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  1. We will be sailing on CB in a few months. Any word on Steamers and Planks re-opening (or maybe they are open, but they were not on our first post COVID cruise on CB)? I know it was never terribly popular, but we liked it for a change of pace dinner at least once a week. It was nice to order one meal from Planks and one from Steamers and then share each between us.
  2. I found one when snorkeling off the rocks at Princess Cays. Was about 6 feet deep.
  3. Don't know if you are talking about this or not, but you can make an avatar in the app that represents you. Then, in the Ocean Play, there are a couple games and your avatar that you created shows up in these games to represent you.
  4. The OBC being offered for these cruises is very enticing. We have put down a booking for the 51 day, but not sure if both (or either of us for that matter) will be able to get the time off work during Christmas and January to actually do this trip. I hope so but we shall see.
  5. Call Princess. We do this all the time. Good thing is if you press the button for excursion purchase, you don't get routed to the Philippines. And then ask to purchase two tickets for whatever excursions you are interested with - using the obc in your account. Don
  6. Very limited number of sailings qualify for the kids sail free section of this sale. Nothing I am looking at for our grand kids to accompany us qualifies.
  7. OK - TY. Thought there might still be an advantage to pre-purchase, but it looks like no longer a savings.
  8. If you are off the ship early you can find shade shelters, but by mid-morning they are usually pretty full.
  9. Can't find precise info on the internet packages and pricing. All I can find is the statement that one device packages start at $14.99 per day. I know Plat/Elite can get a 50% reduction, but are all the pricing options listed somewhere? Is there no longer any savings involved if you pre-purchase on the medallion app? That is, is the price the same if you purchase on board? Thanks, Don
  10. I'm not ready to throw in the towel with princess quite yet, but this issue is a big irritant, and makes calling Princess to re-fare or any other request, a negative experience. I will give it time and hope that the experience level grows as these people get their feet under them. I like controlling my own booking, but not with long waits and weak communication and expertise.
  11. Well, I am in Canada, so things may not be the same, but we have multiple cruises booked, most without the plus or premier, but one with it. For the cruise with the premier package, when you click on the pre-pay for gratuities it says: Crew appreciations paid for as part of the promotion. There is no option to pay them. So I might have cause for concern with your booking, but I worry about such things.
  12. When you first registered on Princess.com, were you then in the US? If you start as being in Canada with Princess, it will show prices in Canadian no matter where you are in the world. I believe if you start in the US, it will always show you prices in USD.
  13. It's the distance off shore they go. One recent 3 day, the ship spun in circles one day sufficiently off shore ( I think 12 miles in Canada) to allow casino to open. But on a shorter cruise than that, not sure if they will do the same.
  14. I'm in. Gonna play the game and roll the dice. I have one week to win and advance before this round is over - for good it would seem.
  15. Lol, Yesterday I received a rejection letter for 2 requests for Shareholders benefit because I already had the military benefit. Yet, I also had sent in a 3rd request for a 3rd future cruise under a separate email, and what do you know... this morning I received the email showing that shareholders has been posted to my account for that 3rd cruise. So 2 "no's" and one "yes". Go figure. Consistently inconsistent.
  16. I could add my wife to the investment account - she should be on there anyway as we age. But will wait and see if anyone else gets both benefits by splitting the ownership. The move by Princess seems to be geared to cost savings, and as such, if it just forces people to adjust "ownership", the work-around would kill their cost cutting measure. So I am doubtful that when the dust settles 2 people sharing a room can qualify for 1 benefit each, but we shall see. Thanks for the advice though. I have time to wait and see what the final answer shakes out to be.
  17. Got a rejection email today from Princess. Sent off several requests for shareholders OBC on Friday as soon as I read that effective June 29th it would no longer be combinable. I was hoping up until then they would still do it - but NOPE! Good day XXXXXXX! We have received your request for the Carnival Shareholder Benefit to be applied to your upcoming cruise on (Date erased) on the Enchanted Princess and on (Date erased) on Regal Princess. Please be advised we are unable to apply the benefit as it is not combinable with the Military Benefits you are currently booked under. For further assistance please contact reservations at 1-800-Princess.
  18. Actually, Just booked the Sun Princess for summer of 2025. Switched from Regal to Sun, as this top deck thingy looks kinda interesting. We are in our 60's, faithful to Princess (thus far), and may or may not play around on this apparatus, but are not against it. This is a far cry from where Royal Caribbean is at with youth type activities. It's just a little nod in that direction.
  19. Sent in 3 more requests for Shareholders benefit this morning. Two are for Summer of 2025. Would have waited a year or so, but if they are going to grant them until the end of the month and allow both benefits to stick, had to jump early.
  20. Yes, good info TY! We are going with our grand kids (and their parents) next March. Oldest will be five, and she loves preschool so this sounds right up her alley. Unfortunately the twins will be 3 months shy of their 3rd birthday, so there will be some jealousy to deal with.
  21. Those are all good relatively unobstructed balconies, but 415 will be the shallowest balcony. The other three are all a little bigger than standard. The only obstruction is below you with the deck 7 "bulge" outdoor sitting area. Really no obstruction at all. I would choose 433.
  22. Has not been a problem until this week - but if this is a new way forward, I will at least use a PVP (or a TA) but I like to do things myself rather than through someone else.
  23. Last couple of times calling Princess, I felt like customer service may have become outsourced to a different country. Last two receptionists had Pilipino accents and were very uncertain of basic procedures like re-faring (didn't really understand what "re-fare" meant.) I was asked my birthdate for security purposes 3 or more times and got left on hold and dropped once. I don't know if I just hit a couple of new employees, or if there is now an off-shore call center but it was the weakest customer service and knowledge base I had yet experienced. Eventually still got done what I was asking for, but just took a lot longer than usual and an extra call back after getting dropped.
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