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  1. We sail in 19 days and the shows and some activities are populated. Been that way for a few days now. Not everything, but the major headliners for the theatre and the Vista lounge, and the deck parties.
  2. We are bringing our daughter and her family (2 adults and 3 small children) with us this time. We will ask when tendering, but if refused, we have no problem waiting in line with them in the regular lines. We will stick together either way and enjoy our day together.
  3. Did you get that OBC applied before stockperks took over as the portal to apply through? There didn't used to be an outer time limit, but I was told by stockperks that there now was.
  4. Well, it seems from this announcement that they won't, but when I applied earlier to stockperks, they replied back that I needed to re-apply after May 1st. Now it appears if I re-apply at that time, it will not be successful, so it sounds like stockperks was caught off-guard by the date in this announcement.
  5. My thoughts exactly. We sail in January 2025. Will they accept a request for Shareholders credit for these voyages?
  6. Been like this for almost a week now. Cabin selection is the last page I can get to - then when ready to book - error.
  7. 1) Our guest lecturer on our Pacific crossing was hiding ducks every day. So maybe not exactly staff, but close to it. 2) In Australia, we found some ducks on our cruise and their tags had a link to a social media page where you were to post where you found the duck and then if you wanted, re-hide it and post that is was travelling again. Some ducks had been on multiple cruises. We took the ones we found on the Royal Princess and hid them on the Majestic Princess.
  8. We are doing this in early April. We have ridden Segways before at other ports. We are 61. I found it extremely fun. My wife took a little while to feel comfortable on them - but got there. The balance is the issue, as you lean forward to go forward/accelerate and lean back to slow/stop or even reverse. If your balance is weak you may struggle. On our past experiences, we got off the segways to see various sites along our tours, so it was not constant standing on them without moving. But you are on your feet the entire time, so if you could not go shopping on your feet for two hours, you would also struggle at this, but if two hours on your feet shopping or such is no problem, I would say you should be fine.
  9. Thanks for the video. Looks great. we will be there later in April.
  10. Thanks all. I forwarded the above photo to my daughter to show our grand daughter. She will be excited to see what happens on our cruise.
  11. Our 4 year old Grand daughter is quite concerned. This will be her first cruise in March. She is excited, but came home today worried that the Easter Bunny would miss her and her siblings. The family usually attends local Easter activities with face painting, egg hunt, and a visit from the E Bunny. Wondering if anyone knows if the Bunny makes an appearance on the ship? We will bring some chocolate with us, but would like to know if there is anything onboard for the holiday. Thanks I should mention we are on the Enchanted Princess
  12. We absolutely loved Moorea of all the stops. We did a private Jet ski tour - 2.5 hours. Just our guide on his jet ski and us (me and DW) on one jet ski. Toured all over. Stopped for snorkeling at the lagoon by the small off shore island. Saw plenty of jumping dolphins, saw a couple whales, trolled slowly over shallows and looked down on plenty of turtles and rays. And of course, we opened up the throttle a bit and had some fun. Quite an affordable excursion actually. Can't recall the exact cost, but I thought it was a bargain.
  13. I now reluctantly use a CVP for this exact reason - because it is worthless to call the out-sourced call-center. Often first time cruisers have no knowledge of CVPs and such and so they tend to call the call center, only to get useless and incorrect information and be on hold forever. This is bad initial exposure for Princess. If I didn't have a CVP to go through, I would most definitely no longer be sailing with Princess
  14. watched a video on your cabin. As you have said, it looks like the view straight out is ok, but looking down will be somewhat obstructed, as the tender boat is directly in front of this room. Up to you, but this would be one of the rooms I might choose to put in a bid to move up from. If you choose not to - you will still enjoy the room. Happy sailing
  15. What room number are you in right now? Some obstructed balconies are not very obstructed at all. If you have one of these, I would not risk it on a balcony where you have no choice. If you are in a pretty obstructed one, then I might give a bid to upgrade. I put in a few upgrade bids for Enchanted in April, but have not heard anything and the cruise is also sold out - so not holding my breath.
  16. My recommendation is to make your booking now. Some itineraries will go up in price (especially Sun and Star right now as they are a new class of ship), and some will go down as time goes on. You can always re-fare if the price goes down, and if a new promotion is for "New bookings only", you can still cancel your booking and re-book. Only thing is, you could lose your specific room, but not always. Sales or promotions have been lame for about a year now (other than kids sail free promos - if that is something that appeals to you.) Prices fluctuate more based on demand than based upon promos.
  17. You are right - it was Royal Caribbean in Australia. failing mind.... It was soo long ago (4 months????)
  18. If you have a PVP, they can do this for you pre-cruise. Specifically ask for "2 tickets for excursion XYZ to be charged to the OBC in your account". This has worked for me numerous times, however, when I said "Can I order a ticket for me and my wife using my OBC?" The response was "No." But when you say -"charge 2 tickets to my account", they do it. If you don't have a PVP, when you call Princess, there is a phone option to press a certain number for shore excursions. Often you get someone from North America answer when you press that number and they can help you. The off-shore call center is pointless and you will just get aggravated having them try to help you, so just hang up if you get them.
  19. I have this same fear, since it did happen on Princess in November (2023). We were in Australia and saw the report on Australian news of a couple being turned away at the port with a "guarantee", as the cruise was overbooked. I think it may have been Majestic Princess, but for sure it was a Princess ship. Doesn't seem to happen often, but we have a cabin for our first and third sections of a back-to-back-to-back in March, but are in a guarantee for the middle section, and the cruise is sold out. So hopefully will not be an issue, but if it happened once....
  20. Sorry for any confusion, but I was not talking about the type of stock, but rather the difference between policies of the two cruise lines. Booking on a Carnival ship, I have a couple times been refused the shareholders credit because I was on a discounted fare. When sailing on a Princess ship, I have never been refused the shareholders credit, regardless of the fare.
  21. If you get a discounted cruise fare, Carnival will not let you apply the Stockholders benefit - but Princess does!
  22. And it seems the Hollywood conservatory and indoor pool is no longer an adults only area. It used to be, but we sailed in November and it was not the case. Plenty of kids in the area. The vibe just wasn't quiet enough for us to spend any significant time there.
  23. I am also wondering if OP was calling the "out-sourced" call center. I have given up on them and simply will not call them. If I have to call them in the future, I will have nightmares beforehand. There is too much terrible info and poor communication going on to trust what info you are given.
  24. You hooked me with this intro video! Going straight to You tube to subscribe. We go on the Sun in Jan 2025, so will sail with you vicariously to get pumped. Thanks
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