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  1. We got off the enchanted princess this morning and boarded the Caribbean princess 90 minutes later. We had sailed on the Caribbean 4 times previously (all before COVID). Our last 6-8 cruises have all been on royal class princess ships. So, today was a step back in time. We had forgotten the layout of this ship. We will of course enjoy this cruise, but there is certainly no wow factor. We snickered at the very outdated bathroom in the room. The walls are very thin and we can hear everything around us. Venues are all much smaller, but of course there are also fewer on board. There are some musty smells in certain areas. The buffet has significantly less choice. There are no usb outlets in the room and only 2 plugs (both very close together so that an adaptor covers both when plugged in). The door to our room is slightly warped. We would sail on this ship again if itinerary was right, but all things being equal or nearly so, we would choose to sail on a royal class or sun class princess ships over the Caribbean Princess or any of her sister ships.
  2. Yes. Should have mentioned that we booked the 3rd night on day 9 of 14.
  3. Just to confirm, with premier there is no charge for spec dining. Your folio does not even list the event so you do not have to pay out of pocket for the gratuity for your first 2 meals. After that, you pay the same as everyone else. We added a 3rd night, sabbatinis, and our folio was charged $41.30 per person, so it is the list price plus 18 percent.
  4. Just to answer one of the questions of this thread. We are currently on Enchanted on our second week of a 14 day cruise. We booked it as one cruise with premier package, though it was also bookable as 2 seven day cruises. We only got 2 specialty dinners each for the entire 14 day cruise. We booked a 3rd night of specialty dining just to see if it would be charged, (we were prepared to pay if charged) and yes it was charged to our account.
  5. The app is all gimped up for us on our current cruise. Among other things I was unable to make any spec dinner reservations at all. It just kept saying "error...". Did that for many things. I think we confused it because we had three in our room for the first leg of a back-to+back and two in the room for the second leg. Anyway, when we arrived in our room on turn around day (after clearing customs), there was a note in our room with two spec dinner reservations made on our behalf for the premier package. One was for Rudi's and the other for sabbatinis. Pretty sure we could have asked for venue or timing changes, but we decided to just go with what they set up for us. So far, worked out fine. We ate at Rudi's tonight but have not yet done the sabbatinis night.
  6. OK, It's as close to being a scam as possible while still being a "legit" offer. I would not touch this, but then I would not touch a time share either.
  7. Cruising is still great. Couple differences I can think of: 1) Prices are higher. Gratuities are also up. 2) Free internet minutes have been replaced by 50% off daily or cruise long internet packages (which are also more expensive) 3) Dining reservation system has changed and is app based. 4) Steamers and Planks now alternate nights rather than having both open each evening. 5) few small differences in loyalty perks 6) Coffee card is no longer available 7) Princess Plus and Premier have access to dining options that are now pay venues for non plus cruisers.
  8. I have noticed these age restrictions popping up more and more. We are doing the ship excursion for ATVs in Costa Maya (with Princess). It states max age as 65. We are 61, but have noticed these restrictions on some snorkeling excursions as well. have never seen them before - at least not commonly. Seems to mean that once you hit 65 or 70 - its only bus rides (Blah). I just cancelled our jet boat excursion in Cozumel as it had a weight restriction as well (max weight 240lbs - also max age 70 years). I am 250lbs. Grr. We did a jet boat excursion in Australia last year and had a blast (certainly didn't have a weight limit that low). But I didn't want to have a problem if they actually called me on the weight.
  9. Yes - April 6th Enchanted. But it was my lowest bid. I bid on 4 categories and only had a minimum bid on the lowest upgrade - an Oceanview (there are only 6 of these rooms). But that is what we got. Satisfied.
  10. We are also booked for a 14 day (booked as a single voyage but bookable as 2 7 days). Our summary also says specialty dining two nights $117.60. I thought dining was $39 per night plus 18%, but that figure does not fit in as a factor of 2 or 4 into $117.60 We sail in April, so if someone has not provided the first hand experience definitive answer by then, I will let you know how it turned out for us.
