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  1. Right now whoever blinks loses. Better imo to wait it out...... I imagine soon they will cancel it especially because it is inside the cdc date.
  2. I have to agree. We will not even consider cruising until all money has been refunded.
  3. I would say the chances are between slim and none...………...and slim has left town.
  4. A fantastic post. Thank you
  5. With the offer they are giving I would expect that nearly all of us who booked will be on VV at some time. The cash refund WITH 25% FCC is the classiest offer in the business and tells us to come back.
  6. Very accurate @mnrocket for us to know what we are buying and we are weighing that before we make our decision.
  7. The next time I see a Large Old ship I will think of you and your proposed business plan.
  8. You said OLD was good you also said large was good. You said New was bad earlier in your post. My guess is you are just another VV (Branson) hater. We have seen your type.
  9. You have the Large Old Ships all cruise lines should follow your expert advice.
  10. So what VV really needed was OLD Larger ships...…...unreal. Let's add unproven concept to the equation. Starting to think you are a VV(Branson) hater.
  11. Wishful thinking? You are insinuating that I have wishful thinking about a cruise line? You my friend have been inside too long. When this virus subsides into the future we will see whether the lines keep their old ships versus the newer ones. (no brainer so stupid to have to respond to a post like this.) We have you marked down forever El Capitan …….keep all the old ships they are gold. We will see how your prediction versus mine plays out and what the lines keep. You like Old Ships I like New Ships...….game on.
  12. Sorry this refund fb post is just stringing things along. 2020 March Cruises first impacted...…...nothing.
  13. My guess is most of us who booked in the beginning did it in large part because of NO KIDS! I would cancel as well I can get see kids anywhere.
  14. If anyone survives it is Virgin because they only have two ships. Add to that the fact that they are both brand new. I see the other lines dumping their older ships if this drags on much longer.
  15. We were booked over Labor Day and with all the news I am not surprised. Virgin will end up in a good spot because they have only 2 ships to manage and they are both brand new. Not sure at this point what we will do but like our other 4 trips this year that have gone kaput we will figure something out.
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