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  1. This is good as she will get her sun and it may be good for any rain. Thanks!
  2. Thank You. I did check the sticky and it has some info on the cabin next door 1584.
  3. I am trying to get information on Cabin 1586. 1) Do you know if this room has cabins above and below it? 2) How deep is the overhang above the balcony? The DW loves lots of sun! Any information I can get is appreciated!
  4. If you like to party like you are a junkyard dog take Carnival!
  5. I found the pictures...…..Thank You!
  6. Since this cost is so expensive do these rooms include a drink package?
  7. I appreciate all the info given! Sounds like it is a good location
  8. Does anyone know where I can get information on 6058, 6060 and 6062 as I may book one of these cabins. Has anyone stayed in them or can anyone steer me to information about the cabins. Info on halfacts is limited. Thanks
  9. NA is a traditional ship and the Kdam is modern design. I am booked on NS and looking forward to it. I must agree the NS will be just like the Kdam. Good luck with your choice!
  10. Nymich

    How many is too many?

    You can always count on Cozumel to have a few ships. LOL
  11. Nymich

    NCL to HAL

    Just cruised NCL on the Getaway. Thankful we were in The Haven because the pool deck outside was like Animal House. If you want to party hard do NCL if you want to have a good time and relax HAL.
  12. Nymich

    Rock on!

    I have not heard anyone say this after seven pages of reading so here it is...…… The musicians for the blues club on the HAL ships that I have been on have been VERY good. They really impressed me as I am a songwriter and musician myself and I didn't even think of picking them apart. They are THAT good. Since this new venue is going to be a cover joint they better make sure the musicians and singers are equally as talented. That being said I prefer R&R but won't have any problem walking out of a cover band I can see anywhere. I am looking forward to seeing if they can pull this off at the level they established with the blues venue.
  13. Nymich

    Koningsdam Question

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but on the K-dam, only suites have bathtubs. HAL has gone to a shower-only layout for regular balcony cabins. I think that is correct. Even the Vista Suites only have a shower.
  14. We have been on K'dam as well as NA and here is something to consider. NA is a more traditional looking ship dark woods etc......K'dam is more modern looking so you do have two entirely different looks Imo. Celebrity is cool and all that done it a few times but HAL is better in some areas than Celebrity and Celebrity is better that HAL in some areas. Have a great trip! Happy Anniversary!
  15. Nymich

    Will N Statendam feel small to me?

    I agree you will like the Nieuw Statendam. The Koningsdam is somewhat similar in size to the Celebrity Solstice ships in size and passenger count. We are booked on NS as well.