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  1. Okay, but the title says "using OBC for both passengers", so that sounds like they both want to attend excursions together and he can pay for his with OBC, but wants to find a way to also pay his wife's excursion as well.
  2. I don't really understand this. How would you reserve two tickets for yourself (assuming you and your spouse are doing the same activity together)? The system doesn't let you do this as far as I know.
  3. You have to call Princess (and hit the button for excursion purchase). Ask them to use your OBC to purchase two tickets for the excursions you would like. I and others have done this multiple times. Alternately, if you have a CVP, maybe he or she could do it for you if you ask them.
  4. And lemonade. Tea/coffee available at all meals. (milk in the morning)
  5. Not the Majestic, but we had a balcony cabin on Enchanted that was 3 rooms down from the Trident Grill on Lido deck. It was perfect. Loved the easy access to everything. When a deck party was ongoing, you could hear the singing from our balcony, but it was not overpowering and never an issue in our room.
  6. Just looking for clarification - it says for all paid beverage items. Wasn't this always the case? If you bought a drink without a package, were you not automatically charged a gratuity as well? I assumed we were, so if not, I guess I have been stiffing the servers for the past few cruises.
  7. If you arrive early (like one of the first two water shuttles or so), there are some loungers available under shade (kind of roofs with no walls that cover maybe 8-10 loungers). There are several of these "shade buildings", but they are snapped up fast. It looks like PC now also rents shade umbrellas (same price as clam shells). I guess the benefit there is that sometimes clam shells get hot because they block the flow of air.
  8. Last time we used them, lockers were $10 per day. But we tend not to use them anymore and just kind of develop a rapport with our neighbors in the next beach chair and ask them to keep an eye on our stuff when we are away and offer to do the same for them. For the most part, it is a relatively safe beach from petty crime as there are only passengers, ship staff, and beach workers there. No guarantees of course, but other open public beaches have higher theft rates.
  9. We were directly over the catch by Rudy or something like that. It was majestic Princess.
  10. Well, we stayed on Emerald deck (Deck 8 ) above the Piazza, but it was a balcony cabin - so not directly overtop of the interior piazza portion. Didn't hear any noise whatsoever, but maybe an interior cabin might.
  11. If you have been at this long enough, you become jaded against just about all "sales". This is the same for all major cruise lines. They play games with the word "sale".
  12. I prefer to do my own arrangements and control my own bookings. No need for a PVP - Until this past year. Couple times pulling my hair out with overseas call center that is of no help whatsoever, and then reading that others have the same experience - so now I use PVP - just because the call center sucks.
  13. My opinion is that there is no extra shore excursion discount out there just beyond the horizon. I recall Princess having a sale maybe 6 or 7 years ago in which there was 10% off shore excursions, but that sale has never returned since, so it feels like a long shot to see it again in the foreseeable future (although I would love to be wrong).
  14. This has happened to us twice now. First one was a 5 hour snorkel cruise from Maui. Price was $99 per person I thought that was a good price. Booked and paid for two tickets. Couple months later we get a refund and see our booking for that excursion is gone and the offer of it on the Princess excursion listing has disappeared as well. Then a couple weeks later it is back on the excursion list now priced at $169 per person. Just left a bad taste in my mouth so did not re-book it. Second time was just a small increase, but still caused me to change plans. Booked a 3.5 hour snorkel cruise excursion in Tortola for $79 per person (5 people going). 2-3 months after booking and paying, I again get refunded and find the reservation gone as well as the listing for the excursion on the princess offerings. Then, couple weeks later, the same excursion shows up for $99 per person. (This one hasn't sailed yet, but I am not doing this excursion just because I don't feel good about the price jump.)
  15. This looks good! OP - Did you go on this segway tour? We are scheduled to be in San Juan in Spring '24 and this sounds like a good fit for us and our touring desires.Any comments good or bad about this company and tour?
