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  1. Celebrity's Elite benefits are significantly better than their competitors. Princess offers a measly in-cabin "setup" of small airline bottles (one setup per cabin). And, their nightly platinum/elite event only offers drinks at a minimal "discount".
  2. Wishing you a wonderfully therapeutic, relaxing, memorable, and healing cruise!
  3. julia


    Honestly.... I am rather perplexed at the discord of this thread. To the OP: Nope.... sorry, but I'm fairly certain that Celebrity will not cater to your keto needs. That will be up to YOU to maintain. PLEASE... do NOT get me wrong here... my DH and I are one year into the keto way of eating, and we are both thinner and healthier because of it. But... there are TONS of eating options on a cruise ship, and it should be relatively easy to make good choices. I personally will not blink an eye if there's mashed potatoes on my plate, (I won't eat them) nor will I touch the bread basket, and will cheerfully decline the dessert menu every night. That's how we roll... it's all about personal choices. Oh... and hitting the gym every day, taking the stairs every chance we can, and dancing the night away. Keto ON....
  4. Dang, dang dang...... we are boarding in SD and shall miss you by one sailing, Cruisestitch. I have always enjoyed your posts here on CC. Bon Voyage, and have a fun sailing on the Eclipse!
  5. Prepaid gratuities are completely separate from the beverage packages... those will cover your cabin steward, dining waitstaffs, etc. The drink packages INCLUDE all gratuities, no additional charges whatsoever.
  6. Our favorite ship! Jump on the deal.... the itinerary is great!
  7. Honestly, it's a great way to approach life in general... no expectations equal no disappointments! Comparing cruise lines is like comparing apples to oranges, as each one is different. AND... each SHIP is different (crew, vibe, etc), AND, each SAILING is different (pax mix, itinerary). Go and flow, and save the comparisons for later... you'll be glad you did.
  8. Having sailed both lines also, I would have to agree with most of your assessments. We too, have enjoyed Carnival (never in summer or spring break), and have raved about their food. The steakhouse restaurant on the Spirit is our favorite to date. It appears to me that you're quite determined to compare the lines, and honestly, they are very different. How about sailing Celebrity with NO expectations at all... and just take in the experience as it unfolds? Expectations can be a tricky thing. Enjoy!!
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience.... very appreciated!
  10. No doubt this is true compared to the Caribbean... there's definitely more current in the Pacific. I'm glad to hear the southbound itinerary may be smooth.
  11. I have to assume that when you are comparing cruise prices, you are doing it "apples to apples". Celebrity has several categories of verandahs, with Concierge and Aqua classes being more expensive (although on S Class ships, all verandahs are identical in size). Also, if you are comparing thru a large TA, grats & drinks are often included (quite a deal compared to Princess).
  12. The Concierge onboard is available to all guests.... their services are not based on your cabin category.
  13. Yes, you can upgrade to the premium package for $11.80 per day/per person (that includes the gratuity).
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