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  1. Might I suggest to the OP that you stop by Cellar Masters once onboard, and have a serious champagne chat with the sommelier there. He/she will know exactly what you're asking and can advise you with your package level. We SO enjoyed Esteban on the Eclipse recently, and routinely popped in there for a fine glass of grapes.
  2. ok... legit question here.... how on earth would a butler know "who paid what" for their suite?? They have no access to that information, correct? The "contempt" should have been addressed immediately, firmly and pleasantly... and not simply tolerated.
  3. julia

    CC HH

    Although I knew what the acronym meant, my mind said "Cruise Critic Happy Hour!" πŸ˜‹πŸŽΆπŸ·
  4. While on Eclipse recently, we spent a great deal of time in Cellar Masters, enjoying our premium package, and getting to know Sommelier Esteban. He was very knowledgeable and interesting. We'd stop in for a pre-dinner glass (or two), and usually carried a glass into the MDR with us. Our wine steward was outstanding, and he took very good care of us throughout dinner. It was a highlight of that cruise.
  5. Hank: As you're probably aware... most Faberge eggs DO open (revealing a surprise for the Royals who commissioned them). As does mine. Inside mine are 6 tiny picture frames, linked together. Security wasn't zealous enough to open! πŸ™‚
  6. Laughing here while remembering going through Copenhagen airport following our Baltic Capitols cruise. While in SPB, we visited the Faberege Museum, and I purchased a beautiful egg. Very jewel encrusted (and not cheap). It traveled home in a sturdy velvet lined box, secure in my carry-on bag. Well, this precious egg looks EXACTLY like a grenade in a scanner! The belt stopped immediately, people were hustled away, and security asked me to slowly open my bag. I didn't realize the gravity of the situation until I saw their screen. Once opened, two screeners were oooohing and aaawing over the egg. We still refer to it as our grenade.... πŸ˜‚
  7. My prayers will be with this family for quite a while. Living near the Pacific, we have witnessed sooo much stupid behavior by entire families. Winter seas (here and elsewhere) are high and unpredictable, yet we would routinely see "littles" along a sea wall, or on rocky shores. Literally one huge swell from being swept away. It always made me shudder...
  8. Z:. While we do enjoy Aqua cabins (and Blu), if you are really suseptible to motion then you perhaps shouldn't be up that high. A lower deck, preferably mid-ship, will have a lot less motion. Seas can be unpredictable, even in the Caribbean.
  9. Yes, that is a very good point!
  10. It's totally correct, and that is the price at booking for a NOVEMBER sailing. Both cruises I mention were booked in advance. My point being.... yes, many (if not most) sailings have increased dramatically, but some have remained very consistent.
  11. So, I recently booked the Eurodam, and as I was entering this cruise into my "cruising spreadsheet", I couldn't help but do a quick comparison of this EXACT itinerary.... 17 YEARS AGO! What struck me was the price of the two cruises... comparing "suites to suites', the difference was only $214. However, the SS suite on HAL is much nicer than any Princess mini! Comparison: April, 2002 - Star Princess (new ship), Mini Suite, 2 Adults, 7 night Mexican Riviera, R/T San Diego, no perks (they didn't exist back then!) = $2507 June 2019 - HAL Eurodam, SS Suite, 2 adults, 7 night Mexican Riviera, R/T San Diego, no perks (and that's fine) = $2721 I find this interesting.... especially since the onboard experience has increased exponentially.
  12. The dining times do seem either too early or too late for us. I think we'll stick to Anytime. Thx all!!
  13. Thx KK! It's been a few years since we've sailed HAL. Also, do they honor price reductions after final payment?
  14. Could someone please post HAL's fixed dining times? Thx so much!
  15. My condolences to you, and yes, a burial at sea can be arranged by calling the cruiseline directly. They will give you instructions and make the arrangements.
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