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  1. Whether on land or sea, I'm a huge food photo taker, and I do it quickly and discretely. I do not post them. When enjoying our pics (sometimes years later), the food & drink shots put us right in the moment, and we chat about them fondly. Shoot on and enjoy!
  2. Bo: Yes, there is blame all around, but only X can make it right. I understand they can't magically produce a penthouse or royal suite, but they needed to take extremely good care of a valued passenger. They didn't, IMHO, and they lost the sale (sail, get it?, haha!). Sigh.
  3. My refund hit my credit card in four credits. Two were deposits, and two were cruise fare with port & taxes). It was a bit confusing, but it added up correctly. Check your invoice first, then give them a call.
  4. $1000 OBC is NOT generous when there is NOTHING to spend it on! Shops, casino? No. Excursions? Maybe. Everything else was already covered. I find this situation appalling, and it's yet another example of Celebrity's lack of resolution. OP needs to cancel and walk away. For good.
  5. I've been on since the AOL days! Spent most of my first ten years on the Princess board, but graduated to X and Seabourne. Have done MANY roll calls, cabin crawls, and excursions with Cruise Critic-ers. I've learned SO many things over the years, especially from the "ports of call" boards. It's been a great 20+ years!!
  6. I totally agree that the present drill needs to go. The process is so drawn out (waiting for stragglers!) with many pax well into their drink packages. I'd love to see the safety drill video viewed in a separate area of the cruise terminal, following check-in (most of the time you're sitting around anyway). The terminals are huge, and could accommodate several smaller areas where the video can be viewed in groups of 100-200, spaced apart, just prior to boarding. AND... signs dictating NO talking, NO cell phones. Keep the video short and serious (none of that silly Bond crap) Enter area, scan ship card, and move people through continuously, on their way to board the ship. Done and done.
  7. Happy & healthy 4th of July to my fellow Americans from beautiful, sunny Idaho! On our long bike ride this morning, the colors were outstanding... especially the red, white & blue!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  8. Ditto what Miched said! Not missing a damn thing about cruising, and happy to have our $4k back from our canceled cruise. Whew....
  9. Un...be...leeve...able! 😱 Thank GOD you got your free internet minutes back!!
  10. Your deductions are spot on. Apparently, this logic is above management's pay grade.
  11. Hahahaaaaaaa!!! Gasp! Hahahaaaa..... what a JOKE! Celebrity being FULLY TRANSPARENT?? Yeah, right. They've withheld cancelation dates, lied about refunds ("port fees and taxes with be refunded within ten days"), and are continuing to lie to crew still onboard. They wouldn't know FULL transparency if it smacked them in the face.
  12. J: I have the utmost respect for your opinions and posts. And yes, there are many crew members that are willing and able to stay onboard. No doubt. No option. BUT.... I feel very strongly that many are not receiving accurate information (quite the pattern across all cruiselines), with some being flat out lied to. Is this article accurate? Is this article inflated? Time will tell.... but for the Miami Herald to defame the cruise industry like this??? Just think about it....
  13. As a seasoned cruiser, and long time member of Cruise Critic, I am shocked and saddened by the lack of outrage here for these crew members!! Regardless of their ethnicity and their country of repatriation... THEY ARE CONSTANTLY BEING LIED TO BY THIER EMPLOYER!! Pure and simple. Lies upon lies upon lies! Read the entire article. It is absolutely disgusting, and there is no end to the lying. Celebrity used the CDC as a "crutch" to not remove crew. I GET that other countries are denying repatriation, but STOP LYING TO YOUR CREW!!
  14. Rollie: Firstly you will love the Baltics. Secondly, definitely use a private tour. Keep it small. As mentioned, places were crowded, and groups need to stay together. Our 2-day SPB group was touring The Hermitage when one older gentleman went missing. There were hundreds of groups there, and we had no idea where he was. We stopped, and 4 guys went looking for him. This took about 30-45 minutes (out of our tour), but it was necessary. My husband thought to check "lost & found", and sure enough, there was John. Back in the van, we all had a good chuckle about it.
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