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  1. Yes, enough time, and you don't have to pre-pass customs in SEA, as you will do so in Vancouver, so no delay there.
  2. They say - canned - not plastic bottles, and max is supposed to be 12 per person (a case of soda or similar), and it has to be in your carryon or in your hand (so to speak). We brought on 2 12 packs in Nov at Pt Everglades, we just carried them in our hands, and had no problem.
  3. Yes. 2018. Not a problem then. But no fishing from the ship.
  4. The title of the BSE sale says: 2022-2023 Cruise Deals & Special Promotions Check out our collection of cruise deals! Narrow your search by destination, departure port, duration and more, and find the best cruise deal for your next vacation. /images/global/cruise-deals-promotions/overview-snippet-content/lto-best-sale-ever-hub-768.jpg Best Sale Ever Save up to 35%† on your cruise fare and get 7 Princess Perks^! There is no better time to book your dream vacation than during our Best Sale Ever. You'll find some of our best fares as well as 7 Princess Perks with a value of over $950 per guest on a 7-day cruise. Reserve now with only a $100 deposit1! View Deals When I looked at the Europe sailings that I am interested in for 2024, I see that the sale OBC is not included in these, so I thought that at least for Europe sailings they are not included at this point. But now looking at 2024 Alaskan sailings, they do grant the sale OBC, so I am wrong, at least in part. Maybe after the newness of the European listings wears out, they will also be included along the way.
  5. BSE does not include 2024 cruises, so nothing here for me.
  6. I had similar experience as OP last year, lost $70. Didn't fight it. This our latest cruise last month, we had 2 excursions cancelled near the end of the cruise and didn't spend the OBC that had been earmarked for them and credited back. According to the summary, hopeful to get $350 back (balance was $351), but only my account ever has the refundable OBC ($350 max) and DW's side only has non-refundable OBC on it, so I hope we don't lose out again. The summary "appears" to indicate we will receive $350 back. Will see when it arrives. Don
  7. Yes we did and it was a great day. They do give you maps and draw your route on it for you before you take off, and highlight places you may wish to stop at. We still made one wrong turn but the island is small and most roads get you back to where you need to be so we eventually got back on track. We did the south route in the morning, stopped several times to snorkel, stopped at the slave huts, the flamingoes in the salt flats, the salt mine (which by the way, If you like to snorkel, we snorkeled with turtles right beside the large pier for the salt mine. No cost for that and beautiful water, no crowds.) We finished with a few quick stops along the rugged coast of the windward side. We parked near the cruise port and went back on board for some lunch and a quick refresh and then did the north loop in the afternoon. They will tell you there is a place to turn around before you hit the 1 way road if you don't want to do the entire loop, but we went all the way around. Stopped a few times (1000 steps is a beautiful beach area we would like to return to). We even went off the designated road up to a lookout that was very scenic. Made it back in plenty of time to return the cart and get back on board about an hour before all aboard. Overall, I highly recommend this activity. And they definitely sell out so reserve early. Oh - and they do have some 4 person carts but we rented a 2 person cart. There were no extra costs. Don
  8. You might find they convert your gift cards at a proper exchange rate. I have no knowledge there, but as I recall, there were a few exceptions to the 1 for 1 transfers. Yours sounds like it might be one of them.
  9. Ya, we had our first planned set of Australia cruises set up and booked pre-covid (but they never sailed) and I recall being a pit put-off by the 1 to 1 rate of USD OBC to AUD OBC when I discovered this is how they convert. But this year, in booking for 2023, I knew to expect this and just decided to suck it up as "one of those things". Don
  10. As Canadians, we have never had the option to have medallions shipped to our home address. We can only pick up at the port. My experience with 6 medallion cruises now is that it takes about 30 secs to 1 minute extra for us to get the medallions over those who arrive at the terminal with theirs in hand. The rep simply goes over to a box, thumbs through the file system, and pulls out a bag with our lanyards and medallions. To me it is no big deal. Don
  11. I will add though that if you are doing a pacific crossing that originates or terminates in North America, then your OBC will be in USD. Don
  12. Mud_Shark


    Top Gun was on MUTS. drew the biggest crowd of the sailing for that one. Good movie to watch on the big screen. Don
  13. I believe it is still the same way as it was before COVID. Just about all OBC is 1 for 1 transfer to AUD. I could be wrong, as we don't sail there until 2023, but looking at how OBC is applied to excursion reservations, it certainly looks like all OBC is 1 for 1 AUD. Don
  14. Mud_Shark


    Top Gun Maverick played on our final night on the Enchanted earlier this week. Don
  15. I did same but never got a refund, so eventually contacted PvP. She looked into it and said the funds were simply credited as on board credit (refundable). Don
  16. On enchanted now. 3 games available each Sunday. One each from the morning and afternoon slots, and then the Sunday night game. So far, no choice. Same game on big screen as in the rooms. Have not been to Churchill's so don't know if they have other options in there. Don
  17. 3 games today (Sunday Nov 13th.). 3 games last Sunday. Plus MNF and TNF. So thus far on enchanted, it is just like pre COVID. There was even a college game scheduled for last night, but I didn't watch it to see if it actually ran. Don
  18. Aretha Franklin, marry me, fortress and 355. So far have seen these on the big screen this week on enchanted. In our room there are other relatively recent titles like Eternals, Belfast, dear Evan Hanson, american underdog, ad astra, and Dune. Many other titles listed, but nothing super duper recent. Most at least 6 months plus. We are satisfied with the selection. Don
  19. In Cartagena, the ship offers an excursion to the Rosario islands. It is a bit pricey, but because of a usual early departure from Cartagena, there just isn't sufficient time to go with the regular tour vendors and get back in time. This is a beach excursion, with paddleboards, kayaks and snorkel gear included. In Limon we went on another ship excursion to the beach, but it was nothing special. Drive was over an hour to get there, and most Caribbean Islands have better beaches. Wasn't terrible, just not a highlight of the trip. If you havent done it yet, consider Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica. It is a blast (maybe depends on your age and agility/balance level. We did it at 60.). Don
  20. You can use the OBC before the cruise to book shore excursions. When you book the excursion, it will automatically charge your obc first before requiring any cash payments. Don
  21. The fine print says it is just normal non refundable onboard credit. Don
  22. Maybe the wellness check is not well. Hope you get it working, but if not, you can do it at the port upon checkin. Don
  23. I thought the "steps" listing indicated actual elevation changes (stairs or steps up), so those with mobility devices would know if they can do it. Don
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