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  1. Ferry: Will you be working on Sept 25? I'd love to say hello before we embark (we were on the May 2020 canceled Solstice roll call).
  2. Ahhhh... I'm sure it's nice to be home safely after a great week at sea... I fondly remember the mussels at Carrabas (and the bumpy approaches into McCarran Airport!) Sorry to read about your computer... hoping you get a fabulous upgrade! Thanks so much for sharing this important first voyage, Lisa... we're all keeping our fingers crossed that Covid won't (yet again) impact our sailings. Sleep well, and reset that countdown clock!
  3. I've been on CC over 20 years and am still amazed at what I learn before each of our cruises!
  4. Brentt: I truly feel that your wife is smiling down on all three of you as you embark on this journey. I pray that this will (continue) to heal your broken hearts, and lift your spirits to another level. Thank you for sharing your personal background, and for taking us along for the ride. Enjoy the ship, enjoy your suite, enjoy the thermal suite, enjoy Alaska, and enjoy your children! Hugs.
  5. SS: was that in a metered cab from SeaTac? I'm asking because Seattle traffic is notoriously bad... thx!
  6. Thx for posting this.... is the $45 flat rate good FROM SeaTac to Pier 91 also?
  7. @Lindancer - Not according to this.... sorry. Prices shown already reflect the savings offered, no additional discounts will apply. Guests can choose one shore excursion (up to $100 value) or apply $100 off any one tour. Tour value in US dollars. If excursion chosen has a value of less than $100, guests will not receive a credit of remaining value. Shore excursion offer will be available to book pre-cruise by August 29, 2021 or may be booked onboard. If the guest or Holland America cancels a pre-cruise tour reservation (more than 3 days prior to the
  8. Lisa: Please refresh my memory on the $ limit on the Signature Bev Package and the cost to upgrade onboard? Thx!
  9. Well, just read this entire thread, (after booking the Sept 25th NA sailing!), and it's quite a joy to see the ships in Juneau. The view looks beautiful, and I'm sure the town will be welcoming. I fondly remember the San Diego waves... we lived there at the time. Lisa, we last crossed paths on the Eurodam in Nov, 2019, and it's so fun to see some familiar names posting here. Thx for sharing so much information (I laughed at the packing comment... before Covid, I could pack in my sleep, but now?... not so sure!) 😯 Oh, by the way, we'll have the cabin directly above yours, so would app
  10. No, no, no, I say... I would NOT sail today, I would not sail next May, I would not sail next fall, I would NOT sail at all!!
  11. Whether on land or sea, I'm a huge food photo taker, and I do it quickly and discretely. I do not post them. When enjoying our pics (sometimes years later), the food & drink shots put us right in the moment, and we chat about them fondly. Shoot on and enjoy!
  12. Bo: Yes, there is blame all around, but only X can make it right. I understand they can't magically produce a penthouse or royal suite, but they needed to take extremely good care of a valued passenger. They didn't, IMHO, and they lost the sale (sail, get it?, haha!). Sigh.
  13. My refund hit my credit card in four credits. Two were deposits, and two were cruise fare with port & taxes). It was a bit confusing, but it added up correctly. Check your invoice first, then give them a call.
  14. $1000 OBC is NOT generous when there is NOTHING to spend it on! Shops, casino? No. Excursions? Maybe. Everything else was already covered. I find this situation appalling, and it's yet another example of Celebrity's lack of resolution. OP needs to cancel and walk away. For good.
  15. I've been on since the AOL days! Spent most of my first ten years on the Princess board, but graduated to X and Seabourne. Have done MANY roll calls, cabin crawls, and excursions with Cruise Critic-ers. I've learned SO many things over the years, especially from the "ports of call" boards. It's been a great 20+ years!!
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