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  1. We are heading out soon on our 5th Celebrity Cruise this time on the Reflection and wanted to ask those who have traveled recently what's the best dish and/or desert you had there? Somehow we never booked there before....Thanks
  2. Nymich

    Virgin Voyages.

    Reading through and saw this one. VV for inside is about $1650 to $2000. YC is about 4k for 7 days. So if you got YC for about $600 which is "much less"...……..I would love to hear how you get that price. VV is taking a lot of shots some warranted perhaps. This one doesn't add up though.
  3. VV was saying it was supposed to be instant when you book. In fairness it did show up today
  4. Nymich

    No Real Beds Except In Suites+?

    Seriously ……... if the couch/beds suck I am sure VV will get an earful and fix it. Welcome to the biz!
  5. Nymich

    No Real Beds Except In Suites+?

    Yes I will do that lol
  6. yep same problem here the cruise doesn't show. VV people have been polite but quite confused.
  7. Nymich

    Epic Interrupted

    why no bondo?
  8. Nymich

    Epic Interrupted

    The more you cruise the more you realize that anything can happen. We were recently on the Getaway where Carnival found the crew member who jumped a few days later. We went back for hours looking for the guy but everyone figured he was dead. I felt sorry for the crew members who were sad. From hearing the comp given from this cruise it sounds VERY fair. One thing I have learned is communication on all the cruise lines always has problems......even on the great cruises.
  9. I would love to stop the daily bombing by Celebrity! Doesn't matter if I am booked on them or not they send and send and send. You have two choices opt out completely or more of the same.
  10. Nymich

    Drinks Package?

    Many people who cruise are big boozers so all the health options are quite a change.
  11. Nymich

    First destination revealed

    It was Branson's decision to launch it then...……...
  12. Nymich

    Scarlet Lady Roll Call

    If you miss his birthday bash you are all invited to mine.
  13. We are jumping from many and will jump right off VV right to somebody else!
  14. Nymich

    Parking at Port of Miami?

    that is a nightmare of a story and one I haven't experienced...…….yet. I would be a little gun shy as well. It sounds like you got a great deal on the hotel!