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  1. We are also on a Nov '21 Panama Canal cruise that will now be Emerald. Really makes no appreciable difference to us. We were on the Emerald in 2017 and it was fine - a good ship. No issue with this change, as long as the cruise still goes ahead. Don
  2. Checked a number of the cruises on our "watch list". All came up at $50 Canadian per day for princess Plus except one. This one priced out at $37.50 Canadian per day, but I think that may be because the cruise is not selling well. Nov 5th 2021 Sky Princess Tropical TA from London to Fort Lauderdale. We would be booked on this TA but just too much uncertainty regarding COVID restrictions in England for us to make firm plans in that direction. But the base price and the Princess Plus add on is very enticing. We chose a 'safer' cruise from the perspective of the chances of us actually sailing without incredible amounts of COVID hoop jumping (tests, masks border restrictions etc) and the related stress. Probably that's what's keeping others away as well. Don
  3. We did a land based escape room on a trip pre-covid. It was just my wife and me and we completely sucked at it - overthinking things. Supposed to work our way through 3 rooms in 45 min. We had to be spoon fed to get out of the first room. Never saw the 3rd room. And no - our faculties are not yet gone - we are only 59. I guess we just never had any faculties. Some people know how these type of games go and what clues are valid - we were just out of the loop for such a game. We laugh at our incompetence when these escape rooms are mentioned. Don't think I would pay for one again but I can see how others certainly might. Don
  4. In the Old World (Pre-Covid), we always got off anyway - as they usually put on a free shuttle to the mall for a couple hours for pax who were continuing on the next leg of the cruise. They also gave us "In Transit" cards so you did not have to wait in line to check in again or wait in the lounge to board. Once the ship was empty and everyone accounted for, you could just head right back on the ship. Don't know if things have changed. Don
  5. I did it 10 days ago - no problem. Cancelled one excursion and re-booked another minutes later. No issue. I suspect this is simply mis-information or confusion on the part of Princess reps. If not, this would be a serious change in policy apt to alienate far more customers than the recent reduction in useful Captain's circle benefits. Don
  6. Dl'd the newer version and yes - many new options popped up, including dine my way. Thanks. Now, on a separate thread, I read that a new version will be released in early August and I will have to update all this again, but for now, it works. Thanks all Don
  7. Thank you Dreaminofcruisin, the app version is 1.5.7345 Is this the current version? Ocean Now only shows 3 options: Order Now, Drink Packages, and Stateroom Breakfast - and all are slightly grayed out indicating you can only do these things when onboard. Don
  8. Thanks Steelers. First = I am Android. 2nd - No clue what version of the Medallion app I am running - but maybe I am out of date. When I go to ocean ready - there are 5 circles. These 4 are all green: Travel documents, Security Photo, Profile photo, Pin Code. The first one "Ocean medallion and accessories" has a red exclamation mark beside it and has no outline colour. I can never make it to the end of that one before it says the "we cannot access your file" thing and stops me from doing anything further down that trek. I do not see any circle for dining options. Maybe it is too soon? I booked the cruise in May and made full payment right away, even though final payment isn't due until August. We are Platinum. Don
  9. Sorry for my ignorance, but this thread is 47 pages long and I have only read this current page (#47). We do not live in the US, and so, when we set up Ocean ready, once it understands that we must pick up our medallions at the port is says: "great! Your ocean medallions will be available for pickup at the port" When I click "continue", it says "Content Unavailable. We're sorry, the OCEAN network is having some difficulty. We cannot access your details." And we can go no further. Been this way for weeks. We don't sail until the Fall, but others have indicated they have done their dining preferences - we can't seem to get that far. Is this a common issue or specific just to us? Thanks Don
  10. We are only Platinum. The internet minutes were the only perk of any value to us for that level. We didn't need a lot of minutes, just enough to check email and some news feeds each day. But the real value was being able to check-in online for our return flights while still on the cruise to ensure we are seated together. Prior to gaining Platinum, we were separated a few times on our return flights because the seat assignments were virtually full by the time we got to the airport for an old fashioned check-in. We like Princess, and there are other factors that create brand loyalty for us - such as the military OBC, the Future Cruise Deposit OBC, and the shareholder OBC. But the Captain's circle benefits can be filed in the circular file. There is nothing of interest here. Captains circle is dead. Don
  11. I don't see a 10 Nov 2021 Enchantment cruise listed. We are on a different cruise (Crown) but a 10 Nov 10 day sailing would fit perfectly in our plans if it is to be an offering. Don
  12. We are also on the Nov 6th sailing. A few weeks ago, we were scheduled on the Nov 6th Caribbean Princess NY to FLL cruise. I had just commented that I was 75% confident that it would be sailing when the next day we got the cancellation message. So when I say I am 80% confident that the Crown Nov 6th sailing will go as planned, maybe don't take that to the bank just yet. Don
  13. I am a snorkeler/beach person, so for me, though we have been there plenty, my first choice is the Caribbean. Second choice for me would be the TA as I like longer cruises, but my wife doesn't like sea days, so she would choose Alaska. Although we lived in Alaska for a few years and now live in BC, we have not been on the Alaskan cruise. Plan to some day, but when push comes to shove, I always seem to choose a more tropical destination. Don
  14. I sent an email last week - no response. Set a new email this morning.... We shall see. Don
  15. I encountered a similar problem as the OP (less the gift card switch). Paid off our cruise 18 months early to take advantage of the same promotion OP refers to. But when EZ air became available, I had to pay in full to make a reservation. Found no work around. But of note, even though paid and ticketed with seat assignments - it is still refundable up to the 45 day point. Don
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