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  1. We saw where it said priority Club Orange seating but never really noticed anyone in line to go there and they never told us we were in the wrong place when we got in line. Sorry!
  2. The trip was fabulous! I will post a review later, we had Signature Suites 8091 and 8093. Our balcony was already open when we got on last Sunday and that was fabulous! Ask me questions and I will try to answer!
  3. Thank you for all the help while planning this wonderful cruise. I can't believe it is here this weekend!! SO EXCITED!!!!!
  4. I have already purchased the spa pass months ago, so I could use this pool!
  5. Thanks guys! We took my mom to see her sisters a couple years ago and we stayed at a Holiday Inn and we only got to go to the indoor pool once because it was so loud with kids. Which is fine but I was thinking maybe this would be adults only. Yea!! Thanks again!
  6. Leaving on the Oosterdam in 7 days!!!! Remind me. I think I know the answer already but the Thalassotherapy pool is adults only correct? I just had a vision of kids kicking and splashing and screaming while I am trying to relax. Thanks guys!!
  7. Me too, I tend to get emotional when I sing, and it is my mom's favorite song so that will make it harder since now she has dementia. It will be a hard morning! Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks Ladies, that is kind of what I thought too.
  9. I have this outfit - I am short so they are not short pants on me. I bought it for my upcoming cruise in just under two weeks but... I have the honor of singing at a friends funeral this Saturday and I am just wondering - I definitely need another opinion other than my own - would this be appropriate to wear? It is really more of a grey rather than purple. What do you all think? Thank you!!
  10. We were offered a club orange upgrade on our upcoming Oosterdam cruise. $25 per person per day... We did not take it.
  11. We got it too and turned it down for our cruise in a couple weeks... We are in Signature Suites already
  12. I don't even want to know what a Stroopwafel McFlurry is...But thanks for the laugh!
  13. And I am really kidding about the McDonalds part but I am a VERY picky eater and so far all the menus I have seen make it seem that I may starve...
  14. Copper I did not read through all of these on this thread, but I am getting closer to my 8/4 Oosterdam cruise where I may need the captain to stop at McDonalds for me if I can't find anything to eat...Did you find out yet who it is that I will have to schmooze to get a stop at Mickey D's? You sure do keep me informed on here, thank you!!!
  15. I have never used blister bandaids before but have some to take on this trip just in case and they will be added to my bag, I have two bags now sitting there filling up but am then again less then four weeks out, FINALLY!
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