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  1. excellent info we are looking at possibly doing this
  2. What one does on a cruise ship or in the YC is a TOTALLY different subject. It is thought by people who work in the restaurants in the US if you can't afford to tip then you shouldn't be eating out. Cruising as we all know is different because it does include a daily gratuity charge. Tip (if you want) what you think is appropriate for the service received.
  3. like I said who knows. If that doesn't work they can always convert it to a bowling lane
  4. and you have a right to be. What is terrible is we learn more from CC then you would by calling Celebrity themselves. The communication or lack thereof between shore and ship within Celebrity is unreal sometimes. Those smoothies used to be covered a few years back under the classic package and they upped it to premium. The shore had no clue sold it as included and the ship delivered the bad news. This goes on all the time. I am not sure what the new deal is I know back in April on Reflection you had to have premium. Whatever one finds out get it in writing and take it on the ship because that is often where the problems start. That goes for anything for that matter. I will be on Equinox soon so am curious myself.
  5. never understood that sport with all the sweeping going on....not too sure how the Americans will take to that but who knows
  6. The answer is there is no correct tip. Personal choice based on service you felt you received.
  7. so smoothies in premium alcohol and premium non alcohol packages are gone? Another CUT BACK!
  8. Done quite a few now in Blu and honestly it is Blu and Persian Gardens period. All the other so called perks do not amount to a hill of beans but sound good. We never found Persian to be over crowded but sometimes people go up there to sleep and snore which sucks if you are there at the same time. Have a great cruise!
  9. Not a solid source but I saw something similar on youtube……..one was the infiniti as I recall. Makes some sense to me these are older ships and if they can get a buyer at the right price that allows them to finish out the bookings...…………
  10. O k 🙂 BTW you are one of the friendliest and most informative on this board!
  11. Lots of hate for HAL on this board. Tough crowd.
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