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  1. Thanks for all the info, especially to Catl331, does that mean we probably have a lobster tail night on the only Gala night?
  2. We are planning a 6 night cruise from San Diego to Vancouver in late April. Does anyone know if there are nights that lobster is served in the Main Dining room or what kind of formal nights are offered on this 6 night cruise. Mahalo for all your answers; i'm willing to listen to anyone.
  3. Did you take the L105 Mini? How was it? Thinking about it for an upcoming cruise on the Royal. Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you so much everyone, i'll probably take the elevator room, the honeymooners or screamers next door may be too much for us....LOL.
  5. Aloha Fellow Cruise Critics, My wife and I are contemplating a 1 week cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam, I'd like a Signature suite but all that is left is an adjoining SS cabin or one next to the elevator. Does anyone have any insight to the pros and cons; an adjoining cabin with extra noise or an elevator that is next to our balcony. Thank you
  6. Can't wait, thanks for the replies and the assitance i hope you all had an awesome cruise...aloha
  7. Could someone let me know which night is the Lobster night(i guess Formal) in the MDR on the southbound cruise from seward, i'd like to book the pinnacle grill but don't want to miss the Lobster in the MDR. and can you also let me know which Transfer i should book from Anchorage to Seward since i'll be booking it myself...thank you for you time and let me know anything else that you think i need...aloha Bill
  8. Thanks to all for the information and replies... i'm excited and thats what counts....:)
  9. I'm thinking of taking a DD cabin on the Zaandam; Seward to YCR can anyone give some insight into the pros and cons of these cabins please. Thank you.
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