. Bruce
  2. New to Seabourn, but not to cruising. This is an extensive thread, and instead of reading it all, I'll just ask the question: We're doing the Sojourn on September 26th, and made the full payment last week, which is when we booked the cruise. Can a referral coupon be used after final payment? If so, I'm sure we could put one to good use. Many thanks, Bruce
  3. Hello Geoherb, Enjoying your live. Assuming Joey is leading Phoenix Rising, could you ask him if he knows his future schedule with Princess. He and his group are the best! Bruce
  4. Interesting thread, and it appears there is some variance in CC operations. Our experience (CC six or seven times over the last few years; five different ships) is that CC was always open for breakfast in its normal location on disembarkation day. One thing I noticed on our last cruise (Golden/May), was that fresh squeezed juices, and specialty coffees, were finally included at breakfast. I had written to Jan Swartz about how chinzy it was not to include those things for those willing to pay CC fares. Not saying that letter caused the change, but it might have helped. And I certainly agree that the attitudes (generally terrific) of the servers in either Sabatini's/Crown Grill or CC make a big difference in the breakfast experience.
  5. We disembarked Golden Princess on Saturday May 4th. Ship arrived as scheduled at 7 am, and disembarkation began at 7:30. Traffic was light, and using Lyft we were over three hours early for our 11:50 flight at LAX. HOWEVER, ours was a transpacific cruise and we cleared immigration/customs in Honolulu so didn't have to face that hurdle at San Pedro. I find immigration delays at US ports (could be foreign ports as well) to be the biggest unknown. We've been delayed for this reason several times. Keep this in mind along with the other factors others have mentioned.
  6. Hi Paul, That has always been our experience over the years. BUT we just got off the Golden on a transpacific, where some were on board all the way from Melbourne to Vancouver. We were on the segment Auckland - LA, which was 19 nights. Guess what? No wine package offered. I asked a variety of staff. Said it was dictated by shore side. Plus the prices of many wines are higher than even last year. Real nice to have a captive group and sock it to 'em. One change from anything I've noticed in the past is they had it in print (and observed it) that one could bring on board two bottles per port, not just on embarkation. They also didn't seem to mind our bringing on liquor. Interesting. I actually drank less wine per night than probably any other cruise I've taken. I've always bought the Gold wine package, but this time I had to make adjustments. I suppose the Princess accountants know if they got more money out of me this time on wine, but I doubt it. Bruce
  7. If the Coral were to do the RTW, we might be interested. The Island, no way!
  8. Charles, I opened this thread this morning (as I do every day) expecting to catch up. Here I sit stunned and shocked, scarcely believing what I've read. Gail and I have the same relationship, and I could not bear her loss. Later this year on the Pacific Princess, our first dance will be in honor and memory of you and Judy. With a heavy heart, and sending love from the two of us, Bruce
  9. Charles, we feel the same way. We only had them for 17 days in December, but wish they could be aboard every future sailing we do. This has to be a better gig for them than in Romania!
  10. We were on an "R" ship at Grand Turk (only two spaces opposite each other on the pier). Opposite us was a HUMONGOUS Carnival ship. When walking back along the pier the size discrepancy was amazing. I mentioned this to someone walking along pier with us, and he said, "Yeah, we're on a real, if not life size, ship." Charles, you obviously have more "pull" with Reid than we did. We would have loved to have had them up there for an evening. Wood floors beat carpet any day! And FWIW, we like "PP". We've used that with fellow cruisers for many years. Bruce
  11. Hello Charles, Gail and I did the December Transpacific with these two duos, and we had a wonderful time with them. We danced on the carpet every night. We asked Reid if we could move the tables back a bit, and he had no problem with that, though the night crew always returned them to the original positions. After a few days, when Daniella saw us come in, she automatically moved her music stand back to give us more room. FWIW, I get my dancing shoes on line, and immediately take them to a cobbler and have the heels replaced with leather ones. You could have that done during the cruise. We also asked Reid if the Domino Duo could sometimes play upstairs (or even in the Universal Lounge), and he was receptive to the idea, but it never happened. We mostly did our single time swings, east coast swings, and west coast swings with 2 Cool. They sometimes played cha chas, rumbas, etc, and can indeed play other rhythms if asked. Since Reid is still CD, you can probably expect a tea dance or two. We only had one, but it was very popular. Also I would imagine they'll do a "dancing with the cast" show, and you should do that. It was very low key, and the audience loved us older folks trying to keep up with the "kids." We envy you, Bruce and Gail. <--------------- Pls mention us to the Domino Duo
  12. Aha!! No wonder you had trouble with dancing opportunity. He's very inflexible, even when presented with ideas, and he could care less about those who like to dance.
  13. Charles, How we relate to this! You would think it would be obvious to an Entertainment Director, that when there are lots of dancers on board, the Universe Lounge would be a natural place to use -- at least sometimes. The Wheelhouse is too small, plus they put tables, a couch, and chairs on the dance floor. Explorers is not bad, but the dance floor can get quite crowded at times. Princess has gone to the trouble to separate the Cruise Director and Entertainment Director into two positions, but we've been disappointed with some EDs who don't open their eyes, and who don't respond to passenger suggestions (we've had one twice who could care less). Like yourself, we have asked for recorded music in Explorers before early dinner (obviously only if Explorers is not being used for another function). When done, and when the recorded music is good ballroom music, dancers start to use the opportunity. And what a difference the one time we got the Universe Lounge used at night -- the band loved it as much as the dancers!! We have always accepted that ballroom dancing is not for many, but some cruises have lots of dancers (plus others who enjoy watching) and Princess can do a better job. Not taking anything away from the EDs who do a great job. FWIW, Bruce
  14. Isn't it wonderful that we are all different and have different perspectives? We love the Coral, and continue to sail on her. We loved the Island, but having cruised her post-refit (it was a family cruise), it was sad to observe the changes. The cruise was fine, and we are glass half full people. However, unless the itinerary is compelling, it's unlikely you'll see us on the Island again. Just like Paul, and others, we hope the Pacific Princess remains in the fleet for many years. Bruce
  15. After his vacation, Oscar is going to the Crown Princess
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