  11. Plenty of testimonials on CC about supposed call backs from supervisor that never materialized. Princess call center is useless.
  12. Well, I would have said they are potty trained (they are twins - 2 and a half years old), but the boy had an "accident" at our place on Saturday, so they are certainly not 100% yet. We will have to see how things progress.
  13. Hmm. Ok thanks. Guess I never paid attention because I never had to before. We are on the enchanted, but it is probably the same situation.
  14. Wow - Nice way to come back to cruising - this is a bucket list cruise for many. As far as boarding, we have only done it once at San Pedro. There should be at least two lines to check in - Green and Blue - with someone at the front of the lines asking if you have your medallions or not and then directing you to the appropriate line. After security and check in, if you are not in a full suite (or have status - which you indicated you do not), you will likely be directed to a seating area to wait until you can actually board the ship. Best time to arrive? Perhaps subjective, but many like to get onboard as soon as possible and "start vacation mode". So early arrivals will get to the port around 930 or 10 am, but may have a wait before they can get checked in. By 10:30 or 11am, the peak number of guests will be at the port and in the line or waiting area in some fashion. It can be a bit of a zoo at that time, but these cruise companies and ports are pretty efficient at moving people. Usually actual boarding starts around 1030 am or so, but can be delayed by customs inspections etc. If you arrive after noon or so, line ups are minimal, and it is often a short wait or no wait to get on board.
  15. We have had 3 or 4 Princess excursions cancelled. Sometimes a day or two in advance, sometimes while waiting for it to commence. Disappointing, but these things happen.
  16. I could certainly be wrong but I thought it was the opposite. I thought it was the forward pool by the sanctuary that was adults only and the aft pool was for anyone? We are sailing in two weeks with our grandchildren (first time for them - they are only toddlers) so time to figure this stuff out. Don't want a bunch of angry stares if we are in the wrong place.
  17. I would also prefer the mini-golf over the putting green. I remember the Grand having an actual course. Can't recall which other ships have it. My wife isn't really interested in a putting green, but will play me a game of mini golf when it is available.
  18. I have had this exact scenario. My booking showed a credit due back to me when I cancelled the transfers (about a month before sailing) - but it never came. That was in 2021 so I don't think it is coming. Hopefully it was just that they were restarting cruising and accounting was not organized. I should have called and asked after a certain amount of time, but never bothered to.
  19. We enjoy both steamers and planks more than any of the other casual venues on other ships. Hopefully you will as well.
  20. Have you looked at the people getting off a cruise ship in port lately? Just about everyone of them (us) screams "Tourist" without the accompanying Princess Bag. I don't think we are fooling anyone by leaving the bag in our room.
  21. The reality is that cruise lines have been trimming their bottom line since COVID. Of course we all know they took a severe hit during the pandemic, and have tightened their belt in small ways - perks, dinning options, loyalty benefits, available items, give-aways etc. So it is easy to pick out what is now less than what used to be and focus on that. But the bottom line is - we still cruise cuz we love it. And we still cruise Princess because we feel they give us the best bang for the buck and are the best fit for our onboard desired experience. By the way - I had not heard that the french onion soup was not a steady menu item on the new Sun Princess. If true, I will have a little cry, but will not be cancelling our booking on the Sun.
  22. They are not always exact on the opening for bidding. Sometimes it is right on the day. Other times it is a day or two later before it actually opens. Some have reported even longer delays before the bidding opens, but for the six cruises we have tracked (only bid on 3, and only successfully on 2) they were all open within 2 days of the stated date.
  23. dlp 1000 - I am not an expert on all this, but from my limited experience, no matter what you initially paid for the category you booked, I think the upgrade minimum bid for the next level will be the same as everyone else in your current category. And no - your loyalty status does not factor into the biding, nor do the packages.
  24. What time do you arrive in Vancouver? If it is 8-10am, I think you will be slow getting through customs and to your gate. If it is a red-eye departure and you arrive 8-10pm, you might do better.
  25. I'm even named after St Patrick, but be that as it may, I would take a seafood buffet over Corned beef and cabbage 🤮
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