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  1. I understand how anyone who went through that would feel like you do. I am glad you are ok.
  2. Don't forget the House majority already requested information from CCL and wants an investigation into what Congress is calling ignoring to shutdown back in late Feb early March.
  3. Seems pretty simple that longer voyages with the uncertain port situations just dont mix. Nobody wants to book a long cruise not even knowing when or where they may stop. This is going to take a long time to get back to that type of cruising. In fact 20 plus day cruises are not even a priority right now to any of the lines. They all just want to get the okay to even get back out on 3-7 day cruises to try to earn revenue and trust.
  4. We are booked on x for april and I have until December to change or cancel it. Too many unknowns with ports and travel insurance etc...... If we do go it would be a last minute quick decesion as we are close to all the fla. Ports. I may be willing to do something spur of the moment. If i think too much about it I probably would back out. I know that sounds nuts but thats how I feel at this time.
  5. Yep any answers to this question that happened prior to the pandemic don't apply at all now. The lines that are cruising are limiting tables to people in your family. If it was us we would book a 2 and leave the 4 for a family that needs it. Seems like that's the courteous thing to do. Jmo
  6. I made my deposit to the Crystal loan fund. You would think after 5 cancelled cruises this year I would have learned my lesson!
  7. Nymich

    Straw Poll

    YC but only if I get to wear my mask.
  8. Good point and I agree. It just seems possible they will cut wherever they can. Hopefully its not the sausage! Lol
  9. One can only guess what kind of sausages they will have after a long shutdown that has battered the industry financially. My guess is all food (because of cost) will be subject to change.
  10. Everybody is doing fake sales because there is nowhere to go.
  11. The House of Representatives Majority is investigating all the CCL ships that were shoved out in early March. They have CCL answering for the period in question. Pretty sure we will see hearings.
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