  16. Also a pre-covid answer (so things might have changed) but got off on pier 22 after first leg and had to get on at pier 2 for next leg. Because the parking lot is at pier 2, there was a shuttle bus (medium sized bus) going back and forth for those who parked at pier 2. We jumped on with no problem.
  17. Not quite the answer you are seeking, but our situation might give you a bit of insight. We have been on the Royal princess for 36 days now. I caught covid on day 8 of our journey. I felt symptoms coming on and did a self test, which we brought with us. It returned a positive result and I reported is to the medical center (left message on their machine). They did not come and check me out but did call and ask me how I was and when symptoms were first observed. They then took that time as the basis for the start of quarantine and told me I was to stay in our room for 6 days. Each day they called to see how I was doing. My symptoms were no worse than an average cold. They room service were right on top of things. They sent menus to our room and called to take our orders for each meal. Guest services said I would receive a credit for the quarantine period, but I have no idea how much that will be. My wife did not show symptoms. She was not required to test when I reported my positive result. She was not confined to the room (we asked multiple times just to be sure). When my quarantine period ended, they simply asked me if I felt any symptoms remaining, and then asked my wife to test (and she came back negative). So... they are not setting people off the ship anymore, and they are not forcing you to change rooms to some covid isolation ward. All in all, things worked out very well for us. Our quarantine was over 5 at sea days and one day in Moorea. That day was a little depressing as we looked at the beautiful island from our balcony but could not leave the room. But it could have been much worse, and the ship is trying to do their diligence, but not going to any extreme measures with covid. I thought the response was appropriate.
  18. Agree with others. We are just on the second leg of this exact scenario right now. Medallion stayed the same, but mini bar appeared and our onboard account reflected the 10 percent shore excursions credit on the first day of the second voyage. All was seemless. By the way, no pin for elite was given. Not sure if this has been done away with, but means nothing to us anyway.
  19. Frog legs were on the menu three weeks ago on the Royal Pr. Was not brave enough to order them.
  20. We just crossed the Pacific on royal Princess. There were times when the internet was slow, but there were no times when the internet was not working, so big improvement over past years.
  21. Cheapest? You can do it by city bus. We have done it (pre-coivd), so assume it still works, but there are lots of stops in between. There is also (at least there was when we did it) an express bus that goes to/from LAX to the Long Beach transit center. It used to be about $10 pp (probably more now). From that transfer station, you would need to catch the San Pedro city bus route, but there is some walking at the end to get to the port from the bus stop.
  22. We don't mind the deck 17 walking track at all. You get some nice views from it while walking. And if we are in the Caribbean, we like to walk after supper, as the sun sets early. Even if the sun is not down yet, it has lost it's potency for the day and the sunsets can be amazing. Anytime after around 5pm or so feels good enough to walk. If you don't like after supper walks, you do kinda have walk early mornings to escape the heat.
  23. Not everyone's cup of tea, but we are bargain travelers and are able to haul our bags around a bit, so we take the city bus. You have to walk a couple hundred yards from the pier up to the magnolia street bridge and take the #33 bus (or there is one other but I forget the number). The bus stops about 2 blocks from the Amtrak station. $2 per person (maybe less for seniors).
  24. We have had some great post-covid deals for cruising in 2021, 2022, and even the one we depart on in 2 weeks is for us, "the last of the great post-covid deals", though it is not quite the unbelievable deal we got the previous two years. But those deals are over now. It is back to reality. The party is over (on deals). It is not like cruising has become the most expensive mode of vacation travel, but it is no longer too good to be true. Prices continue to rise in a variety of ways (base fares, taxes and port fees, lack of great sales, increased drink and merch prices, increased excursion prices, increased Plus and premium rates, increased Gratuity rates, increased wifi rates, etc). The base prices still come down somewhat if a cruise is not selling well, but the other costs do not. We are still cruising for now, and recognize that the cruise lines have to turn a profit to cover their massive debt, but it was fun while it lasted.
  25. Thanks for the update. Sounds great to hear Steamers/Planks are back up and running.
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