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  1. Along the lines of mfanderso, My guess is that the Caribbean Princess will replace the Sky princess for its October New England cruises and the repo down to Fort Lauderdale on Nov 4th. Those cruises are still listed by not for sale. I think CB steps in and assumes those itineraries. Sky Princess cruises from FLL resume for sale for departures starting Nov 20th and beyond, I my guess is that is when it will arrive in the area. Don
  2. We got burned once on the non refundable deposit. Did not submit final payment on a cruise we knew would not be going. Lost the deposit, even though the cruise did not go. So, no, will not be booking Carnival again until the landscape completely changes and there is some level of confidence that cruising is fully back on track. Don
  3. Also scheduled for same ports same ship in January, but we will not make final payment as Canada still has not opened the border and there is still a 14 day quarantine afterwards which neither of us can do due to work requirements. So no cruise again.... Don
  4. Royal does not so much have mini golf as a putting green. Just a number of holes to practice in rather than a course laid out. Don
  5. hmm - I called this week to try and move our January Cruise - and was told, yes I could move my deposit and not lose it - but there was a $50 admin fee per person. Hmm. Our deposit under early saver fare was only $50 per person - so how exactly is that helping me not lose my deposit? Still costs us the small amount of money we have in to move it. So I decided to let it roll. Maybe they will cancel our cruise before final payment, and if not, we will let it die as it still costs us the same as moving it. Don
  6. When cruising re-opens, it will be measured and careful. Not 100% risk free, of course, but not the same as it was when cruise ships were COVID incubators. Don't like it - just wait it out. Come on people - calm down. You who think all should conform to your idea of what is best - that is both sides - masks and no masks - need to take your foot off the accelerator and stop panicking. We need to quit forcing our fears on others. This has been said before - but we are sacrificing the future of the next generations with huge debt to protect our elderly today. Hmm -
  7. I am in cruising withdrawal. I will follow all those restrictions and still go. In fact - we have a Caribbean cruise booked for November of 2021 and I already have 7 shore excursions reserved out of the 10 stops. And one of the remaining stops is Princess Cays so no excursion likely needed for that one. The other two stops I have plans for a do-it-yourself day - but can change those plans if needed. By Nov 2021 hopefully cruise only excursions will no longer be necessary - but who really knows, and if so, we are already well set. By the way - have a boatload of
  8. I cancelled our January cruise on Tuesday. FCDs were set to expire in Nov. I requested an extension while still on the line with Princess rep. She said she had a request form to fill in - she said she completed it and I should see the result on my Princess account. Thursday I saw the FCDs expiry was extended 2 more years - to Nov 2022. Don
  9. Carnival is still not giving up hope of cruising in November. I would assume the other brands are waiting to see how things go and if cruising can somehow open up on a very limited basis in the US. If that does occur, it would likely be short cruises to the Bahamas. All the brands that specialize in a bit longer cruises would then see how things go and adjust their itineraries as needed to conform to requirements. So I would guess we wont hear much until the CDC makes an announcement on their next move, and then if their is an opening, how Carnival responds. Don
  10. If the cruise field leans out some more in the coming months, CCL could be poised to come out of this strong - but not for a while. If capacity continues to reduce, and demand returns, the profit margin for those still in the game will increase post COVID. But there will be huge debt to overcome before the value of the company rises significantly. Tragedy is opportunity. Don
  11. I get the same issue all the time on my home computer - which is old and no longer receives system updates because it is operating on an old version of windows (can't even recall if it is vista or XP or Win 7). I attribute the issue to non compatibility because all displays fine on my newer laptop that I take to work. There are other sites I visit that no longer work quite as they should as well. Don
  12. cancelled our Jan 2021 cruise today. The FCD's expire in Dec. Already have 2 other cruises booked for late 2021, so wont be booking anything else for a while. I asked for my options and the princess rep told me I could have them extended, so that is what I did, giving me another year to use them. Could have requested a refund - but figured might as well keep them active and see what becomes of cruising. Don
  13. We like PC no matter if it is first or last. Other than the fact that the water temp is a little colder than the other Caribbean stops, it is a great beach day for those who like beach days - and that is us. No cost, no transportation issues, no hassles. Yes, for those who like to tour instead of snorkel and swim, it may not be your ideal stop, but for us - it is the tropical dream. I guess I do prefer that it is the first stop because, as I mentioned, the water is a littler colder, and I tell myself - it will only get better as the trip progresses south. More to look forward to.
  14. I consistently have the same problem. I put the cruise on hold and call princess. Can be on hold for a while, but as soon as you get a person, they can apply the CFD and all is well in 5 minutes. Don
  15. HAL does have a very nice transpacific from San Diego to Sydney listed for October 2021. A bit pricey compared with past years, but fantastic itinerary. Oosterdam to Hawaii, Tahiti and beyond. Plenty of port stops. I would be very tempted, but this just isn't the time for us to plan anything too exotic. We will stick with the Caribbean in 2021 and see how that goes, and look to a transpacific for 2022 or beyond. Don
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