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  1. Same end of 2021 date for us as well. It has been a great perk, but times are different. The cruise industry is in a fight for its life. If it has to go, at least we have 2 November 2021 cruises already booked for which it has been applied. Wouldn't be surprised to see the shareholder credit also eliminated at some point. I sold our shares already - took it on the chin but not as bad as if i still held them today. Will think about re-purchasing if it looks like cruising is back to business and the OBC offer is still in play. Don
  2. Totally agree, and there are likely lots of people like you feeling the same. I bit the bullet and booked the cruise I want without the benefits of the cancelled cruise, just feeling like that will have to be applied to the next year's (2022) cruise when it finally comes. Don
  3. The offer specifies that it is applicable to summer 2021 bookings and beyond. And it does specify that you can't double dip with this 10% offer and the FCC offer for cancelled cruises. I am intrigued. Our Fall 2021 cruise is already priced attractively, and not likely to be reduced very much unless people are afraid to cruise and demand is low. I Like to save money, and don't even want to consider that cruising may fold its hand completely and declare bankruptcy (if CCL goes under, will any of the other biggies do so as well)? I want to believe we will be cruising next year. I will think on this for a while. We have a month to decide. Don
  4. Agreed, The prices for the Caribbean itineraries are very attractive. Prices had been trending upwards and I had assumed that I would look at the Nov 2021 and later itineraries and be unimpressive by the price - but it was the exact opposite. Am now booked for November and at a cheaper rate than my Jan 2020 Caribbean cruise (still hoping this one will be a "go"), which I thought was a good deal. Don
  5. For our January Florida cruise, we were choosing between Sunrise (Pt Ev) and Sensation (out of Miami). These were the two choices that fit as we would be coming directly off a Princess cruise and then onto the Carnival one. We chose the Sensation because it was heading to Amber Cove and Grand Turks (and was slightly less expensive). Now the Sunrise has replaced the Sensation - so we have the same itinerary on a better ship. Would be a win - if this cruise actually happens. We will wait it out, but with each passing day, it looks less likely. Don
  6. Hopefully that means HAL will cancel our Sept 27th cruise before final payment is due on Wednesday. Don't want to give them more money for a cruise that is not sailing. Don
  7. We have a back to back on Princess and then Carnival in Jan 2021 and my wife wants me to cancel now because of the mess of Florida and the no travel order for Canada. But I want to hold out some hope of a cruise. I will likely cancel before final payment but would sure like to see some positive improvements in the entire pandemic situation before then to cause me to change my mind. So we are giving it two months before we decide. Don
  8. When West Nile virus neared our corner of the world, everyone around here bemoaned that it would spell the death of camping and wilderness experiences. That proved not to be true. When AIDS broke out in the 80s - people thought - that will be the death of public pools and contact sports. Hmm. Sometimes our fears get the best of us and it takes a while to fully assess the effects and transmission of a new "bug". Give it time. You may find that much of our current reaction and strategy is ignorance based. As we come to better understand the virus, we may find ways to manage life with it still around. Don
  9. We have sailed both and although I don't hate the Grand, if itineraries are similar - I would jump for the Regal in a heartbeat. In fact, this change makes me want to consider this cruise. Had it on my favourites but was not seriously considering it because the Grand is just "ok", but the Regal is better, so we will think on this one. Don
  10. I hear you. My wife and I love the same dinner conversations as we get caught up on what our dinner mates have done in the various ports or with their days and vice versa. I think those days will return, but for the immediate future, things will be different. I am willing to sacrifice something of the past experiences in order to still cruise during the COVID crisis, but look forward to a day when talking and mingling with fellow passengers will resume. I still love cruising, and even with masks and social distancing and possibly less onboard programming or activities, believe it can still be a rewarding and memorable experience and look forward to our next adventure. Just hope there are not too many more cancellations before those adventures can once again get off the ground. Don
  11. This thread is 13 pages long and I have not taken the time to read that many posts, so maybe my suggestion has already been proposed - sorry if that is the case. But to restart cruising in a "safer environment" that still contains port stops, what if all the cruise lines got together and shared their private islands so that each cruise line made stops at Harvest Cay, Princess Cays, CoCo Cay, Half Moon Cay, Labadee etc. It wouldn't have the freedom and options of regular port stops, but for a start, it would do and we would sail on such an itinerary, just to get away and enjoy a few beach days along with a cruise. Don
  12. Thank you for the quick and informative answers. In our case, the deposit was only $50 each - so I understand, if we cancel prior to final payment, we will lose that amount. We booked direct with Carnival on the website, so no OBC from travel agents are at risk. But, we booked this cruise as a back-to-back with a Princess cruise on the lead-in side for January of 21. Final payment is due at the beginning of November for both cruises. If the Princess cruise cancels, we will likely not go at all and just eat the $100 deposit (for 2 people). I have seen the fare fluctuate recently, but I don't think it is an early saver fare anymore, so if we re-fared, we would need to up our deposit. But as I understand - only the $50pp would be forfeit if we cancel before final. I really hope both cruises are a go - I am getting desperate to cruise - but one day it sounds hopeful, the next it seems doubtful. Will have to wait and see.
  13. just our second time on Carnival. Question.... On the early saver fare, there is a $50 non refundable deposit. If there is a price drop and you want to re-fare to take advantage of it, do you lose the $50 deposit (per person) each time you re-fare? or is that just lost if you cancel the cruise altogether? Thx Don
  14. The issue regarding "any person with at least one of the following symptoms..." is that it may promote a "don't tell, don't show" response from the cruiser. If you develop a cough but no fever while you are cruising, would you report it and get dropped off the cruise mid point? I think this kind of tight "catch all' symptom watch will keep most from reporting any illness until it is too late. Don
  15. The clamshell rentals can get a little hot or stuffy with poor air flow - depends on the day. There are some free loungers under shelters near the buffet lunch area (to the left when you get off the tenders). We try for an early tender so we can get some of the free shade. The beach there is good - - but there is a bit of a steep first step or two into the water (just a sharp sand drop of a foot or so that makes it a bit challenging for real little ones.) There is some decent snorkeling at this area as well. Don
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