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  1. Thank you Graham and others for your kind wishes. Graham, loved the pictures of Chewton Glen, a friend is getting married there in July, hopefully after the restrictions are lifted but they have decided that they'll restrict the numbers to 30 rather than having additional guests in the evening (rules allowing). They then don't have to worry whether the evening celebration will go ahead - and all that money they'll save! I notice you have Dorset in your information. My husband and I owned a cottage in Bourton in Dorset until last October when we in fact sold it to our neighbours who were do
  2. I've been following this thread with interest. Up until Autumn 2019 my husband and I had cruised with P&O on over 30 cruises with a couple on Fred Olsen and one on Cunard. At that time we weren't sure that we would continue with P&O because they were obviously going the route of larger ships. We were very happy with Oceana and Aurora and also Arcadia. We probably cruised on Oceana more than any other ship, we loved the aft mini suites. We had two cruises booked with Saga but unfortunately my husband became ill and then we had the Pandemic so both those cruises got cancelled. Sadl
  3. We did a transition of the Corinth Canal when we did a cruise on Oceana in Autumn of 2018. We drove to the canal, then got aboard a small boat to take us down the Canal. Then we had to go through a sort of lock, out into the sea but then turned back and came back through the Canal again. It's very impressive. I think we then had time in the shops there and had a coffee and snack I think. We certainly enjoyed the trip.
  4. I remember Cruise Connections. It was a good forum for everything P&O. It also meant that if you went onto the P&O website when you were away on a cruise you could access the website, then go into your account on Cruise Connections and send and receive messages without cost - it didn't cost to access the P&O website. So if you gave your family your log in details they could get into Cruise Connections and read the messages you'd posted about your cruise - naughty I know. Eventually of course P&O caught on and Cruise Connections ceased!
  5. Agree with you about Lainston House, lovely tea there, plus a glass of champagne if you wish. We had my elder daughter's wedding reception there - a day near the end of November so it was decorated for Christmas, a magical day!
  6. I haven't seen the postings for the last couple of days so have been catching up. As far as bins are concerned we only have two bins, blue for recycling and green for the normal waste. We also have bags for garden rubbish which are collected on the same day as the blue, recycling bin. We can't dispose of bottles in either bin so they have to be taken to a bottle bank. Our bins are collected alternately, green one week, blue the next. There are no separate facilities for food waste. Generally our collections are good, on a Friday morning about 7am. We have friends in Dorset and they
  7. Oceana is one of our favourite P&O ships, been on her seven times now. Yes the balcony cabins are small but if you can manage one of the aft mini suites or, even better, one of the 6 aft full suites, they are amazing. Just to clarify the aft minis are very different from the mid-ship minis. The mid-ship ones are two balcony cabins set together so the balcony is very long but very narrow. The aft mini suites are very large with very deep balconies - we've had ten people out there with no problems. The full suites' balconies are even larger. We love Cafe Jardin, particularly for breakf
  8. When things do start up again I wonder if we'll see more people wanting a Southampton to Southampton cruise - in other words not fly cruising. Maybe the extra concern about flying and then if there is any problem having to be repatriated might make people think about going from Southampton in the first instance. We are over 70 and would hate to think that we'll never cruise again. We certainly wouldn't fly but going from Southampton, which I've always preferred anyway would be a possibility.
  9. If I ignore the whole worry about the virus then yes I could enjoy a cruise with no stops. I had a similar sort of experience on Oceana back in 2010. At the end of the previous October I broke my ankle and was in plaster until the beginning of January 2010. We had a cruise booked for the end of January - a fly cruise to Acapulco then through the Panama Canal into the Caribbean and return from Barbados. My Consultant advised me to go, no reason why not he said. So we went. I was lucky in that we were sitting right at the front of the plane so I was able to put my leg up which helped. I'd
  10. We have had suites on Azura, Ventura and Oceana and have never found the Butler intrusive. In fact the opposite, they have always been exceptionally helpful. We have never asked them to pack or unpack for us. When they bring the canapes each evening (yes the canapes do seriously need upgrading) they ask if we want to have breakfast in the cabin - if we do then we can choose anything from the main restaurant menu, including hot food and the butler will bring and serve it at an agreed time - lovely to have on the balcony in sunny weather. The butler will also serve lunch or dinner if you wis
  11. Jennizor, thanks for that. I have the Nigellissima book but haven't tried that one, will do so when I've got someone other than my husband to cook for. The trouble with puddings meant for more than two people is that we eat it all!
  12. We're coping thanks Andy. My husband, a usually incredibly active person who never had a day's illness in his life until a year ago has been laid low with this horrible illness which attacks healthy blood vessels and nerves, not incurable and can be stabilised hopefully to avoid any further damage, but it's a slow process. We're lucky in that we have a daughter who works very near us and she sorts out prescriptions etc. We're on the Ocado priority list - I've used Ocado since I broke my ankle over ten years ago and have found them really good so that's been useful. So we cope and just think
  13. I phoned Saga eventually after the Manage My Booking said we had no cruises booked and got through very quickly. Yes it was all done, got given the booking number - which I think my husband had been given and forgotten about it! Anyway, now able to access it online and also as we took Saga Insurance with the booking that's been approved too. I didn't go into the whole Covid 19 business, time to worry about that when/if cruising starts again. Ours was a transferred booking rather than a new one.
  14. Thanks Andy. I think we must live very near to you. Warsash is about two miles up the road from our village. I lived in Warsash in Newtown Road when I was teaching many moons ago. It was a bungalow just opposite the Nautical Bookshop which I don't think is there any more.
  15. Love the Beef Wellington but it has to be medium rare, although if it's in the MDR I'll often ask for Rare as sometime the medium rare is more like medium, I like it pink. If however, I have a steak in The Glasshouse or Epicurean - the best of all - I'll ask for medium rare. I'm finding it really challenging to keep coming up with supper dishes a) that I have the ingredients for and b) that my husband, who is on medication, will be tempted by. Last night I actually made tinned salmon fishcakes a la Nigella, very good too. Tonight we have a family Zoom call coming up so it will be an easy s
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