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  1. Thank youninja cat, that does help, but unfortunately, no OBC listed, just my pre-cruise purchases. It's been over a month, so I will email in the request this time and see if we get any action. Don
  2. Pre-covid, 1130 am out of FLL was about the target time. It was pretty solid. Now - with Covid test results required to be in-hand (or on phone), I simply wouldn't risk it. We are building in more time before flights just for peace of mind and to allow for setbacks. Don
  3. We disembark and embark on Saturday, so sounds like testing at the port is not viable for us. Thanks for all the info. Don
  4. Thanks for the email. If we don't see anything after online Check in on Monday, I will email in the request using the address you provided. Don
  5. Thanks to those who replied with info on how to see the OBC. Monday will be 2 weeks out so we will do our check-in and then see if it shows up. What is the email (for future use) for sending in the request? I know and have used the Princess email for the shareholder, but the form I keep on file just has the postal addresses of the various CCL brands. Thanks again, Don
  6. New to Carnival. How can you tell when the Shareholder request has been approved or not? How can you view the OBC on the cruise planner? I can't seem to locate any reference to it and I did not receive any email about our shareholder request - but I actually mailed the request in the old fashioned way. Thanks Don
  7. I have not heard of this (not that I am knowledgeable in this area nor familiar with Miami). We have been scrambling for the past couple weeks trying to figure out how to get tested between a November Side-2-side (carnival and princess - arrival and departure same day but POM and pt Everglades.) We have a couple ideas percolating but they involve travel here and there and added stress. A test right at POM would be great if it was not absorbent in price ($80-90 seems to be the going rate for a rapid antigen test.) Don
  8. Pro - The head of the medallion project just got promoted to President of PCL. That must mean the medallion is a worry free, hassle free wonderful addition to your cruise experience, designed to enhance the enjoyment and eliminate the stress of your cruise experience before, during, and after your cruise. OK - well at least it unlocks your cabin door... Most of the time. Don
  9. In a similar situation and still looking for a better answer. We get off a Carnival cruise in Miami (early Nov) and then head to Fort Lauderdale for a Princess Cruise same day, and must find a rapid covid test in between. So far, there is a test site at 852 Collins ave on Miami beach (https://fasttestnow.com/booking.php). But I would prefer one that is at or near the Miami airport or the cruise port. It seems that to use the Airport testing centers you must be flying (departing or arriving) at MIA within 2 days. This is what I have read so far, but will call and ask this coming week. Don
  10. To me personally it seems like a waste. Everything comes to your screen these days. Don
  11. ✋One hand up for NFL games and MLB games (and March Madness). It looked to me from past cruises that there was sufficient demand onboard for NFL games on MUTS as the crowds were about the same as when a movie was playing. DW doesn't really care. Don
  12. We are also doing a S2S in Florida in November, and are also from Canada (so the Binax self test idea does not work for us). We are doing Carnival out of Miami first then switching to Princess out of Port Everglades same day. I am still looking for options but plan to call Nomi closer to our departure window to see if we can schedule an antigen test at the Miami airport location on our changeover day. Not sure if it will work, but we shall see what we can set up when we get a couple weeks closer to departure. Failing that, I will look for other options in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas. Don
  13. thx. Hopefully the fact that we are all covid tested prior to boarding gives the govt sufficient assurance of public safety that Cruise pax dont require the visa. Don
  14. Thank you. Just haven't kept up on all the stuff about vaccine requirements, and not sure where to turn for the most up to date info. Hopefully another redundant question that all you well-researched cruisers will know, but do cruisers require a Bahama's health visa for any Bahamiam cruise port stops? Hopefully not, but I cannot readily identify any information that states yes or no definitively. Cruise departs from Miami. Don
  15. Hmmm - Maybe I jumped the gun today, but we booked a cruise for November out of Miami on the Sunrise. We assumed we are both fully vaccinated but we each received one shot of Pfizer and one shot of Moderna. Are we ok or not? Our province (BC) is not currently offering 3rd doses. Hope I did not make a serious mistake. Thanks for your help. Don
  16. At this point the home tests are only available for those who live in the USA, so for us others, Miami airport sounds like a viable option. Our cruise is on Nov 20th, so we will try to book an appointment for that morning at Miami airport before we head to the port. Don
  17. I just tried to use your link (AlbertaCruisers) to schedule a Rapid antigen test in Miami beach where we will be before our cruise and the link requires an address, and says only US addresses are accepted. Not sure if it will work if I put in our Hotel address on South Beach. Don't want to pay all that money and find out they won't test us. Then what will we do? Just want some security. We have a few weeks, so will see how things progress. There also appears to be an option to schedule a test at the Miami airport, even if not flying out. Don
  18. I noticed on the La Lida Loca video where Tony takes the at home test, before he is connected to a live supervisor he must fill in a template on the computer which includes the question - what is your home state? If you do not have a home state, can you proceed? Or do you simply input the state you are in when you take the test (Florida for caribbean departures)? Don
  19. Right now, from what I read online at the SDM website, the $40 antigen test is only available in Alberta and Ontario. Don
  20. It's the same with HAL, Carnival, and NCL. Check the prices on a cruise and the next day there will be email contact from the cruise line trying to help me complete a booking. Probably similar with other cruise lines but I don't tend to check them very often. Don
  21. We have not yet given up on our November '21 cruises. I can't say we are optimistic, but we remain open to the chance that we will be vacationing in Florida and cruising from Fort Lauderdale. Have made final payment on two cruises, spaced out by a 4 day interval in between, so would need several COVID tests (4 in total times 2 people = 8 tests -- we are flying in 5 days before our fist cruise so this flight plus the two cruises plus the return = 4 each)). This is a considerable added expense but if it works, and if insurance is satisfactory, and if the ships sail, and if the ports receive passengers, we might still sail. Don
  22. I was absolutely confident about our Fall 2020 cruise when the pandemic first hit. It was still 8 months away - come on, the thing will run its course like any flu bug and be in the rear view mirror by then. Then, when that got cancelled, it was a sure thing for Jan 2021 and we made our bookings. Of course we will be back up and running like old times by then. That notion quickly evaporated. Hmm, this will take a bit longer, so we planned for Nov 2021 - certainly we would be in the clear by then. Hmm... not looking great. Some of our plans have collapsed, others are on shaky ground. And we also have bookings for Nov 2022 that there was NO WAY Covid would interfere with - how could it still be a thing after a successful vaccine roll out? Sigh.....
  23. We have the same thing with our St Marten stop in Nov 21 on the Sky (same time in port as yours). So, we will be up early, taking an excursion from 730am to 1130am. We will then eat lunch on the ship and then head into Great Bay beach on our own or over to Little Bay beach for the afternoon. To me - it's a win win. Excursion plus beach time. Don
  24. Final Payment for our first of 2 November 2021 cruises is due tomorrow (Sunday). We made final payment on this cruise, along with another which occurs 4 days after the first one finishes up. Lots of thinking and rethinking. We (I) really want to cruise. DW is not as enthusiastic in this environment of uncertainty. Will we need to get tested prior to each cruise? Cost? Location? Timing? Will we need to get tested to return to Canada? Can we get insurance? Will another COVID variant dominate the field in November? Too many uncertainties to make me feel comfortable about this cruise, but we will hold on and hope.... for now. p.s. we are vaccinated with Pfizer/Moderna which I have read is acceptable under the Princess Policy. Don
  25. We are also on a Nov '21 Panama Canal cruise that will now be Emerald. Really makes no appreciable difference to us. We were on the Emerald in 2017 and it was fine - a good ship. No issue with this change, as long as the cruise still goes ahead. Don
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