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  1. annieuk

    flying tui to barbados

    Certainly the last time we flew with Tui to Barbados I had to make sure my hand bag was inside my carry on bag and they checked the weight so you just have to be prepared. It does make me cross however, when I see someone with an obviously heavy wheeled case being taken on to the aircraft as their carry on bag - never was that 5kg! I don't know how people get away with it unless they have someone else with them with their bag and then take it from them once they're checked in. Only once have we had our hand luggage checked at the gate before we were allowed through to board the plane, but it has happened.
  2. annieuk


    We have always had an updated statement from P&O via our Cruise Agent when my husband's Shareholder's OBC has been added to our original OBC. We've never had a problem. I always take the latest Statement with me on board just in case but I've never had to produce it.
  3. annieuk

    flying tui to barbados

    We have flown with Tui to Barbados to join a P&O cruise and I have paid to take an extra case - paid for extra weight and it's up to you how you divide it between cases and as has been said it's fine as long as no case exceeds 23kg.
  4. annieuk

    Azura - C748 and C749

    We've been in both those suites and would certainly choose them again. There is no beam through the balconies and we never had an issue with soot. There is noise from the thrusters when leaving and arriving in port but this only goes on for a few minutes and we never found it a problem. For us nothing beats being at the back of the ship overlooking the wake and these cabins are much more spacious than the midship suites on Azura and Ventura. We've been on C749 on Ventura too and the same applies.
  5. annieuk

    Ventura 60's/70's theme evenings

    You can certainly ask for a gin or tonic, or any other drink come to that. The wine waiters don't like having to go to a bar to get them as it all takes time, that's why they prefer to serve only wine but they will certainly do that if that's what someone wants. On our last cruise on Aurora I occasionally asked for a gin and tonic at dinner and it was served with a smile. One of my table companions asked for one regularly.
  6. annieuk

    Direct or agent?

    I agree with Jean. Particularly if booking when a cruise first goes on sale, which we usually do, booking through a good Cruise Agent means you can choose the specific cabin you want, or at least give the agent a list of cabins from which to choose. On Monday our TA phoned me at 9.20 and had managed to secure my first choice of cabin for a summer 2020 cruise. It's very rare that she's not been able to secure one of my first three choices, usually the first choice. If people pre-register with P&O all they get is an assurance that they will get a cabin in the grade they want. That's not good enough for me. We get all the usual P&O discounts plus our TA's discount and this time a Double Discount from our TA was on offer so that made things even better, plus it was a Peninsular cruise so that was the icing on the cake - yes I know anyone booking direct with P&O would have got the Peninsular discount too. I have always had good service from my TA so will continue to use them.
  7. We are now Baltic level and pre registered so booked on the day bookings opened. I looked at the cruise we've booked today and the price has already gone up a significant amount. We are fussy about choosing our own cabin and my TA got us our first choice - very pleased.
  8. annieuk

    Mini Suites on Oceana

    I agree, we've never found a lack of sun at the stern, in fact in the Caribbean when it's got too hot we were able to move back on the balcony into some shade which was very welcome - this is possible because of the depth of the balcony. The noise from the thrusters only comes when the ship is docking and then only for a short while so only when the ship is coming into a port or leaving at the end of a visit, certainly not long enough to be a nuisance - well not to us anyway.
  9. annieuk

    Rumours again....

    We wouldn't be interested in a drinks package either. We might have a drink before dinner, occasionally after dinner, never with lunch - well not often anyway and then my husband will usually have a glass of wine with dinner and I'll often just have something like Elderflower Presse so no way would we drink enough to warrant a drinks package. Apart from alcohol I will have a double espresso with a jug of hot milk occasionally (odd maybe but that's the nearest I can get to the Nespresso I have at home). We would normally take a bottle or maybe two of Pimms on board with us - only because they don't sell it by the bottle on board but only an individual drink at a bar or a can from the mini bar the price of which is extortionate - maybe that's why they don't sell it by the bottle. I would have expected a British cruise line to sell a bottle of Pimms - a very British drink.
  10. annieuk

    2020 bookings

    Yes I would think we are all top tier. We got our first choice this morning too - with a TA, not P&O direct.
  11. annieuk

    Pre registered

    Just had a call from our TA who has got us our first choice of cabin for the Aurora Norway and Iceland cruise in July 2020, very pleased. That does seem to be a great advantage booking through a good TA rather than P&O who will only guarantee the grade of cabin and no specific. We gave our TA a list of six cabins which would be our preferred ones and she got us the first choice - which she usually seems to manage to do.
  12. annieuk

    Mini Suites on Oceana

    Another vote for the aft mini suites on Oceana - our favourite cabins on P&O apart from the aft suites on Oceana! The ones on C deck - C744 and C747 have the largest balconies. The midship minis are completely different from the aft ones. They are like two balcony cabins joined together so have a long, narrow balcony whereas the aft ones have much deeper balconies so you can have a table and 4 chairs out there easily, plus the loungers. We'd go for the aft ones every time - we have seen in a midship mini when we joined some friends for a drink and were convinced we had much more room, both inside the cabin and certainly on the balcony.
  13. annieuk

    Rating the ships

    Those I've sailed on: Aurora, Oceana Oriana Arcadia Azura Ventura Britannia and Iona too large for us.
  14. Absolutely agree. We enjoy getting to know our table companions and when we arrive at the table each evening it's good to be able to say - "How did you enjoy your trip to......?" instead of going through the monotonous exchanging of names, where we come from, how many times we've cruised etc. As has been said, that's what happens at breakfast and lunch - if you take lunch in the main restaurant - but at dinner it's pleasant to meet up with people you have got to know. We've been on over 20 cruises now and never had a table of people we can't get on with - always table of 8, second sitting. I know some people, especially younger ones, have a horror of meeting up with people they don't get on with but it's never been a problem for us. However, I agree, eventually Club Dining will disappear, hopefully not in the near future.
  15. My husband did this tour on, I think, Oceana and thought it worth the money. It took most of a morning, went to all areas of the ship, behind the scenes in the theatre, through the dressing rooms, talked to the Headliners, obviously to the galley, only place they didn't go was to the engine room itself although they spoke to the Chief Engineer. The tour ended up with the Captain with drinks and, according to my husband, wonderful canapes. I didn't do it as I'm not too good at staying on my feet for a long time. They were given mementos of the tour, can't remember exactly what, photo of them all with the Captain and as a follow up we got invited to the Captain's cocktail party. He was a bit worried about the price as to whether it would be worth it but said that it certainly was.