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  1. Ditto what Miched said! Not missing a damn thing about cruising, and happy to have our $4k back from our canceled cruise. Whew....
  2. Un...be...leeve...able! 😱 Thank GOD you got your free internet minutes back!!
  3. Your deductions are spot on. Apparently, this logic is above management's pay grade.
  4. Hahahaaaaaaa!!! Gasp! Hahahaaaa..... what a JOKE! Celebrity being FULLY TRANSPARENT?? Yeah, right. They've withheld cancelation dates, lied about refunds ("port fees and taxes with be refunded within ten days"), and are continuing to lie to crew still onboard. They wouldn't know FULL transparency if it smacked them in the face.
  5. J: I have the utmost respect for your opinions and posts. And yes, there are many crew members that are willing and able to stay onboard. No doubt. No option. BUT.... I feel very strongly that many are not receiving accurate information (quite the pattern across all cruiselines), with some being flat out lied to. Is this article accurate? Is this article inflated? Time will tell.... but for the Miami Herald to defame the cruise industry like this??? Just think about it....
  6. As a seasoned cruiser, and long time member of Cruise Critic, I am shocked and saddened by the lack of outrage here for these crew members!! Regardless of their ethnicity and their country of repatriation... THEY ARE CONSTANTLY BEING LIED TO BY THIER EMPLOYER!! Pure and simple. Lies upon lies upon lies! Read the entire article. It is absolutely disgusting, and there is no end to the lying. Celebrity used the CDC as a "crutch" to not remove crew. I GET that other countries are denying repatriation, but STOP LYING TO YOUR CREW!!
  7. Rollie: Firstly you will love the Baltics. Secondly, definitely use a private tour. Keep it small. As mentioned, places were crowded, and groups need to stay together. Our 2-day SPB group was touring The Hermitage when one older gentleman went missing. There were hundreds of groups there, and we had no idea where he was. We stopped, and 4 guys went looking for him. This took about 30-45 minutes (out of our tour), but it was necessary. My husband thought to check "lost & found", and sure enough, there was John. Back in the van, we all had a good chuckle about it.
  8. Reading this entire thread makes my head explode!! It should NOT be that complicated, and I feel this is even MORE complete and utter bull**** on the part of Celebrity. Just take care of the customer Celebrity, and stop putting people through hoops. To lose $900, when not within final payment, is ridiculous... regardless of whether the cruise is paid or not.
  9. Thank you for finally acknowledging this. YOUR perception of how Celebrity handled this (unexpected) leg of the cruise is vastly different from those who saw the medical facilities filling up. And that is understandable. I however, am cringing at the thought of ANYONE (pax or crew) being exposed to Covid-19 through negligence or oversight on the part of Celebrity. Did it happen?Or did it not?? That is the question...
  10. How utterly ridiculous! Think of the wasted manpower in printing and mailing luggage tags, when those employees could be assisting with questions or processing refunds! SMH!
  11. Frankly no... we're done for now. Not forever, but for now. I no longer feel the value in cruising, and frankly dread the flights to get there. The ships feel more and more crowded, and the cutbacks continue. Just not sure it's worth it anymore.
  12. HAL's buffet was nearly 100% staff served and there were no long waits. The staff had plates/bowls behind the counter and were quick to serve up your choices. The salad bar was made to order, filled with fresh ingredients and dressings (the dressing bottles on Celebrity are dripping and disgusting!) There is no need for self-serve in a buffet!
  13. @GottaKnowWhen And we boarded the Eclipse in San Diego at this time last year! Had a lovely cruise up the West Coast to Vancouver. Greetings to all: Chiming in here from beautiful Eagle, Idaho, (northwest of Boise), where we had a scary and prolonged earthquake last evening! Talk about rattled nerves! We're under a stay-at-home order until April 21st. We are taking this very seriously, even though Idaho is reporting only 300+ cases currently. My husband and I began stocking up in mid-Feb, so we haven't needed to go out much. Did a quick shop yesterday, and it was quiet, civil and fairly well stocked. We have an active text chain with four neighbors, and another with family, and those are fun. My DH cycles most days, and I keep busy in the yard & cooking. Evenings are a bit of tv, and a lot of wine... especially after an earthquake! Stay safe everyone!
  14. Something is just NOT adding up here. It's been reported that she was treated on the ship, and tentatively diagnosed with bronchitis. With her symptoms closely mimicking those of Covid-19, how could she pass the "exit health screening"?? Q. What did Celebrity know, and when did they know it? Q. Were the County of San Diego health authorities given access to the ship's medical records? Inquiring minds want to know...
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